Robin Goodfellow was grumbling. The fancy clothes he was wearing didn't feel proper on him. He missed his loose fitting clothes with leather boot's, one of the many advantages of being a jester. Unfortunately being Oberon's favorite lackey, especially after showing just how powerful his glamor was with the whole head of an ass thing, ment that since Titania was now almost ready to give birth he was being named the third noble lord of the Seelie Court, ruling above all but the king, his queen, and their heir, he would be the child's guardian. He had tried to talk Oberon out of it, but to no prevail, he would lose his wild way's, kill the mischievous Puck, and settle down. Why he was the one being forced into that he didn't now. He worked his way down the hall, doing his best not to be noticed by the few dozen servants between him and the king. "All right, no point in waiting, better see what the trouble is now."

As he entered the high nobles area of the palace, only available to nobles of the fifth or higher, and a few select servants, he heard Oberons voice boom out, "LORD GOODFELLOW!"

Oh dear what is it this time? "Yes my lord? What seems to be the problem?"

"You were summoned an hour ago. We must go over exactly what you are and are not to do as the heir's rotetorp etats ea," I groaned, "And yes, that means no tricks, and no angering Queen Mab...Or Titania."

"As my lord wishes. Might I be so forward as to ask why you called me here at MIDNIGHT!"

"Watch your voice Goodfellow. The Queen has gone into labor."

I couldn't believe my luck. The kid would be born in the middle of winter, an omen as bad as well...nothing. Summer born Winter, it was asking for hate if you were a commoner, if you're a nobel, let alone a royal, well I didn't want to think about it. "Wasn't her majesty due on Midsummer? That is the traditional time for all Summer nobel's, isn't it?"

"Don't pretend you don't know Goodfellow. You were old when my twenty times great grandfather was born. You are one of the first created by the Eldest."

I gulped there. Not somewhere I wanted to go. The "Eldest" was the second creature in all of existence, and one hundred years younger than the true eldest, First child of Nothing and Everything, First thing in existence, first to die, and... well so much more, but still he was getting a little too close to who I really am, and secrets that are better left buried. That life is over. "My lord, why aren't you with the queen? Shouldn't you be with her in this... moment in history?"

"Would that I could. The women won't let any men in the birthing chamber's. Something about insensitive to the glamor of life... Alas I am made to wait like a peasant till this ordeal is over. What is that!"

As a cry echo's from the chambers we wait outside of, I glance at the clock. And gulp. Midnight exactly. Had it been noon, the people may have breathed a little easier, for all that it's a winter child, but no. A Midnight Child Born in Winter on, I had to think, oh dear, the Iron Days. A Summer heir born to serve Mab, but at the time the Shadow's were strongest, in between the day's of our doom. A curse to my people. I knew what I had to do. No matter the consequences to me, the child could not be allowed to live. I took a deep breath and followed Oberon as he burst through the door. I slowly enter the chamber, scared of what I will find, what I must do.

"A daughter, Goodfellow, a Summer Princess. Be joyous, lord. Even I will manage to forgive your entrance into the sacred chambers, for you must follow my husband sometimes" called the Queen of Summer, Titania. I looked up, surprised of the kindness in her voice and gasp. For sleeping in the queens arms was a child I remember well from the Prophecy of the Beginning. The Lone Queen.