Continuation from the third chapter that is actually the second chapter actually dealing with the actual story….

Be warned in this chapter there is a lemon! So I just thought I'd warn you all! Either way the continuation…..

After my performance I silently slipped out of sight and quietly headed down a small hallway backstage from where I then descended down a few steps into the old room with the candle rack and angel on the wall. Carefully I unhooked my cravat necklace and gently set it down upon the rack before lighting a couple of the few candles that where there.

I smiled, "Oh father I wish you were here to observe my performance tonight. Everyone else loved it and I hope you did as well and please wish me luck for when I hear my master's reply".

Gently I caressed the cravat and thought back to when father had given this to me as a young child. Alas, my memories would have to wait since my ears perked up at the sound of soft hushing.

Four of the candles on the wall flickered out in an instant and I closed my eyes in wonder. "Brava, Brava, wonderful"!

I sighed in relief upon hearing his approval and smirked upon hearing his voice. Too bad the extraordinary voice of my master fled when we both heard the world's highest voice rush down the stairs and into the room.

"Ashley! Ashley are you down here"? Perona yelled.

She didn't wait for my reply and skipped to my side before she knelt down beside me.

She smiled, "Ashley you shouldn't be hiding you really were perfect! I just wish I knew that secret of yours, Ashley you is your teacher"?

I smirked slightly, "Well you see, Perona, when I was brought here I came down into this room usually to lit a candle for my father a voice from above…and in my dreams…he was always there. You see when my father lied on his deathbed he told me I would be protected by an angel, an angel of music".

"Do you believe in the angel"? Perona asked. "Do you think the spirit of your late father is coaching you in your music career"?

"Father used to speak of an angel and I always dreamed and hoped he'd appear. Now as I sing I can sense him and I know he's here. Here in this room he calls me softly somewhere in here, hiding, but even so I know he's with me like an unseen genius". I said.

We both stood up and I carefully put back on my cravat before she started pulling me out of the room.

"Ashley you must've been dreaming, stories like this can't come true. Ash you're talking in riddles and it's not like you". Perona stated.

She led me through the backstage, away from the crowds, leading me to my dressing room. Madame Shirley pushed back the crowd of men at my door and when that didn't work she slammed her cane down onto the floor and they all jumped back. Perona left me in the care of her mother while she went to change and I was shoved inside the room by her mother before the men could return to their stampede form.

Flowers, flowers, and so many freaking flowers covered the entire area. Most pink, this irritated me since I despise that color, but at least the rest weren't.

Madame laid her hand upon my shoulder to shake me from my thoughts. "You did very well my dear,"

She picked up a little black rose tied with a red ribbon from the table and with it a little note with a red sunny circle on it and a beheaded man on the inside of it. "he is very pleased with you".

Madame Shirley was the only one to know of my mysterious teacher and even then I didn't know how she knew him. Usually she received cards for me from him and black roses like I had just gotten, but if she ever saw him or knew him I never would bring the question to know.

I glanced over the note.

"Your friend barged in on us while I was congratulating you my dear, but really I wasn't upset when she had. Truly no words I could come to say would even come close to describing your utterly elegant and perfect performance.


Your Angel of Music"

When I looked up Madame had left and I was left to my own devices. I sat down at my table and continued to look over my perfect black rose. Many thought that it meant death but I always had known the black rose to bring good luck and with it love. My heart soared as my mind ran over those words over and over again until someone barged into my room.

"Little Kage let her mind wonder. Little Kage thought to steal the shadows like the ones before her. Fathers and grandfathers watched over her and as she wondered the mind trying to find that one powerful shadow. Would it lead her to love or lead her to a heart like a broken window"? Van smiled.

I sighed with a smirk, "Van I have no need of rhymes of broken hearts, but a hug from an old friend wouldn't hurt like shattered glass".

He bent down at my side and wrapped his arms around me while I felt his warm embrace. "You sang like a pure angel tonight".

"Well my father did say that when he was in heaven he would send the angel of music down upon me to aide me through thick and thin. No doubt that he has visited me tonight". I said.

"Ashlethen there is no doubt of it, and now we go to supper".

I frowned, "No, Van, the angel of music is very careful with me wherever I go and whenever I go".

"Well I shall keep your plate".

"Van no I mustn't"!

"You're right you should change, I shall order my carriage, so be out in two minutes alright Little Kage".

"No- Van wait"!

Too late. He shut the door and completely ignored my warnings. Maybe he hasn't changed from when we were children.

Without another thought I sunk back down in my chair and sighed, but when I heard the key in the door handle being turned I raised an eyebrow at someone's action. I thought nothing of it but instead got back up and went to change.

The lights of the theater went out, from the stage to the chandelier. Everything was covered in darkness except for one room, my room.

In less than a minute I had finished getting dressed and combing my hair when almost all the lights in my room went out. I stood very still and was about ready to reach for the door handle when I heard a powerful voice rush its power right through my body forcing me to stop.

"Insolate boy this slave of fashion, basking in your glory"! Angel sang. "Ignorant fool this brave, young suitor sharing in my triumph"!

