I present to you, the readers, the very first Phantom Of The Opera and One Piece Crossover EVER! Yeah I had to say that. Anyway I'll make this here first chapter the character list and the second one the actual story just to be clear to you all. Enjoy!

The Phantom is played by Hordy Jones.

Christine Daaé is played by my OC Ashlethen Moria.

Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny character is played by Van Auger.

Madame Giry is being played by Madame Shirley.

Carlotta Giudicelli is played by Boa Hancock.

Meg Giry character is played by Perona.

Richard Firmin is played by Sengoku.

Gilles André is played by Whitebeard or Edward Newgate in this story.

Ubaldo Piangi is played by Jinbe.

Joseph Buquet is played by Paulie.

Christine's father or in this case Ashlethen's father's character is played by none other than Gecko Moria.

If you don't like the list sorry but if you like they way it is than thank you. These characters have to be these characters only to be able to fit in with my story.

Now the second chapter is the story!