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~A wild story appeared!~

The little kid looked up at him adorably. To Ike, it seemed to be a replacement for nodding. The kid - Marth had seemingly smiled at him. And then, kid Marth glomped his leg. Ike sighed and smiled. Marth as a kid was so cute. Ike struggled to retain his manliness and resist from squealing about how cute Marth was. As Ike was trying to think manly thoughts -swords and blood and adventure- the doorbell rang. Hoping it was Red, Ike went to answer the door.

He was quite shocked to find a brunet standing on the steps. Judging by the Pokéballs on his belt, he seemed to be a Pokémon Trainer. He had spiky hair and brown eyes. He was wearing brown cargo pants, and a black jacket. Some sort of amulet seemed to be hanging around his neck. He raised his eyebrows. Ike realized he had been staring and decided to introduce himself.

"Good morning, my name is Ike. It's nice to meet you." The boy nodded slightly and responded.

"Blue. Nice to meet you" Blue then crouched down to where Marth was holding on to Ike's leg. "Nice to meet you too," he added. Kid Marth, curious, decided to hop off Ike's leg and glomp Blue's.

"Marth!" Ike scolded, "Don't do that!" The Pokémon Trainer chuckled and ran his hand through Marth's hair.

"It's okay," he commented, "I know what happened anyway." Ike frowned at the last sentence. How could he know? Only he and Red knew what happened. Then he realized that Blue must be Red's friend and that Red had gone back to find out about what happened. So this would be Red's replacement for Brawls until he comes back.

"Hey Ike! There you are!" A familiar voice exclaimed. Ike turned around nervously and saw Pit waving.

"Who's that?" He asked, catching sight of both Blue and Marth. Blue looked at Ike, seemingly saying I'll take care of this and walked up to Pit.

"I'm Blue Oak. Red's friend." Blue said. Pit looked ecstatic.

"You mean Oak as in Professor Oak?" He asked. Blue just nodded. Pit then started to sing the Pokémon theme song underneath his breath. "I wanna be the very best..." Blue sighed. Pit then remembered about Marth. "And who's this little kid?" Pit asked. Ike frowned. Not knowing wast to say, he looked desperately at Blue, who was luckily a quick thinker.

"He's my little brother." He lied.

"Really?" Pit said. He was playing hand games with Marth, who had walked over to Pit. He looked down at Marth, almost as if to verify that Blue was telling the truth. Ike looked desperately at Marth, hoping he wouldn't contradict them. Marth gave the slightest nod, and then cutely ran over to Blue and glomped him. Ike breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. He was quite embarrassed about accidentally turning Marth into a kid. Blue scooped Marth off his leg and carried him.

"Could you tell me where the guest bedroom is?" Blue asked Ike. Ike nodded in response and they waled into the bedroom corridor, leaving Pit behind. As soon as they got in, Blue looked the door shut and motioned for Ike to sit down on a bed, also releasing Marth from his grip.

"Red is looking for a way to reverse all this." He informed Ike. "Only a legendary Pokémon can undo it, so it may take some time." Ike opened his mouth to tell him about the Grand Opening, but Blue continued. "I know, we only have a week, but we'll pull through." Blue said, a cocky smirk on his face. Blue then picked up a cell phone-like object.

"Hello? Oh, it's you." Ike strained his ears to listen to the conversation. "Red. Dialga is found at Spear Pillar, on Mt. Coronet." Blue rolled his eyes. "Already met him." Blue started to smirk. "A contest, eh? Smell ya later!" He said hanging up.

"So, when's lunch?"