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Warning: mentions of abuse.

The Breakdown

"Blaine!" Kurt spun around to face the shout. Blaine looked livid, and so incredibly nasty seeing Kurt in the room. Kurt's never seen such a furious expression.

"What. Are you doing down here?" Blaine shrieked again. Now he looked terrified, and so scared at what Kurt's reaction would be to seeing such a room. "Kurt, you-you can't be down here!" Kurt's eyes widened in bewilderment as Blaine's voice cracked.

"I heard a crash, I…Blaine, what is this place? What's going on?"

Blaine's expression morphed back to angry territory, his eyes precarious and unwilling to trust.

Kurt moved to step closer to Blaine, but Blaine moved a step backward. Were they really back to this? This endless dance of obstinate movement and cowering conversation? No. Kurt refused to go back to that. Blaine finally trusted him enough to at least talk to him. Kurt won't lose that.

"Blaine, take a breath, okay?" Kurt tried to make his expression natural, a look Blaine knew and remembered he liked. "You're alright. You're fine. I'm right here."

"You're right here?" Blaine screamed. "How can you be here, Kurt? How could you do this? I never wanted anyone to find out! Especially you! How could you do this? How could you!"

The truculent vibe of Blaine's words continued to confuse Kurt. "Blaine, I…I don't even know what's going on."

Blaine made a noise as if he were in pain and collapsed to his knees when Kurt finished his sentence, almost in a form of relief, as if Kurt could not have reassured him more about not knowing something.

Kurt was so damn confused. What was happening? Was Blaine losing his mind? Was it already lost like everyone thought? No, it couldn't be. Kurt would never believe that, no matter how psychotic the situation was.

"Kurt…" Blaine whispered, still on the ground, "I wish…I wish I could tell you. I wish I could tell you everything. But I-I can't. You'll hate me – You'll throw me out of your life, you'll never want anything to do with me, I…" Blaine whimpered loudly, not unlike a small dog, and tears were so close to spilling over his lashes.

Kurt's confusion deepened. What could Blaine have done to make him think Kurt would hate him so badly? Unless… "Did you kill your parents?" Kurt asked apprehensively, barely get the words past his teeth.

The tears overflowed down the older boy's face before he could stop them. "N-No, but i-it feels like I did." Blaine looked like he could hardly breathe, he was almost hyperventilating. "I hated them. Everyone hated them. They were probably the cruelest people in town. And so damn religious. I couldn't-"

"Blaine," Kurt interrupted, his voice the gentlest of all gentle voices. "Why don't we go upstairs? Talk on the couch?"

Blaine nodded so fast Kurt was surprised his head didn't bounce off his shoulders. He helped him to his feet, and they walked back up to the living room. Kurt tried not to walk faster than was considered necessary. He just really wanted to get out of that room.

"My parents were never happy people," Blaine began as soon as they were seated on the couch. "They were the kind of old-school religious types where smiles were only appropriate when you were by yourself, and behind closed doors. They grew up in Louisiana, and were just like their own folks. My dad hit us a lot, me and Cooper. But it wasn't that bad after we moved up here. But they were still cold and very outward about their dislike over anything 'unholy'. Like, I couldn't eat any meat, sugar, or basically anything besides vegetables and bread on Sundays.

"We moved here when I was about ten or so, and it was so different from the close-minded assholes in Louisiana, where I was born. This place really opened my eyes, especially when I was questioning my sexuality in seventh grade. I had a friend who somehow convinced me to tell my parents I was gay and…"

"It didn't go so well," Kurt guessed, and he could already see the heartbreak and true torture it was for Blaine to tell this story. Blaine's eyes were already swelling from unshed tears.

Blaine shook his head, his face distorting to a look of pure pain. "My father went ballistic and told me I was showing signs of the devil in me. He told me I needed to be cured immediately so… sssso he s-strapped m-me – strapped me to one-one of the beds…" he couldn't finish because he was overcome with thick, retched sobs.

It was the kind of dry-heave full, empty sobs that make you pass out or throw up. But Kurt knew not to try and make Blaine calm down. He needed this, needed to let everything he'd been holding in for seven years to escape.

"A-And-" he took a large gulp of air. "I c-couldn't get out of the chains for two years. My mom had to bring me food every day. One meal a day, that's all I g-got. I couldn't get out. I had nowhere to go and nothing to do except wait for my father to either come down and beat me or read passages from the bible over my head.

"Then my brother came home from college, and I could hear him from upstairs shouting 'where's Blaine', but he couldn't hear me shouting for him. B-but he found me down there after two days of looking, and tried to break me out but father was convinced Cooper was on the devil's side or something. His words not mine. And…And he s-strapped Coop-Cooper down too." Blaine grabbed Kurt's arm, probably to keep himself from falling over completely. "After two more weeks of the same routine, except now with a roommate, Coop-Cooper broke out and removed my chains. He told me the whole situation was c-c-crazy, but I was pppract-tically b-brainwashed. When Cooper went upstairs, the first thing I heard was screaming. And hitting…and nothing. So I went upstairs to find my family dead, both of them. I found my mama on the ground and I thought it was so terrible! I was a complete psycho by then that I thought my brother was the one at fault! And he got what he deserved by drowning in the lake or something. N-No funeral for him. No anything for him. He was the bad guy. He was the one who killed them, he was the murderer. But he was only protecting me. Only protecting me…"

Blaine could barely breathe he was sobbing and wailing so hard. Kurt couldn't speak. He could do nothing but hold the rest of Blaine together with all his might, and listen. Blaine needed someone to listen to him for once in his life. How could someone, especially parents, hurt this poor creature so deeply? Blaine was far too kind, too fragile, to live through these rumors, these whispers, this life without someone to listen.

"A-And I just-," Blaine took another shaky breath as he continued. "I just don't know what to do anymore." He nearly yelled, his voice muffled by the fine cloth of Kurt's sweater.

"Oh, Blaine," Kurt whispered, tears dripping down his own cheeks. "You know I'll always be here, don't you?"

"But I don't want to stay here!" Blains lifted his head up to stare into Kurt's eyes. "I hate this house so much! I hate what it reminds me of, I hate the nightmares I get every single night! I hate it here! I hate it I hate it I hate it-"

"Breathe!" Kurt exclaimed, grabbing Blaine's cheeks.

Blaine gasped in a gulp of air harshly and breathed in deeply, attempting to calm his still racing heart. "S-Sorry," he whispered oh-so softly, and buried his face back against Kurt's shoulder, still crying faintly.

"Shhh," Kurt cooed, wrapping his arms around Blaine's middle. "You don't have to stay here forever, honey. You can leave whenever you want, or sleep at my house when you're feeling too overwhelmed. You don't have to worry, Blaine. You don't have to be scared anymore. I'll help you; my whole family will help you. I promise."

Blaine sniffed at Kurt's words, astonished at the boy's incredible kindness he continued to share since the day they met. Blaine was so grateful for Kurt, so grateful for everything.

"You're amazing," Blaine said. "I wish I met you seven years ago, or when I was living at Dalton."

"Oh, you were a senior when I was just some lame freshman. You wouldn't have payed any attention to me." Blaine laughed through his tears. Kurt had never been happier to see Blaine smile.

"It's impossible not to pay attention to someone as incredible as you," Blaine replied almost shyly, and then Kurt kissed him gently, making Blaine's body tingle with warmness, making Blaine feel how he was supposed to feel.

They fell asleep not a half hour later, still on the couch and tangle up in one another.

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