Chapter 4

I looked between my father and Goodfellow, "What in the world is the Shadow Court," I looked between the two men's white faces completely confused, " and why do you both look so scared?"

I was expecting Goodfellow, or even father, to snap back, or at least look a angry at that, but neither acted if being scared was anything to be ashamed of, completely unlike the both of them. All of a sudden Robin got a startled look, something like when someone has a sudden terrifying thought. "You must not tell your father about your shadow powers. I haven't told him, and if he found out it would be...bad. What you can do is a very distinctive Shadow Court power and you already are an anomaly with your multiple glamors, Shadow glamor would be, even for a princess, an instant order for execution. Do you Understand me?" he thought at me.

" Gods Goodfellow your thick. You honestly think it crossed my mind to tell dad that I controll the shadows as he does the summer? Even before you mentioned the Shadow Court, whatever that is, I wouldn't have. Now shut up!" I continued out loud as we stepped into the private part of the palace, for family, other royalty, and Puck only, Puck because no one had figured out a spell that would keep him out yet, "Now that we're all safe in the private quarters, What in the Never is the Shadow Court?"

Mother, Father, and Puck looked at each other, it was Father was spoke first, "I suppose we must tell you otherwise Mab will think we have been slacking on your education. Where to start, where to start. I suppose it starts with a young Light Fairy called Bellatrix.

Bellatrix was from the Light Court, one of the four great Courts of the old times, and she was powerful and prideful, a dangerous combination. I said four great Courts you noticed I am sure, there was the Summer and The Winter, but also Shadow and the Light Courts as well. The Light Court was a joyous court ,who was always interfering with everyone else, whose power laid in the complete control of light, even greater than ours over nature. The Shadow Court on the other hand was a secretive people, who never interfered with anyone, and almost never used their powers in front of outsiders. Young Bellatrix had had a... disagreement with the prince of the Shadow Court. It ended in a duel in which all courts had to take sides. All the Courts, most of which, such as the Air and Water Courts, are gone now, mostly because of the Shadow War. In the duel Bellatrix wasn't wounded at all, but not before killing the Prince. The Shadow Court was already upset by everyone siding with Light and decided that Bellatrix had cheated. When they demanded her life, the Light Court refused, they already had wedding preparations for her and the Light Prince. There had been whispers going through Concordia, the great city where all courts lived in harmony, that their Court was dying, that there was little over 300 people left, and, since no one liked them, they always made everyone uneasy, appearing out of the shadows, well, rumors circulated and hate built until war broke out. Millions died. No one could get an advantage, we had to live during the night and that weakened the Light Fey, a lot. Getting within a foot of the shadows at any time wasn't good. It took an army to subdue one of them. It was a horrible battle, and entier Courts disappeared. Finally, we gave up and retreated, though only after much argument between Mab and I, which caused the separation of the Courts. We came here to Arcadia and Mab went to Tir Na Nog. The Shadow Court kept Concordia, renaming it Nocte Contritio, and drew the shadows there. One of the last acts of what was left of the united courts was to draw circles of warding around that place, trees grew with vines and ice interwoven between them. Powerful glamor, the last of the Light Court gave up her Light Glamor to achieve it, made it almost impossible for anyone to breach. The Shadow Court was gone, though not the destruction they wrought."

As Father finished speaking the entire room seemed gloomier, as if the Shadows were coming in just through his words. I thought about what he had said, and wondered why he had never mentioned many people we knew. So I asked, "Where were Mother and Goodfellow when all this was happening?"

The all glanced at each other until Puck said, "I wasn't there. I didn't know it was going on until the entire realm had been put under quarantine. I had been in a meeting of a..different people."

"Then where were you Mother?"

She smiled sadly as she spoke, "Your father did mention me in passing, but it was my sister who really held most attention," she must have seen the confused look on my face for she said, "My sister was Bellatrix, I am the last of the Light Fey."