Makoto and Ami- The Silver Millennium Chapter One

Summary- OOOKAY! Well, the inners are the princesses of the Silver Millennium (the real reason for this is in the next chapter) and the outers are their Guardians. Anyways, the princesses must train to become the Sailor Senshi. This is the love story between Ami and Makoto

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Silver Millennium the Mercury Kingdom

A ten year-old Amelia Mizuno- Royal High Princess of Mercury ,Daughter of Queen Mia and King Hermes, Heir to the throne of Mercury, and future Sailor Mercury -stood in the grand hall of Mariner Castle. She was about to be transported to the Moon Kingdom to begin her training. In truth, she was a bit annoyed, scared and nervous." Why is it that I had to be the youngest? Everyone else has been training for at least 2 years." Amelia thought.

"Ami, honey are you ready to go?" Queen Mia called. "Just one second mother I have to say goodbye to " Ami's voice wavered for a second as she called out her dear nanny/maid that she had loved oh so much.

Originally, Queens Mia and Serenity had wanted to hold off Ami's training until she was 13. Then the gruesome murder of her nanny had happened almost right before her eyes. Any normal child would have blotted out the memory, but Ami was an exceptional girl. Nothing had worked to bury the memory. Queen Mia realized the had been her daughter's only friend and decided that it was best to send her baby to the Moon to train at 10, just like the others.

Ami ran to the courtyard gardens and then to a small garden on the edge. There stood the grave of . Ami kissed the tombstone and whispered to it "Guess what ; I'm going to the moon to begin training to become a senshi. Even though you won't be physically there, I still have the angel you gave me so I'll be alright. Good bye for now." Ami put a white lily on the grave and ran to catch up to her parents.

Silver Millennium the Moon Kingdom

"Oh no" Queen Mia thought as she watched her daughter slowly crawl into her shyness shell as they came closer and closer to the Moon. Once upon a time Ami had been quite sociable with people; until she was allowed to go into the courtyard where some local kids played. They had treated rather cruelly due to her status. Ami, being a sensitive child with an exceptional memory and a vague understanding of people, in her mind that was how all people were. The servants in the palace could have helped relinquish this, but instead treated the girl like a spoiled little brat, except for .

Soon they had arrived at the moon kingdom. To Ami the place was rather large and beautiful. She watched as her mother and Queen Serenity exchanged pleasantries. Then it was time for the introductions. "Presenting the royal high Queen, King, and Princess of Mercury High Queen Mia High King Hermes, and the Royal High Prin-"

"OH PUT A SOCK IN IT WILL YA! We all know who she is so no need for all that." To the surprise if the Princesses, it was not Usagi who had spoken, but King Mercury! He was a tall man with fair white skin and hair as white as fresh snow. Although kindhearted, he despised wasting time, which is what he saw the intros to be.

Well, Ahem this is Princess Minako of Venus "Queen Serenity and Mia looked amused with Hermes for his bluntness.

'So this is the young princess of Mercury. She is beautiful, even at 10.' Minako thought. Out loud though; she said "Hi Princess Amelia! I'm Minako. I'm 12 years old." Despite her kind and warm tone, Ami kept her eyes welded to the ground. Minako frowned, thinking that the girl was rather rude for not looking at her or say anything.

"I'm terribly sorry. Amelia is incredibly shy." Usagi heard the Queen talking. 'well, were just going to have to change that' Usagi thought. She said in a low, even voice to her, "Hi Amelia. I'm Usagi. Princess of the moon. I just know we're going to be great friends. Now I won't be the butt of everyone's jokes. I'm 12, just like Minako, but I'm a few months younger so technically I'm the youngest, but now it is only second youngest." Usagi nervously babbled, but still, the princess did not move her eyes from the floor.

Next came Rei. 'How interesting. The rest of us are not the least bit shy. Getting this girl out of her shell shall prove interesting' Like Usagi, Rei did not bother waiting to be introduced. Instead she gruffly told Ami" you're going to have come outta that shell if you want to fit in. none of us are the least bit shy" Seeing no reaction, she said in a slightly kinder tone" I'm Princess Rei of Mars. I'm 14. We will get along just great. I have heard you are very intelligent and I have been longing for INTELLIGENT conversation. Rei said the last bit rather loudly so Usagi would hear. Just as expected, the girl wailed" Hey I am so smart." At the same time as Minako.

Bending slightly lower Rei added "Just ignore those two they are complete idiots" Suddenly there was a small sound. It took a second but the court realized it was the sound of Ami laughing.

Well, since it appears the Makoto will not be joining us, let's move on to your guardians." Queen Serenity sounded only slightly miffed at the Jupiter Princess's absence.

"Here is the Senshi of Uranus, Prince-ss Haruka." Serenity knew full and well Haruka was a girl but she still stumbled over the title. Ami looked up just so you could see the beginnings if her blue eyes as she stared in complete wonder at the blonde haired tomboy.

"So yet another little kitten for me to guard and hopefully seduce" Haruka said. Before, of course she took a good look at Ami. She hadn't realized that when they had said young, they meant 10 years old. She hastily added to her sentence" when you are older of course." A bright red flame danced its way across both girls' faces as they moved on.

"Well ahem. Next is the Senshi of Neptune, Princess Michiru" Serenity could hardly keep from laughing at the scene with Haruka and Ami.

