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Warning: This story contains homosexual relations, violence, foul language, extremely light sexual content, mentions child abuse and rape, and slight graphic content.

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Chapter Ten: Onyx

Hagalaz: The Rune of Disruption

Harry Potter was not in a good mood, oh yes he had many reasons to be in a good mood, but he was the farthest thing from it. The entire problem, to Harry anyway, was Remus. The stubborn old werewolf wasn't budging and had taken to coddling Teddy too closely, to practically not even letting the cub outside of the house. Harry particularly was fed up with these obnoxious nesting mother instincts Remus had taken to having, and he was done. After one extremely large shouting rampage that Remus had gone on that had led to Remus throwing a ceramic mug at Teddy Harry snapped. There were a few seconds when Harry lost all memory of what went on, but the next thing he knew Remus had a very broken nose, and was pinned up against the wall with a snarling Harry holding him there.

He was almost positive Remus hadn't even realized how strong Harry had become since his stay in Azkaban. Since the day he had escaped, but truthfully even more since he had met Tony, Harry had been working on his muscle mass. Oh yes, he was still emaciated, but every time he was called beautiful by Tony he strived to actually achieve what the business man could see. He was sick of what Remus was putting Theodore through, it wasn't healthy for Teddy, and it wasn't healthy for him.

"Enough, mutt." He growled out in a voice he was positive was not his own, his eyes flashing with an unmatched madness. "Learn your place, you're hurting your cub, and I've had enough." He pulled Remus forward before slamming him back into the wall, his eye color slowly returning to normal. "You've lost me Remus. I don't trust you with Teddy! Don't you see what you're doing to him?! Sheltering him and keeping him away will get you nowhere! I'm taking him to Grimm's Tower with me," He growled out, this time his voice returning to normal, "Come find us when you're in the right mind." He said setting down Remus.

He knew in retrospect it was a horrible idea to leave Remus alone, Lilly's Garden would be ruined when he returned, and that was something he could count on. He was lucky he had such strong magic to fix it, or else he was likely to go mad with grief. Harry knew something was wrong with Remus, he knew for a fact it wasn't the full moon, the full moon stopped bothering the wolf ages ago. Research was what Harry needed to do, but far away from the snappy growling possessive menace that Rem had become. Just for a few days, then he would come back he supposed.

Harry rushed Teddy who seemed to not remember the ordeal at all (most likely to a memory charm) into packing a large mass of clothing into his overnight bag, mostly undergarments, Teddy had loads of clothing at the newly rebuilt Grimm's tower, but the one thing he had forgotten to buy was underwear for the little wolfling. While Teddy rushed to pack his favorite toys, Harrison pulled out his cell phone and quickly dialed Tony's number, hoping if not praying that Anthony would be able to answer his call.

"Hello lovely! You finally figured out how to work the StarkTek Phone I gave you!" Tony chirped happily over the line by way of greeting.

Harry couldn't help but quickly turned that smile to a frown has he heard Remus loudly plotting up the stairs, snarling as he stalked past Teddy's door.

"Hi Tony, I did figure out how to work it finally," He said whispering instructions for things that Teddy needed to remember to grab, "Hey do you think you could swing by and pick Teddy and I up? Remus lost his top." Harry didn't want to go too far into detail over the phone with the obvious alteration of Teddy's memories. He knew he must have sounded flustered and completely hysterical which at this point he was. Any time Remus had gone from protective to dangerous Harry had let Teddy remember, but after having a thick mug thrown at him; Harry found it best to keep that bit from him, for now at least.

Harry could hear rustling in the background and the clanking of tools as Tony seemed to read the worry in Harry's voice. "Sure Harry, I'll snatch the fastest car for three and I'll be right over. Be waiting for me okay?" Tony said in a rush, Harry could hear the opening of a car door which automatically confirmed his suspicions of Tony being in the garage as opposed to being in a meeting.