"Angel I hear you, speak I listen"! I sang to him. "Stay by my side, guide me! Angel my soul was weak- forgive me! Enter at last master"!

He continued, "Flattering child you shall know me, see why in shadow I hide! Look at your face in the mirror, I am there inside"!

I smirked, "Angel of music, guide, and guardian! Grant to me your glory! Angel of Music! Hide no longer! Come to me, mysterious angel"!

"I am your angel….come to me: Angel of Music…"

With each step I took to the mirror I came closer to the face of my master, the face of the phantom. Even when I heard that Van was banging at the door, he was yelling for me and questioning you was there with me.

"Who is in there!? Whose voice is that"!?

The mirror slid open to reveal my master standing in an inferno of golden light He gently takes my hand and looks me in the eyes. My shadowy, brown eyes staring right into his cold blooded red ones.

"I am your angel of music Ashlethen, my Ashlethen". He whispered softly into my ear.

He began to lead me away from the dressing room and I followed without any hesitation. A hallway of golden arms and candlelight was our passageway as I started to sing for him.

I smirked softly, "In sleep you sang to me. In dreams you came. This voice which calls to me and speaks my name. And do I dream again? For now I find the Phantom of the Opera is there, inside my mind".

We descended down an old stairway, following that of where his torch led us both. At the bottom of it was a black, shiny horse with a white spot covering the right side of his face like his master's mask did for him.

"Sing once again with me," Master sang. "Our strange duet! My power over you, grows stronger yet! And though you turn from me to glance behind, the Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind"!

He carefully sat me on top of his horse and continued to lead the way through the catacombs of darkness and death. It seemed as if time flew since the next thing I knew we were at a river with a gondola ready to carry us across the narrow waterway. Master helped me off the horse and made sure I was comfortable where I sat before he started to steer the boat.

"Those who have seen your face draw back in fear". I continued. "I am the mask you wear,"

"It's me they hear". He smirked.

"My/Your spirit and my/your voice in one combined"! We sang together. "The phantom of the opera is there inside my/your mind"!

"He's here, the Phantom of the Opera"! I sang.

The walls of the river opened up to reveal an open cavern illuminated by pure candlelight and surrounded by swirling fog. My master's lair was revealed to me and all its contents. Candles rose out of the water while my eyes trailed to the tables of sheet music and the organ of pure black that he played on.

"Sing my angel of music"! Master commanded. "Sing my angel, Sing for me"!

He went silent as the boat neared the shore of his domain and leapt out of the gondola as we reached land. Quickly he removed his cape and moved his eyes back down to look right into my own.

"I have brought you, to the seat of sweet music's throne to this kingdom where all must pay homage to music, music. You have come here, for one purpose, and one alone, since the moment I first heard you sing, I have needed you with me to serve me to sing, for my music, my music".

As quickly he began to speak of music he quickly stopped his words and spoke in his song. I couldn't bring myself to say anything but just continue to stay where I was and remain silent as long as he required me to be.

He smirked as he sang, "Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation, darkness stirs and wakes imagination. Silently the senses abandon their defenses".

Slowly he held his hand out for me and I stepped out of the boat and grasped it with both of my own hands. He began to lead me around his lair as he continued.

"Slowly, gently, night unfurls its splendor, Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender. Turn your face away from the garish light of day. Turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light, and listen to the music of the night".

He let go of my hands and walked towards his organ with excitement and power fueling his voice as he sang.

"Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dream, spurge your thoughts of the life you knew before. Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before".

I slowly walked towards him, wrapping my arms around his own, and rubbed my head up against his chest. His heart was beating faster than lightning, but his voice was just so gentle and calming to the ears.

"Softly, deftly, music shall caress you, hear it, feel it, secretly possess you. Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind, in this darkness that you know you cannot fight. The darkness of the music of the night. Let your mind start a journey through a strange, new world. Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before, let your soul take you where you long to be! Only then can you belong to me".

My master then held me in his arms and swiftly moved his hands over the front of my body, but we were both enjoying this to the fullest. I laid my hand on the side of his face and his hand grasped my own firmly but gently. Our heads nudging up against each other while the song continued to go on.

"Floating, falling, sweet intoxication…..touch me, trust me, savor each sensation. Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in, to the power of the music that I write. The power of the music of the night"!

He led me to the entrance of another room and there I saw a wax figure that looked exactly like myself but it was dressed in a wedding dress. It freaked me out but my eyes quickly went back to my master and I wrapped my arms around him without a second thought. He only smirked and then led me to his bedroom where he then wrapped his own arms firmly around my body.

He whispered into my ear, "You alone can make my song take flight, help me make the music of the night".

Both of our eyes locked together, both of our bodies locked together, it was no wonder when both of our lips locked together. My master gently laid me on his bed before he pulled a rope that cloaked the surrounding area of the bed. I longed for a night like this, a night with no words but artistic actions.

Instantly I felt his arms wrap around me, each of his enormous hands grasping separate areas on my body. One on the back of my neck, the other cupping my ass- raising me up towards a better height to suit his needs.

I threw my arms around his thick neck, pulling myself closer to his large torso, deepening the kiss. Slowly, I ran a hand from his neck down to lower waist.

