Well, I finally have the latest installment of the DOTOR series. This one took a while to plan out due to not having a whole lot to work with, but I think it turned out pretty nicely overall.

If you haven't read the previous installments of the DOTOR series, or at least "Dark Desires: an Old Republic Story", I recommend that you do so. You'll need to know some of the events there in order to fully understand the characters here. Now, without any further ado, let's begin.

DISCLAIMER: I own most of the characters in this story. Any other names of characters or planets belong to Lucasarts and Bioware.

Days of the Old Republic V: Samarin

Chapter 1:

Coruscant was the capital of the Republic with good reason. It seemed to be the capital of the galaxy as a whole, teeming with lights and life from all possible sources. Virtually anything could be found on Coruscant, from trading opportunities to employment to socialization. As such, finding an academy for aspiring Republic troopers was no surprise, let alone the fact that countless recruits were enrolled in this academy.

A young woman with short blonde hair was one such recruit, sitting on the bottom half of a bunk bed as she gazed upon a still hologram displaying a family portrait. Within the portrait were four humans: a father, a mother, and two extremely young daughters. The older of the two daughters, similar in appearance to the young woman holding the hologram, was joyfully embracing a younger girl. The very sight of the younger girl brought a tear to the woman's eye.

"Damn those Jedi," she muttered. "What right do they have to keep my little sister all to themselves?"

Her name was Samarin Zolus. Some time ago, she had joined forces with three unlikely allies—two Jedi Padawans and a Mirialan Smuggler—to defeat a renegade Sith Lord by the name of Metarrid Leykott. In the process, however, Samarin learned that one of the Jedi was her younger sister Shalanna, who had been presumed dead during the Imperial attack that slaughtered the rest of Samarin's family. While most long-lost siblings would be overjoyed to be reunited, Shalanna had requested that Samarin leave her sight, simply because proper Jedi conduct forbade contact between family members.

Samarin gave her head a shake, attempting to clear distracting thoughts from her mind. Even if she could not commune with Shalanna, she still had a mission of her own. Samarin deactivated her hologram and stuffed it under her bunk, hoping that no one would point their noses where they did not belong. She then hoisted up a blaster rifle and left the room.

The sounds of marching greeted Samarin's ears as aspiring soldiers of the Republic marched to and fro, acting out the command's of their superiors. Samarin fell in line with a group of various species, stopping to stand at attention the moment the line halted. The group was now faced with a bearded man with a buzz cut.

"I'm Commander Herder, and this is my favorite academy in the Republic," the man said. "Do you know why? It's because I want to watch young initiates like you rise to the challenge, and maybe even become great soldiers in our great Republic. I consider it my privilege to be involved in that process, and I hope you all can rise to the challenge. Now, let's begin with a few basic exercises—"

"Commander Herder!" a soldier cried, dashing up to the superior officer. "There's an alarm outside!"

"Again with the lost pets?" Herder sighed. "Okay, at ease for a moment, troops. I imagine most of you will need a few minutes to breathe, anyway, seeing as you might lose that privilege down the road."

With a joking smirk, Herder left. Many of the recruits' shoulders slumped down as they relaxed, but Samarin merely crossed her arms. Letting her guard down would be a mistake.

"So, scale of one to ten?" a burly Rattataki asked her. "How much do you buy all that?"

"I'll give it a nine," Samarin shrugged.

"What, are you kidding?" the Rattataki laughed. "A dame like you wouldn't get anything out of this soldier crap."

"And who are you to judge?" Samarin asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Me?" the Rattataki smirked. "Name's Vuloakk Lupinii."

"If you dislike the Republic so much," Samarin said, "why are you even here?"

"Don't have a choice in the matter," Vuloakk shrugged. "Gotta serve my time, or so they say."

"What do you mean 'serve your time'?" Samarin asked.

"Hey, you know what?" Vuloakk said, draping an arm around Samarin. "How about we go to my bunk, and I'll give you a little 'show-and-tell', if you know what I—"

The Rattataki was cut off when Samarin grabbed his arm, kicked his leg out from under him, and flipped him onto the floor. Some of the recruits gasped, while others lightly applauded. Even Vuloakk let out a raucous laugh.

"Ha!" the Rattataki guffawed. "You know, I like a babe with some fight in her! Makes it more fun, know what I mean?"

Samarin rolled her eyes. As if Jaxx Vorro, the Mirialan smuggler, was not enough of a flirt. Now there was this vulgar Rattataki, who was quite possibly worse than Jaxx.

The guards outside the academy had little to do. Given the intense security around Coruscant's important landmarks, it seemed like a waste to put soldiers on guard duty around an academy when they could be put to better use on an actual battlefield. They kept their complaints quiet, however. Even the dumbest soldier knew better than to question his superior.

Two guards were posted at a side entrance to the academy. Both held a powerful blaster rifle in hand, and both were highly trained in their field. Their backs were practically against the wall, preventing virtually any sort of sneak attack.

"Aagh!" grunted one of the guards. The other spun in his fellow's direction, but behind his helmet, his eyes went wide. Despite having been there less than a second ago, his comrade had vanished, leaving only his rifle behind.

"HQ, this is—GAH!" cried the other guard, his attempts at contacting his superiors thwarted by a large yet extremely fast object pinning him to the wall. Clawed fingers wrapped around his throat, slowly squeezing the life out of him. The guard's fearful eyes looked down at his attacker, who quickly crushed his neck and casually cast him into the shadows.

"Thank you, humans," smirked a large, dark-haired Cathar with striped patterns across his body. "You have given me a rough idea of this facility's security level. Now let us see if that idea is accurate to the real thing."