Chapter one:


"Anubis come here, please" I heard Lord Osiris calling me. I pulled my head out of the fridge and walked to his throne "yes, sir" I said as I bowed "I was wondering something "he said, I raised my eyebrow "what are you thinking about Osiris?" I thought to myself "I was wondering why you have been so distant lately? Any explanation?" he said so sternly to me it was like he was asking a little kid if he ate all the cookies. "Um no sir, I haven't any explanation for my being out of it" I said with slight nervousness rising I knew why I was zoning out and I had a secret to keep, I was not about to expose it. He stared at me for a minute and finally gave in and accepted that I was okay. Later that day I was judging souls while Osiris just stared at me and when I went to ask him why he was watching me I heard tumbling "oofs" and "ow's" I look to see where the noise's came from and I see none other than the Kane children. Their father smiles and says "Carter! Sadie! How are you too?" I just sigh at the constant happiness that Osiris seems to always have. I'm sorry to say this but it's really annoying, I mean he's always happy so instead of saying anything I dismiss the judging and sit in my throne going into deep thought about my little secret. I don't know how much time passed before I heard the distant of my name being called and I finally came too reality to Osiris, Sadie, Carter, and Ruby screaming my name at the top of their lungs at the same time, I winced at all the noise which they probably didn't notices I screamed "SHUT THE HELL UP" I was much louder than all of them and a look flashed across their faces: a look of fear and surprise, I glared at them then looked away at the ground with an angry expression. I felt Osiris put a hand on my shoulder and immediately pulled away and walked off "Anubis, where are you going?" I heard Osiris call but did not answer him, I just kept walking. Then I was in a graveyard in Cairo.