'She is so young, but she is obviously very intelligent.' Michiru thought as she eyed the young Mercurian. "Hello there Amelia, I'm Michiru. I hope you can ignore Haruka and her overly flirtatious actions. We're both 21, since Haruka forgot to mention that." Michiru said kindly. When there was no reply she frowned. She had never met someone so shy! Then a small hand waved her down. Michiru, anxious to hear the girl's voice, knelt gracefully down. Then, softly, in her ear came a reply." Hello Michiru. I have always wanted to meet you. I like your paintings, they help me think. Your music helps me study. I love your swimming very much. You are very pretty in the water. I hope we can become friends. I'm glad you're my guardian." As the last part was said, Ami blushed.

Michiru could not help but smile. The little girl was obviously very scared and in awe. She was rather happy to be the first one talked to.

"Third is the Senshi and princess of Saturn, Hotaru." There was a smile in Serenity's voice and a large one on Mia's. Both had known that out of all of the girls, it was Michiru Ami would more than likely talk to. Ami was led to a girl Rei's age. 'Wow she seems really sweet.' Hotaru thought. "Hello there Amelia. I'm 13, but I will soon be 14! I hope we will be friends."

"Last but not least is princess and senshi of Pluto Setsuna. Setsuna simply bowed and said "Pleased to meet you. I am 21 like Haruka and Michiru."

"WELL since it seems everyone that is present has been introduced I think it-

"WAIT I AM HERE! The ballroom was suddenly filled with the sound of boots against marble. Soon, a very out of breath Makoto emerged. She huffed out an apology and introduced herself.

"Hi- there I..I..I'm Ma-ko-to. Pa- pe- pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm the Princess of Jupiter. Sorry I am late had to take care of some uh business."

Makoto looked at the girl in annoyance. So, this was her little charge.

The Moon Kingdom-Two Weeks Before

"Makoto, could you please come in here?" Serenity called to Jovian"

"OOH! You are so much trouble! What did you do this time?" Usagi questioned Makoto.

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about! "


Despite her claims at innocence, Makoto made her way nervously up the stairs. Soon, she came to Queen Serenity's study.

"Hello Makoto."

"Hi there Queen Serenity! Uh, what did I do wrong?"

"Oh, nothing! I assume you know that the young princess of Mercury will be arriving in two weeks?"

"Of course I do. Usagi hasn't shut up about it for days."

"Well, as you know, while the outers are your general guardians, some of you have personal guardians."

"Yeah. Mars guards Moon, Pluto guards Venus, and Uranus guards Neptune. What about it?"

"Well, you see, Amelia is very young compared to all of you. Also, she is very shy and rather introverted. While she is a very bright young girl, due to her talents, she does not know much of the outside world. You see, personal guardians are not chosen randomly. Each guardian's personality conflicts with the charge in some way."

" I think I understand. I am the oldest, not at all shy, unintroverted, not the brightest, and I know QUITE a bit about the outside world. I am very talented. So why are you telling me this?

Serenity deadpanned. For such an observant girl, she could be rather dense sometimes.

"Well Makoto, you are not guarded nor are you being guarded. You are a perfect fit, so I decided that…" Serenity trailed off hoping the princess would get the hint.

Makoto blushed at what she thought the Queen was leading into."I AM FLATTERED Serenity, but I can assure you, I am VERY capable of handling myself."

"Oh, that was not what I meant! I mean that in two weeks you will be officially appointed Personal Royal Guard to Princess Amelia of Mercury. Do you understand?"

"With all due respect Queen Serenity, I do have duties, training, and classes to take care of. I do not have time to be lugging around a little kid. We would be in separate classes and everything. Couldn't Minako take care of her?"

"I am sorry Makoto. We have determined that you are the best option for the job. You two may have more in common than you think. The girl will give you a run for your money. So, whether you like and agree or not, as of now you are personally in charge of her wellbeing."

Although incredibly peeved off, Makoto complied with Serenity's wishes and decided to do some research on the planet.

She had found that the little girl was very interesting. Hardly anybody on Mercury knew anything. She really was very shy! The girl was often rumored to simply hide behind her mother's dress at bells rather than talk. 'What a great ruler she'll make one day.' Makoto couldn't help but think rather dryly.


Although Makoto's excuse was that she had been rehearsing what to say to the princess, she had in fact fallen asleep. While the others got dismissed from the court, Makoto had to show Ami around. Obviously, Makoto was rather irritated, putting her in a bad mood.

"Alright, over there is your room and up there is the rest of our rooms. Got it? I'm gonna be busy for the rest of the day, so if ya need somethin' DO NOT BOTHER ME."

Nodding without a word, Ami quickly went into the room. Later, feeling bored, she decided to wander around for awhile.

At the same time, Minako had been going down a certain hall where she found Ami looking up in wonder at the paintings. She couldn't help but smile. Then, she frowned. Ami should still be with Makoto.

"Hey Amelia, what are you doing here without Jupiter?"

Ami started suddenly, looking surprised.

"I… I… uhh… she kinda left to go do something. She was busy."

"Come on let me take you on a PROPER tour of the castle. We wouldn't want you getting lost on the way to dinner."

After the brief tour, Makoto went up to her room and turned up the music while reading a magazine. Although she was not really listening to either, instead she was fuming about having to have some ankle biter following her around. 'I cannot believe that tomorrow I will have to have her arou-'