His skin felt so incredibly smooth, like tough silk, my fingers glided over it so easily. I simply just loved the feel of it.

"Master…." I whispered, as slid my hand further across his waist, to where the Sun tattoo with the decapitated human was located.

He pulled me up against him, hard, and placed his lips in the crook of my neck. He breathed in deeply, exhaling out in the form of a very low growl.

"This perfect body of yours," He mumbled against my skin, his hot breath instantly causing goosebumps and sending shivers down my spine.

"'s so...Luscious..." His tone was laced in a total dark lust, as it vibrated against my smooth skin.

I let out the tiniest of mewls, as I instinctively tried to squeeze my legs together. His voice against my skin was causing heat to pool between them.

My master dragged his free hand down the front of my body, kissing my neck, he slid the large appendage underneath my shirt. His warm hand made contact with the cool, sensitive skin of my stomach.

I quickly detached my arms from his neck, bringing them down so that he could remove the piece of clothing that was coiled around my body. Seeing how I was one step ahead he tore off my shirt, and to my surprise he didn't stop even when he could perfectly see that I was without a chest.

Then he leaned forward, forcing me right down onto my back, so I was now lying right under him on top of the bed.

He began dragging his hands roughly across my body, kissing down my stomach as I squirmed and moaned loudly against his arousing touch.

"Ah-ah...Master"! I cried out when he dipped his hand between my legs, sending a jolt of delicious pleasure throughout my entire body.

He none too gently ripped the tights I was wearing on my body from my body, leaving me completely exposed to his lust and passionate filled eyes as he smirked, taking in the image of my nakedness.

Through my now clouded vision, I could see him reach for his own restricting clothing, quickly undoing them and discarding the fabric the same way he discarded my own attire.

Without thought I allowed my eyes to travel from his eyes, down to where he his manhood was located.

My eyes widened and a newfound wave of warmth flooded each and every inch of my body.

My master was well endowed, very well endowed. Much larger than your average human male and this only made me desperate for him even more.

I could literally feel myself begin to pant in need of him, in need of all of him.

"Ma-master...please..." I groaned out, tearing my eyes away from his proud erection.

He didn't need to hear anything more than that, he grabbed my legs and dragged me down even closer to him. Softly flipping me onto to my stomach and gently pulling my arms back, carefully forcing me onto my knees.

I felt him adjust himself so he directly lined up behind me, so close, that I could feel heat radiating from his smooth skin. He released my arms, allowing me to plant my hands on the bed.

Slowly and tenderly, he softly ran one of his hands down my back.

I shifted my weight and dug my nails into the sheets of his velvet bed, feeling more goosebumps form across my skin, anticipating what was about to come.

Without wasting another precious second, he shoved himself inside me, sheathing his large cock completely, filling my body to the max with perfect love.

Instantly I let out a small scream, white lights burst before my eyes as my entire lower body filled with incredible amounts of pleasure.

Not even giving me time to adjust to his massive appendage, he began thrusting in and out of my body at an alarming speed.

Moan after moan from my throat, the bed and my body shaking from his exhilarating actions, only motivating him even more, as he moved his hands down to my hips, grasping them firmly but gently.

His pounding against my body became even more vigorous as I screamed, letting the front half fall forward, burying my head into the bed, my hands were clenching and releasing the sheets with each of his hard and careful fluid thrusts.

I was silently panting, my lungs struggling to take in the proper amount of oxygen needed as I continued screaming in pleasure, trying to match his insane pace of love.

He moved one hand from my hips and began running it along my side, carefully rubbing his fingers against my side as he continued plunging himself in and out of my wanting body.

My master, let out a primal growl and quickly flipped me over, back onto my back.

I instantly wrapped my legs around his waist as he shoved himself back inside me, grasping my neck and lower back, he lifted me up towards his chest, thrusting even harder than before.

Throwing my head back, I continued my loud moaning, an intense heat building in my abdomen.

He gently wrapped his arms around my torso, bringing me tighter up against him, his thrusting now having reached inhuman speeds. He truly was his phantom right now.

I could feel myself about ready to explode with the much desired orgasm, my lower muscles began contracting around my master's large organ as I panted, moaned and my vision blurred.

His pounding continued as I was pushed to the brink of pure pleasure.

Every muscle clenched, a scream tore out from my throat, and my body began shaking with the waves of an orgasm.

My vision darkened, and I felt him give a final hard thrust with a loud growl, he held me tightly up against his body and spilled himself inside my clenching body.

I let out a soft moan and carefully flopped backward, my legs still wrapped around his waist, bringing him down with me onto the bed.

After a few seconds of trying to catch my breath, I propped myself up on one elbow. Reaching out with my other hand I ran it along his jaw, and then raised my head upwards, I placed a tender kiss at the corner of his mouth.

I moved his little tuff of hair out of his face and softly licked the side of his face.

"Please tell me your name, master". I smirked while still panting.

He smirked as well, "You, my Ashlethen, may call me Hordy, master, or lover".

He leaned forward and blew out the candlelight making the entire room engulfed in shadowy darkness. With both of our bodies as one we both truly had met each other fully.

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