Well I'm a compleat utter failure. I felt like I was going to throw up. Alice needs me because her powers are just now coming in. Now I've set Aaron in charge of training her.
My god what is wrong with me? A few minutes after Aaron got Alice out of here they took Carter. I laid on the floor knowing I was failing everything.
I just couldn't do anything right could I? Now I feel guilty for making Aaron take Alice. Sadie put her hand on my shoulder "Anubis? Are you okay?" I nodded, she laid down next to
me "you're not okay. What's wrong?" I sighed and sat up "I'm failing everything, that's what's wrong" I said it so quietly it was barely audible. "Anubis your not failing, why do you
think you are?" I looked at her she had sat back up and was sitting with her legs crossed like those kindergartener's that say "kriss cross apple sauce" yeah she was sitting like that.
"well Sadie, one Alice's powers are coming in and she isn't a fan of being separated from me knowing that she can't control herself, two Carter just got token away, and three
I set Aaron in-charge of controlling Alice's power."
"you can't blame yourself Anubis"
"why not? Its my fault that Alice had gotten token in the first place now her magic is slowly coming in and Carter got token" she came up to me and ran her fingers through my hair.
"We'll get Carter and we all will get out of here don't worry" with that she laid her head on my shoulder and I laid my head on hers.

A few hours passed until we both saw Carter again. "so what happened" Sadie asked standing up to face him, "uh well I told him that I wouldn't fight in the war if he didn't kill me." Sadie's mouth dropped open "YOU TOLD HOM YOUR NOT GOING TO FIGHT!"
"Sadie. Calm down. As long as Alice is okay we will be able to beat Apophis easy." Carter and Sadie both nodded "oh and Anubis, Apophis
wanted you. He's sending his guards now" I stared at Carter for a bit then a guard came up and opened the door, "let's go you dog I
don't have all day" that was the keyword. Dog. I am not a dog! I growled deeply and loudly, the guard or guards, because now there were about ten of them, backed up. Sadie smiled "oh you've made him mad now" she taunted "c-co-control that d-d-dog of yours"
I growled again and turned into my jackal form "sorry I can't control him now he's way to mad" Carter and Sadie were now to the far right corner. I took my stance and lunged at the guards. I'm not telling you what it looked like when I finished because it will give you nightmares
so I'm keeping that information. Carter and Sadie came out of the cell "well that was some serious bloodshed. I would have never guessed
Anubis being so... VICIOUS!" Sadie exclaimed while petting my head. I barked in alarm, I couldn't change back "uh Carter do you by any chance speak the language of Anubis?" Carter shook his head and Sadie hummed trying to figure out what was wrong. I was thinking
hard why couldn't I change back... My eyes snapped open 'Aaron had the zirconium and osmium!' I barked again and Sadie just stared at me,
"Anubis no body knows what you're saying" Carter said slowly like he was talking to a five-year old. I sat down and thought, and thought and thought, until I had something that I knew would work.
Isis once told me that gods always have magic even when they are in a place where magic is sealed off, but to do this you must be alone and have you must think of a time in you life that wasn't very pleasant, then focus on the age you were.
I trotted into a cell and sat, Sadie and Carter tried to fallow but I growled at them.
'Okay I have to concentrate on that one time my father tried to kill me... which was a lot... hmm I have never real- AGH getting unfocused'
I refocused back to he time when Set tried to drown me.
I could feel time wiz past me.
15 minutes
30 minutes
60 minutes... I could feel myself changing. I opened my eyes and looked down then smiled it was a success. Except for the fact that I was a six-year-old. I marched out of the cell, mad, and started towards the doors. "uh Anubis you're-" I cut Sadie off "I know I'm six, now come on we don't have time" We walked out of the doors killing guard after guard. It was easy until we accidentally ran into Apophis.