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Beast boy walked down the the titan towers long hallways slowly making his way to Ravens room. Each step seemed harder than the other because with each step he felt his embarrassment and shame . The feeling brought him back to when he was a kid and he'd ruined some of his moms dishes she'd used the 'I'm not mad I'm disappointed line' and it made him feel so bad and guilty he'd never played with her china again and being the kind woman that his mother had been she'd forgiven him brushing aside the incident like it was nothing. The thought brought a wave of sadness to him he hadn't thought about his parents in a long time.

Shaking his head he knew it would do no good to do this to himself but still the memory of his mother stuck in his head and of how compassionate and forgiving she'd been. No he should be worrying about things in the present like Raven and... Putting one foot ahead of the other. Beast boy gave a big yawn not knowing the last time he'd had a good night sleep.

Turning the corner he saw Ravens room at the end of the hallway devoid of any decorations and the lights unscrewed from the surrounding area. Walking through the darkened area he came up to her door and knocked gently and spoke "Raven are you there please come out we should talk about this."

The door opened and Beast boy expected to see Raven standing in front of him but what he got was a book shrouded in black flying at his face. It impacted with a crunch knocking him on his butt.

The door closed and Beast boy jumped up rubbing his face were the book had hit him. Feeling a little miffed he knocked again this time with a little more forces "Raven come out here and talk with me. Please!" The door opened again and a lit candle came flying out this time Beast boy was ready this time dodging it with relative ease. Actually angry now he yelled at the door that was closing in front of him "Stop throwing shit at me! That candle could have started a f..."his highly sensitive nose picked up smoke turning around quickly he saw a small fire had started "Oh shit!" he ran over and stomped it out quickly glad the sprinklers hadn't kicked in.

Truly angry he shouted a Ravens door "That damn candle cause a..." a loud thunderclap went off making him jump and flinch. "Come on Raven that could have started a fire and just because you don't want to talk to me doesn't mean it isn't going to happen i'm parking my butt right here you have to leave sometime" he sat down with a grumble. Leaning his head back he started to hear the soothing rain outside and suddenly his eyelids felt like they were a thousand pounds.

Raven huddled against the side of the door unwilling to confront Beast boy because of her embarrassment. She resorted to throwing shit at him what was wrong with her she didn't even know how she felt right now her head was just a swirling mess of emotions arguing in her head.

All she knew right now is that she didn't want to see Beast boy she didn't think she could take it and if Beast boy thought he could sit outside her door and wait for her to come out he had another thing coming. Didn't he know that she didn't need to go out that she could just teleport to where she wanted to go.

She heard him give a big sigh and she suddenly felt the need to see him or hear his voice but just as she was about to walk out her hand froze inches away from them the door switch. Her hand was frozen by embarrassment and trepidation and just as she started to move away she heard a soft snore.

She chewed her lip curiosity suddenly flooding her moving slowly back to the door she thumbed open the door. Watching the door open slowly she saw Beast boy deep asleep in front of the door his head nestled on top of his knees hands wrapped around his legs a soft snore coming from him.

So much for staying here until she came out shaking her head she knew that he'd be out for a while. She looked back at her room and the once comforting confines seemed ... lonely and depressing.

She didn't know a whole lot for certain right now but what she did know was she didn't want to be in that room. Looking back between her room and the hall she decided to take a walk .

She walked through the tower her thoughts as stormy as the sky she walked past the weight rooms and the kitchen and before she knew it she was standing on the exit of the tower onto the island beach

She started back passing all the areas that she'd walked pass before until she came up to Cyborgs car work area basicly a glass box with every known tool to man. She heard the loud whine of a some power tool looking into the garage she saw Cyborg work on the engine an array of tools hanging above him on bungee cords. She tried in vain to sneak past the workroom crouching down she tried to slowly walk past it but when Cyborgs body went stiff she knew she'd be discovered and stood back up and looked at him.

Cyborg stared at her for a second before picking up a rag and started wiping his hands while walking over towards her. He pushed open the work door and stopped in front of her. "Hey Raven" the words were said gently as if talking to a frightened animal "haven't seen you in a few days is anything wrong?"

Raven was just about to say that nothing was wrong and dismiss him like she did with everyone who asked how she was doing But suddenly the exact opposite answer popped out. " i had sex with Beast boy!"

Cyborg froze his body going taunt and his lips curled into a snarl and Raven could hear the faint sound of hydraulics. Cyborg then exploded "THAT SON OF A BITCH!" he punched the wall caving in the drywall he turned back to her and grabbed her shoulders "did he take advantage of you i swear to go if he did I'll be his face in I'll..."

She held up her hands trying to calm him down "easy, easy Cyborg it wasn't his fault and I kind of... wanted it." She turned away her head in embarrassment hoping he wouldn't see the blush spread across her face.

Cyborg stumbled and took a flabbergasted look on his face. "WHAAAAT?" He raise one of his eye brows "are you saying that you wanted to have sex with him?"

She looked down and said "Yes."

He rubbed the back of his "You got what you wanted why have you been a ghost for the last few days?"

The blush got even redder which she didn't think was possible but it did "Because i'm embarrassed"

Cyborg gave a big sigh "Ok follow me" he waved his hand towards himself indicating that he wanted her to follow him. She followed him as he lead her into the workroom and past a mess of half finished projects and the t-car. He leaned on a tool cabinet and motioned for her to sit down on a bench.

Cyborg rubbed his human eye while giving out a sigh "you know Raven I've known you for a long time and over the years I've seen you grow from a deep recluse to what you are now back then you wouldn't even be having this talk." His face took on a somber look "And if you want it why don't you tell him

Raven turned her head down " you you think he feels the same way?' her tone was timid and doubtful.

Cyborg gave her a reassuring smile put his hand on her shoulder and started leading her towards the exit of the "you know i think he does think about how he acts around you" they stopped at the exit of the work area and Cyborg looked her in the face and said "Now why don't you go tell him how you feel" and with that he shoved her out the door and closed it .

Raven stumbled out into the hall and looked back at Cyborg who had gone back to working on his car. Slightly angry she flipped him the bird and started walking back to her room her room being on one of the higher floors and the work room being at basically the bottom she she had a long walk back and with every step she wanted to turn and run .

Stepping off the elevator she walked down the hall and took a right and finally stood in front of her door Beast still asleep in front of of her door looking down at her feet she tried to muster her courage looking up she started to speak but stopped. Looking at him she shook her head and sat down on the opposite wall and decided it could wait till tomorrow.

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