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This is a series of related drabbles based on the story of a troubled boy named Blaine, who has lived by himself since he turned eighteen in the house he grew up in. The Hummels move in next door soon after Blaine turns twenty, and Blaine tries to stay away from them. But one of the sons, Kurt, intrigues him greatly. Will Kurt uncover all of Blaine's secrets, and his past?

Probably. Because you've all scene this summary for multiple stories. But this is different, I promise.

Some of you, if you've already scene House at the End of the Street, will find some similarities in the setting and some of the back story. But don't take this the wrong way. This story is absolutely NOTHING like that.

Just some drabbles.

The Move

It was an odd day when the Hummel's moved in.

But it wasn't a bad day, which was good. Blaine had enough bad days.

It was odd when a large Navigator - a car Blaine could only ever dream of having - pulled up beside his driveway, and a woman who had a kind smile that could light up a Christmas tree ascended out to walk up to Blaine's house.

Blaine had been sniffling all day, so when the Navigator pulled up he was rummaging through his garage wearing only a sweatshirt and pajama pants, trying to find that extra tissue box he might've accidently thrown out.

"Excuse me," The woman said. Blaine jumped and turned around quickly, preparing to attack whoever was here to bother him this time. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" The woman took a step back. "I didn't mean to frighten you. I was only wondering if you could help us? We are a bit lost."

Blaine relaxed his shoulders. "O-Of course." He stuttered out. Blaine looked over to the car, noticing both the windows on his side were open and the rest of the family was staring at him. "What can I help you with?"

"We're trying to find our new house. The address is 216 Acme Road, and my husband right over there-" she pointed to the burly-looking man leaning against the car, "-must have taken a wrong turn or something."

Blaine couldn't help that he chuckled slightly, it's been a while since he's had a reason to laugh, and this is a pretty good one.

"What's so funny?" the woman said, giving him a tiny smile.

"You see that house right behind that bunch of trees?" Blaine pointed to the tall house he's been living next to his whole life. "That's the house."

The woman looked very confused for a moment, then she gave Blaine same brilliant smile . "Well that means we're neighbors! I'm Carole Hummel, that's my husband Burt, and my two sons Finn and Kurt. What's your name?"

"I'm...Blaine. Anderson." Carole Hummel's eyes seemed to grow a bit when she heard his last name. Blaine was use to this. Next thing he knows she'll give him a disgusted look and take two steps back. But she didn't. She only smiled again and thanked him.

As she walked back to the car, Blaine could hear her tell one of the boys in the back where the house was, and he shouted in the other boy's ear, "I told you we weren't lost! I told you! We didn't have to stop for directions!

"Stop screaming, Finn!" Blaine looked over the two boys. They both seemed to be about 17. One of them was tall and thick, the other had light brown hair, skin that looked nearly translucent, and his voice was quite high. But he was very...beautiful, as far as Blaine was concerned. He looked away from the boy, who he remembered was named Kurt, and went back to searching for his tissue box.

"Hey, kid!" Blaine jumped yet again, and turned back to the car that surprisingly hadn't left yet. "Do you think your parents or something could give us your number? It might be nice to know someone around here."

Blaine froze. Number? The only number he had was his cellphone's. He told Burt Hummel this, and Burt Hummel asked if he could have the number anyway for some reason. Kurt gave him an odd look.

"You live by yourself? He asked. Blaine nodded slowly. "How old are you?"


The, most likely step brothers, looked at each other in amazement. Blaine didn't really understand what was so amazing about it. Burt told him he would call him if he had any questions. Blaine nodded again.

They drove off, leaving Blaine to search for his missing tissues.

It was an odd day when the Hummels moved in. For Blaine, at least.

But it wasn't a bad one.

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