"What are you doing rushing around the streets?" Amelia asked as soon as the car drew to a halt and the man who had been driving opened the doors, allowing Jackson to climb from the vehicle, but not without showing him the gun which he held in his hand. The blonde pushed Amelia out, her glasses almost falling from her face due to the sheer force of him as she stood on the pavement, her hand instantly reaching out and clasping onto Jackson's arm as he looked down at her.

"I went back to the hotel," he mumbled after being pushed in the shoulder by the blonde. He had to control his anger right then and there; wanting to do nothing more than hit the man for thinking that he could even touch him. "I came back to find you."

"Why?" Amelia asked and Jackson rolled his eyes, shrugging her hand from his arm and allowing it to fall back to her side before he grabbed back onto it, his fingers gently moving into hers as she looked up to him, not needing an answer for the question which she had just asked.

"When I came back then I found you were gone. I knew you'd be in trouble."

"And you decided to get yourself caught?"

"It was the only way back to you," Jackson whispered and Amelia moved closer to him, her shoulder bumping against his as they walked down a bunch of steps and looked around, an abandoned waste ground coming into view as they did so. A railway track ran over dirt, carriages stacked on them and rusty looking. A mesh fence hid the overgrown grass on the other side and it was clear there was nowhere to run to.

"You could have chosen a pleasanter location to kill us," Jackson informed the blonde who chuckled back at him, the driver standing by his side and grinning lightly, his green eyes scanning the couple before him.

"Location did come into play when we decided to kill you. We just didn't take into account the pleasant part," the blonde informed Jackson who shrugged awkwardly, his free hand moving into the back of his pants where he knew the gun was kept. He was a lousy shot. In fact, he was a terrible shot. That was one of the reasons why he just threatened people and did nothing else.

"Well," Jackson tapped his hand against his thigh as the driver loaded his gun and juggled it around in his hands. Amelia panicked, wondering if Jackson even had a master plan as she thought about a way to get themselves out of the mess which they had found themselves in.

"Well," the blonde spoke again and shrugged, circling the pair of them with ease before Jackson decided to make his move. Quickly, he grabbed the man around the neck, tugging the gun from his pants whilst Amelia shrieked once at the noise and Jackson's grip increased as the driver raised his gun to eye level and Jackson shook his head.

"You should always remember to do a rub down on whoever you're apprehending," Jackson hissed into his ear as the man's cheeks reddened and he struggled to move his fingers into his jacket, pleadingly searching for his gun before Jackson nodded at Amelia, motioning for her to get the gun before the man did. She did so, holding it tightly in her hands whilst Jackson looked at the driver.

"Drop the gun!" he demanded him and the blonde continued to gasp for breath, the gurgling noise escaping his lips as Amelia watched the scene unfold. "Drop it or I kill him."

The driver quickly dropped the gun, his hands held up in surrender before Jackson spoke again.

"Pick the gun up, Amy," he ordered her softly and she did so, the two killing devices inside of her hand. Jackson quickly released the blonde, kicking him to the floor before he pointed the gun at his head and Amelia continued to point one of them at the driver.

"Give me one good reason as to why I shouldn't kill you right here and now," Jackson demanded from him.

"Someone will find you," the man panted. "Someone will kill you eventually, Rippner. Make no mistake about it."

"I don't intend to make the mistake," Jackson assured him. "You tell the firm to back off, do you understand me? Tell them to leave us alone and we won't cause them a problem."

"You know we can't do that," the blonde murmured. "Once that happens then they see we've gone soft. We can't have that."

Before Jackson could speak, a shot rang off and a loud swear was heard echoing through the waste area as Jackson turned to look at Amelia who was looking at the driver on the floor, an apologetic look on her face.

"I am so, so, sorry," she said out loud and Jackson couldn't help the grin which was forming on his legs as the man grabbed onto his leg, the hole in his trousers visible from a couple of metres away. "I thought that you were moving and I panicked and I shot."

"He's been hit in the leg," Jackson shrugged. "Don't worry about it."

"I still feel bad," Amelia complained.

"Don't," Jackson told her with a roll of his eyes. "Seriously, I'm not going to feel bad about doing this."

"What?" Amelia asked him before she heard the shot and more groans of swearing escaping the blonde as he clutched onto his shoulder and Jackson turned back to look at her as she paled at seeing him.

"See?" he checked with her. "There is nothing to feel bad about."

"You asshole!" the blonde yelled at Jackson who shrugged, placing his gun away.

"That'll stop you from shooting for a while now," Jackson informed him. "Remember to tell the firm."

Jackson quickly grabbed onto Amelia's hand, pulling her back to the steps and leaving the men withering around on the ground as she looked at him with steady eyes.

"What now?" she asked and he sighed, running his hand through his hair as they walked back onto the main streets and Jackson saw the car which they had been in. He quickly smashed a window with a stone and Amelia kept look out as he opened the door, thanking God that his bag and money was still in the back seat where they had made him leave it.

"We go back to the hotel and pick your stuff up. Then we get on the first flight to Australia like planned, okay?" Jackson checked and she nodded as he allowed her through the door first. She slid over to sit on the passenger seat whilst he bent down to look at the cables under the car.

"You know how to hotwire a car?" Amelia checked with him and he allowed a rare smile to escape his plum lips as the car started after a couple of moments and he slammed the door shut.

"I wasn't exactly the well behaved child at school," he said and Amelia chuckled, looking over to him and imaging that he was right as he drove through the streets of London at a slow crawl due to the traffic.

"Mr and Mrs Jones," the receptionist spoke as soon as she saw Jackson and Amelia walk back into the hotel and she stood up, leaning over the desk whilst they made their way to her. "Your room was cleared an hour ago. We needed it for someone else and we weren't sure where you'd gone. There was no number for us to contact you on either."

"No worries," Jackson told her with a confident smile.

"We did have your things packed into your case, Mrs Jones. And your satchel is here too."

"Thanks," Amelia said as the woman handed her the bag and Jackson held it in his hands whilst Amelia grabbed her satchel and placed it onto her shoulder. Jackson squared up the remainder of the bill before the pair of them rushed across to the airport, booking their place on the last flight of the night.

"Thank you," Amelia randomly said, dropping the magazine she had bought onto her crossed legs as she looked to the side where Jackson sat, The Times sprawled out on his knee before he glanced back across to her.

"For saving your life again?"

"It seems you've been doing that quite a bit," Amelia said and Jackson chuckled, looking back onto his paper as his hair fell out from behind his ears. "No, thank you for coming back for me."

"I went back to the hotel after sitting here for half an hour, thinking back to what you had said," Jackson whispered lowly and Amelia strained to hear him as he smirked to himself, his eyes still glancing at the paper in front of him. "And I realised that I could have handled it better and that you weren't going to get anywhere on your own. What else could I do apart from come back?"

"Left me and gone to Australia," Amelia answered and he snorted, shaking his head and scoffing as he did so.

"What fun would that have been?" Jackson replied. "No. I needed to come back for you. It's a good job I did. So from now on we have no more arguments and no more splitting up."

"Deal," Amelia agreed, looking back at her magazine.

"Last night," Jackson spoke lightly. "It wasn't a mistake. I think it was the best night I've had."

Amelia quickly glanced across to him as he remained fixed on his newspaper and she felt her lips twitch upwards.



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