I suppose this not an actual chapter as much as it is a very long Author's Note and recap. This is a continuation of my story Getting Rid Of The Numbness, which got deleted due to my severe ADHD and Dyslexia.

Okay I lied. This is not exactly a continuation, per se, of my other story Getting Rid Of The Numbness. This was written after it predecessor was taken down. But after re-uploading Numbness, I figured, why not completely rework it for the better? Why be anchored when I can do so much more than what was done in the past? So basically, this is it's own tale... for want of a better phrase.

Numbness focused on the Discarded Sekirei Akitsu and Kessler, an OC created by my writing partner/consultant.

We all know who Akitsu is.

Kessler is a Bostonian heir, engineer, and chronic alcoholic and gambling addict. He is always seen holding a silver cane and dressed in a very formal getup; tailcoat suit sans necktie, dress gloves, heeled black dress shoes with spats. He is also violently tempered and subconsciously suicidal. In the prologue, it was heavily implied that he becomes an incredibly violent warlord of the Sekrei Plan. Having gone through an extremely horrific and traumatic childhood, he has spent his entire adulthood traveling the world, burning through his vast fortune, and causing playful debauchery whilst purposely poisoning himself with alcohol because he wishes to either numb himself of all emotions perfectly and permanently, or just simply die since he believes that his life was already taken from him when he watched his father murder his mother and then commit suicide. Eventually, he gets sick of waiting for massive bodily damage to take him away from his irrepressible torment, and heads out to the Land of the Rising Sun to go out with a bang. But before he can even get a shot of liquor inside of him, he literally runs into a mysterious woman (or more accurately, she ran into him). All his determination to die disappears when he looks into her sad grey eyes. After a very short conversation, the woman passes out and Kessler notices that his entire lower body is coated with blood.

After taking her back to his hotel room in a redundant attempt to tend to her then nonexistent wounds, they give each other their names; Akitsu and Kessler. After he tells her that he had decided to save her because he saw her as a living dignified being, Akitsu almost immediately falls in love with him. It doesn't take long for them to walk down a private alter, and shortly after Kessler finds a rival in Mikogami, a stubborn boy whom Kessler would take immense joy in tormenting and besting who also inadvertently revealed to Kessler the Sekirei Plan. After finding out everything from his new wife, Kessler begins to wing several Sekirei of his own over time. His own harem begins with Taki and Karasuba. Shortly after winging the latter, he and Minato are introduced to one another, and soon move in together at Maison Izumo.

Whilst helping his friend and housemate search for the Green Girl, the rivalry between Kessler and Mikogami grows when the Ashikabi of the South orders his Sekirei to slash her whip across Kessler's face, and he soon passes out from blood loss and awakens to find that he now sports a hideous linear scar across the left side of his face and a silver canine tooth. Right after checking himself out of the hospital, he runs into and wings the Lightning Twins.

Things simmer down and become stagnant. All is calm and Kessler and Matsu begin to steal data on what MBI did to Akitsu to attempt to reverse engineer it and "fix" her. Nothing significant happens until Taki is murdered by the Veiled Sekirei. After deducing who she really is, Kessler lets Karasuba chase after and kill Uzume without a second thought (this act results in him earning the title of The War Ashikabi), and then reluctantly wings Kazehana after she tries to seduce him (However, in the rewritten version, which is now up, this might not happen. Haven't gotten that far yet.) After meeting the Veiled One's Ashikabi, he fully realizes the situation, and murders Higa. Shortly after, he further humiliates his rival Mikogami when Karasuba easily beats his own Sekirei in a duel of a match in the Third Phase.

Afterwards he begins drinking heavily for the first time in a while, but quickly goes cold turkey when Akitsu tells him that she's pregnant. Naturally he goes through withdrawal