"Okay Tony, drive safe!" He said as softly as his graveled voice would allow. He hung up the phone and gathered all of Theodore's things.

Harry took the time to wrap Theodore Remus up, putting thick socks and snow boots on his feet. Even digging through the cupboard to fund his thickest winter jacket and even a hat, scarf, and glove set that Harry himself had knitted. Harry grabbed his own clothing after taking the time to braid his hair and even find gloves for his fingers. He had almost gone on as far as clean up, but the honking of Tony's car had caught his attention first, much to Teddy's pleasure.

Teddy had met Tony once, and to say it had been a success was a bit of an understatement. The Cub had been witness to the absolute nightmare that was. It had essentially been a 95 story tower of ruin in the middle of New York City. It was a tall gothic style building that had at one point been the tallest building in the area. It had been a huge mansion, business, and apparently had been the heart of down town Manhattan for the first 15 years of its existence. People had been so glad that he had been restoring it, especially Tony, whose own building was not even two blocks away.

Teddy had dubbed Tony Superman, much to Harry's entertainment, and Tony's chagrin, because Tony had assembled the best crew money could buy and had the building fixed within a week of them seeing it. He had even allowed Teddy to pick the paint colors for "his cave" and Harry's office, which Teddy had a field day with. After he had found out just who Tony was he had gone nuts with begging for a level for Tony. Harry had been hesitant at first, obviously, but eventually allowed Teddy to do it, after he found out that Teddy had picked red, blue, and yellow as the colors to spite Tony (still unable to let go of the superman issue).

Teddy pulled Harry out of the house enthusiastically. Harry trailing behind with an amused grin, which most likely looked like a snarling grimace to anyone who passed because of his facial scarring. Tony stood leaning against the car watching it all unfold. He crouched down to catch Teddy in a large embrace after the cub released Harry's hand to attack Tony with a shouted

"Superman!" leaving Harry to flounder with his things and attempt to contain his laughter at the disgruntled expression on Tony's face.

Harry slowly approached; though that was short lived as he was pulled into a group hug by Teddy and Tony alike. He didn't know what to say at that moment, so he simply returned the embrace, before herding teddy into the back seat before climbing into shot gun. If Harry talked cars, he would likely find the car amazing, but it had been many years since he had anyone to talk cars too, and he still needed to work on some lingo. A lot had changed in the time he was gone, not that the fact surprised him, it just amazed him how much had changed in the muggle world on top of the wizarding world.

"Thanks for picking us up Tony, I know I need to get a car, but you're just so much more stylish, right Teddy?" Harry asked, attempting to liven up the mood as he met Remus' glare from the upstairs window.

"Right Uncle Ry! Tony is so cool, the coolest!" He exclaimed loudly before going off on chatter to Tony about everything he had been doing, as well as the fact that they had finally gotten normal horses, and now he could finally start getting riding lessons.

"Any time Kid, you know I can't get enough of you and your Uncle Ry!" Tony said with a wink in the back mirror at Teddy who giggled happily and continued to babble. Tony didn't know how much the words meant to either of them, and Harry wasn't about to admit it either, but the words had meant to world to both Teddy and Harry. In some odd way Tony Stark had managed to squirm his way into not only Teddy's but Harry's heart, he was one of the best companions Harry could have asked for in his healing.

Harry often found it funny how much Teddy and Tony did things alike, they both often babbled about things no one else understood. More often than not they acted the same way, and it was even worse now that Teddy had started to adopt Tony's sarcastic comments, and even some comments made by Jarvis. Harry didn't doubt that they weren't the best influences, but Jarvis seemed to enjoy the three way banter, and Harry wasn't about to stop it.

Harry sat quietly watching said banter, a book in hand, though to anyone else it looked like a history book, it was actually a disillusioned book of Dark and Magical creatures. As Harry had thought earlier such had come to pass. He was bound and determined to find out what was wrong with Remus; little did he know that the problem was right under his nose.