Jackson lay beside Amelia with his arm draped across her waist as her back pressed against his chest. His eyes were wide open as his breathing remained calm and steady, giving off the illusion that he was sleeping soundly. Amelia wasn't as convincing as he was. Her breathing was ragged and her eyes were plastered onto the wall across from her. Her stomach churned the empty contents of it and her heart was pounding against her chest. The smell of Jackson's cologne in her nose was intoxicating her and clouding her judgement as she thought about the ultimatum which had been issued.

Did she go with him?

Or did she stay with her parents? They were the people who had raised her and would do anything to keep her safe. Yet, there she was, sleeping in the arms of the man who had aided her brother's death and feeling content with herself. They'd be sick if they knew he was down the hall from them. Amelia did like Jackson. She knew that she did and she wasn't even going to attempt to deny it.

"If I come," she suddenly spoke, her voice a mute whisper in the darkness of the bedroom. She knew that Jackson was awake; she could feel his eyes burning into the back of her head and his grip hadn't loosened on her since he had rested his arm over her body.

Jackson's ears suddenly pricked up as his thumb stroked against the material of her pyjamas and Amelia closed her eyes for a second.

"What about if you come with me?" Jackson enquired from her.

"If I come then do you think that my parents will be safe?" Amelia asked him. "They won't come after my mom and dad, will they?"

"It's you they want dead," Jackson said, his voice harsher than he had intended and he felt her contract against his body, a spasm seeming to move through her spine; the mere thought of someone wanting her dead enough to make her turn cold. "They wouldn't go after your parent's."

"And you can promise me that?" Amelia wondered from him and he shrugged awkwardly against her.

"I can't promise you anything about them. I just know that if you stay here with this terrible security then your life will be ended and if your parent's were to get in the way then the firm wouldn't hesitate over killing them. I promise you that, Amelia."

"Okay," Amelia suddenly said to him, realising that hesitation would only make her mind feel worse. It was a quick decision and she may come to regret it, but, she didn't at that moment in time. She'd explain everything to her parent's. She'd write a letter for them and tell them everything. She'd even mention Jackson if she was going to do this to them. She couldn't help but feel slightly pathetic. She was running away again. Was this all life was going to be? Constant running.

"Okay?" Jackson spoke lowly and Amelia rolled over, turning to face him, her hands resting against his chest as he twirled a strand of her curled hair around his finger.

"I'll come with you," she declared.

"Why the sudden change of mind?"

"I told you that I'd think about it."

"A while ago you were adamant that you were coming nowhere with me," Jackson reminded her and she rolled her eyes at him before playing with the material of his shirt, her eyes focused on that instead of his blue eyes.

"A while ago I thought that I was maybe safe here. Stupid thing to think really, isn't it? Nowhere is considered safe anymore," Amelia informed him and he chuckled lowly, his eyes closing as he wanted to do nothing but sleep. He was exhausted from all of the travelling and Amelia's bed was extremely comfortable. But, sleep wasn't happening for him.

"We should be going as soon as possible," Jackson told her, patting her back once and then untangling himself from the bed and standing up, his limbs wooden and tight as Amelia began to potter around her room, grabbing onto clothes and feebly attempting to stop herself from hyperventilating at the thought of what she was about to do. With Jackson with her she felt safe. It was strange and unexplainable.

"What are you doing?" he wondered as she sat down to her desk and quickly ripped some paper from a notebook she'd had since college. Writing down the words was going to be hard, the actual action even harder.

"I'm leaving them a letter. They deserve the truth if I'm going to do this to them," Amelia whispered and continued her writing, ignoring Jackson as he huffed loudly with annoyance. But, he did know that her doing this would help to keep her mind at ease. And he was all for keeping her quiet when he needed to.


Amelia kept her head down as she wondered down the terminal with Jackson beside her, his hand held in hers as her satchel rested against her other side. She continued to sweep at her fringe with hesitation as nerve fluttered through her stomach. Jackson remained quietly confident; his free hand in his pocket whilst his eyes looked forward and occasionally glanced down to look at Amelia and her silence. The morning was fast approaching, but, by the time the sun rose they would be out of the way.

"Stop looking so nervous," Jackson suddenly hissed down to her and she looked up to him, his piercing gaze moving into her timid one. "There is nothing to be worried about. We've been doing this for a while."

"I'm aware," Amelia complained, striding beside him in her black flats. "I need to go and use the bathroom anyway."

"There's one when we are in the departure lounge," Jackson said and grabbed his passport and ticket from his pocket as they approached security. Amelia moved into her bag and dragged her passport out, the pair of them remaining silent as they moved down the line of travellers. Once through Jackson pointed Amelia to the bathroom and stood outside the door, his hands in his pockets as his eyes continued to roam up and down the terminal, looking for any sign of danger.

He remained silent, knowing that they were safe, yet, paranoia struck him. It was a trait which he would never abandon. It had served him well until he fell for his mark.

"Okay?" he checked with Amelia as soon as she left the bathroom. He couldn't help but notice how she had paled. Her cheekbones seemed more prominent and her eyes were darting around as she nodded. He could tell that something was stressing her out. He just didn't know what.

"I'm fine," she promised, not looking him dead in the eye as she watched a plane hurtle down the runway. Jackson scrutinised her for a second, deciding not to push her as he took a seat on a mesh bench and she sat beside him, her fingernails taking a chewing to as she realised she was late for her period one more time.


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