You tattooed my soul with a purple pen.

You remembered my favorite flavor of ice cream

and climbed into my bedroom window,

though not as agile as Spider-Man.

You are a mystery that was never meant to be unraveled.

And you included me in your unknown world.

You and I,

we are from two different cliques.

Yet, despite our contracts,

I can't imagine calling anyone else the keeper of my heart.

Your pale jade eyes behind your forest of black hair

bewitches me to freeze still.

When I realized the truth

of the power of your words,

that you have created a dreamworld,

I tried to save you from your own mind.

But, like smoke through fingers,

I lost you.

So hold my words true.

Keep my pink, satin ribbon

as a token, a promise

that I will find you.

My Varen, my beloved, my love,

I will see you in my dreams.