Lust and love

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Raven looked over at her clock 11:45 pm, she rocked back and forth on her bed a little bit anxious about what she was about to do.

"Do it" a voice in her head said

11:46 pm Ravens rocking started to go faster. She started counting the seconds in her head 29, 30, 31. Biting her lip hating how fast time seemed to be going how could one minute feel like it was lasting forever.

"come on, do it" the voice said again.

11:47 came finally Raven quickly stood up stretching her arms wide she summoned a dark energy cloud around herself and transported herself across the tower to a certain room and to be specific Beast boys room.

Raven came into the fold of reality quietly looking around the messy room she spied pizza boxes and soda cans stacked against the wall on the left side of the room

Reven positioned herself in the darkest corner of his room all but invisible in the shadows she started to watch beast boy sprawled out across his bed his covers kicked off his bed leaving letting her eyes focus on his rock hard cock straining against his boxer breifs .

She felt ashamed, why was she doing this what kind of pervert was she.

No she thought to herself quickly it was Lust's fault She kept pushing never leaving her alone. Whenever Raven tried to fight back she got basically attacked by lust.

Raven sat cross legged on the couch reading one of her books enjoying one of the rare moments when the tower was empty.

Robin and Starfire were off at some movie, Cyborg was meeting one of his girl and Beast boy was off doing something or other. Peace, quiet, and no one to annoy her. Absolute. perfection.

She just started getting into her book when she heard a crash to her right. Jumping in shock she looked over to where the disturbance came from and there was beast boy on the couch one arm draped over the back.

Flashing one of his big grins he said "Hey Raven what's up."

Eye suddenly twitching in annoyance "well i was reading my book until you interrupted me." Slamming her book closed she said "why are you even here i thought you had something to do ."

Beast boy smiled again, and rubbed the back of his head. "sorry bout interrupting you and ya i was going to meet some friends but they canceled." Throwing his arms out he slumped down farther into the couch. "Plus to be honest i'd rather just sit around today im still sore from that last baddie."

The last "baddie" had been Adonis and he'd slammed Beast boy into the ground repeatedly before the rest of the titans could catch up to beast boys reckless charge ahead of them and back him.

Raising her hand to her temples so she could massage them "You wouldn't be sore if you hadn't been so reckless and worked as a team instead."

Beast boy waved his hand in a dismissive gesture. "PFFTTT you're starting to sound like Robin thats the last thing i need."

Jumping off the couch "Well whatever i guess i'll just stay around here and play a game that is when i can feel my legs and ass again." He started to stretch in front of her .Dismissing him she went back to her book. She was just finished a page when she heard his grunts and moans.

Looking up to tell him to shut up when she froze at what she saw right in front of her. Beast boy stretching out in front of her his muscles seemingly too big for his clothes.

Raven felt something she never felt before a warmth in her stomach and moist feeling down below. Her eyes tracing each muscle starting at his biceps she worked her way down his tight fitting shirt that showed his individual abs and froze at his groan seeing the bulge there.

"i see where you're looking missy." shocked at hearing a voice she looked around trying to see where it'd come from.

Seeing no one 'weird' she thought must have been nothing. The voice came back "oh i'm not nothing im lust."

Raven was shocked she didn't have an emotion named lust. "I don't have lust, i've never felt that or needed that who are you and what are you doing in my head." she said in her head.

HA HA HA laughter resounded through her head "never felt it what do you call that when you were looking at Beast boy? A mild cold?." She heard more laughter. "things are going to change around here darling."

"You can do nothing, all that's going to happen is i'm just gonna bury you like all the others." the word were said icy and without any remorse.

A powerful wave of arousal hit her making her womb convulse and her nipples turn into hard points. Doubling over with the intensity, lust spoke again "want to know the funny thing about lust? the more you try to deny it the worse it gets."

She was in charge of her emotions not the other way around with that thought another wave hit her making her groan.

Raven felt beast boys hand on her shoulder "RAVEN! are you ok." looking at his hand she felt a that her skin was on fire where his hand touched. Taking it the wrong way he jumped back into her full view letting her see all of him again.

At the sight of him her breathing sped up even more looking at him another wave of arousal slammed home . She wanted to jump him and feel his skin against hers.

Coming slowly closer he said "Ahh ya ok Raven you're acting weird." he paused "well weirder than usual."

Raven mouth watered at the sight of beast boy's mouth moving. Ravens muscles were primed to jump beast boy when she came to her senses. Adopting her usual scathing tone "i'm fine now please get out of my face."

Getting up she left leaving behind a confused Beast boy.

Walking through the halls lust was roaring at "GO BACK YOU CHICKEN,DON'T MAKE ME DO SOMETHING YOU'RE GOING TO HATE." Raven shook her head no she wouldn't do what her emotions told her to do she was Raven this was her body.

Her body stopped mid stride her body going as stiff, trying to move her body she found she couldn't move. she heard lust again "I told you i'd do something drasitc if you didn't stop. Now im going to march you back there and have sex with him."

Raven started to strain hard trying to get her body to agree with her. She strained so hard she felt her muscles straining and all of a sudden her body came to a stop. "ok this isn't going to work with you like this sex will just be hard and more trouble than it's worth so listen i'll give you one chance to do this on your own accord you get one week to make a move if you don't awkward sex be damned i'll force you."

Raven came out of her memory and back into focus again in beast boys room. It'd been six day and 23 hours she'd come to his room every night trying to summon the courage to make a move and each night lust's voice had been oddly absent.

Swallowing hard she took of her cloak and put it on a chair by his bed leaving her in just her one piece leotard.

Taking another gulp she walked over to his bed and got on the bed as quietly and softly as she could. Positioning herself so her face was right in front of his underwear she looked at the bulge his penis made in his short's.

Biting her lip she reached up to the elastic of his boxers and pulled down. The head of his penis caught on the top making it follow the descending elastic until it reached his legs letting it spring back up jerking back and forth a few times until it stopped leaving it in her vision.

Raven watched as it pulsed in front of her she wispered to herself "oh dear."

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