sorry for it being short i just couldn't think of anything else and also i thought it should be short

Chapter nine


"ALICE! WHERE ARE YOU?!" I yelled "this girl works fast. Where is she?" Aaron said. I sighed "she does this when she says something awkward like 'your hair looks nice' or something." "DID YOU REALLY JUST MIMIC ME SERIOUSLY MY VIOCE IS NOT THAT GIRLY!" a shrill voice said from my room "of corse she would be in my room its her weird hiding place" I said. We walked up to my door and I tried opening it. "its locked" I said bluntly. Aaron looked at me "thank you captain obvious" I smiled and he laughed "ALICE! OPEN THE DOOR!" "NO! GO AWAY AND AARONS WITH YOU SERIOUSLY HAVENT I DIED ENOUGH ALREADY?" "died enough? Ha hmm maybe…" I looked at Aaron then said simultaneously "NO!" "I HATE YOU ALL!" We sat there for hours trying to negotiate when all of the sudden she burst out of my room panting. "guys we have a problem" "what do you mean?" I asked she glanced between both of us then looked at the ground great now we have a problem I thought putting my head down.