The stasis pod door slid open releasing the atmosphere that had built for long-term stasis of the crew of the destiny. (pan shot of the last group to enter stasis) Rush, Young, Volker and Brody wake up.

Rush- Colonel.

Young- Rush. Where's Eli? The pod is still empty.

Rush (on the pod's monitor)- this can't be right. It says that we have been in stasis for three weeks, not years.

Young- What!

Eli- Yeah.

I figured out another way through the problem. Please, follow me to the bridge and don't get mad.

Rush/ Young- Fine.

On the bridge Rush notices Destiny's power levels.

Rush- Eli! The power is nearly gone. What did you do you bloody idiot?

Eli- About a week and a half in my two weeks I was getting nowhere in the pod's manual. So I decide to pursue, other options.

Young- Instead of giving up then and there.

Eli- Yes. I sent a Kino (flying camera) on search mode about a week into the two weeks incase we missed something and I failed.

Rush- that's great, but what does it have to do with the low power Eli?

Eli- To show you what I discovered. We should be coming out of FTL shortly.

As Eli said it, Destiny drops out of FTL in range of a star to recharge.

Volker- We've got Drones! Two Command Ships dead ahead!

Young- Eli! What did you do?

Eli (smiling)- This.

Eli hits a button on one of the monitors. The drones start attacking each other.

Volker- The Hell?

As Destiny recharges, Eli explains.

Eli- The Kino was going through a room when I noticed that it was the computer core.

Rush- You mean the bridge isn't the nerve center of the ship?

Eli- More like the largest of a set of nerve clusters. The control center is another big one. The neural-interface chair isn't one, though. Anyways, the computer core had a monitor that was on and the route was safe to go, so I decided to explore.

Young- what did you find?

Eli- Destiny's trash.

Rush- What?

Eli- The virtual thrash can like on a computer. In it are all of the data files we have been through and more. There was even the data left over from the drone we took on board. It turned out Destiny copied all of the files then wiped the drone supplementing the info we needed while we "researched" it.

Rush- And, Dr. Perry?"

Eli- Ginn and Dr. Perry are still in quarantine, but Destiny is working on detangling the mess they created. Back to the drone part of the story. When Destiny copied it, She also started its own researched of it. Destiny found the full recognition software and put it aside for later research. I opened it and discovered how to hack it. That was a few days ago.

Young- So you stayed longer than two weeks.

Eli- Yes, but that isn't important now. What is is that now we can go through the galaxy without this problem. And we can even help the people of Novus while we're at it.

Young- Wake the rest of the people, we have to tell them this.

Eli- No! We have something to do first.

Rush- What is it Eli?

Eli- what if I told you we could fix Destiny completely, full working order.

Rush/Young- What!

Rush- What else did you find Eli?

Eli- I found the manifest and there are dozens of repair robots, all preloaded with fix broken parts. I guess the Ancients knew that Destiny would be in bad shape when they arrived so the put in a precaution, repair bots.

Rush- Then why haven't we found them yet.

Eli (sheepishly)- Because they're in a damaged part of the ship.

***Two weeks later***


Rush- Well, that's most of the repairs done. Good work Eli.

Young- Yes, good work. Can we wake the others now?

Eli- Yes. You should greet them and have that meeting. I'll set a recharge course, see it this worked.

Rush- Ok, Colonel, with your permission, I would like to stay back with Eli and continue going through the core.

Young –Granted. Volker, Brody, come with me.

Volker/Brody- Yes, Sir.

Rush- Now that they are gone, we can really get to work. What was on the manifest?

Eli- Some not so useful things. Clothes are in storage if anybody is interested, I'll tell people that when Young is done. There were a bunch of seeds to start a garden for hydroponics. That should be appreciated in the long run. Also I found an ALS cure. But it needs a lot of supplies that we don't have.

Rush- Well, what do you plan to do about it, and when will you tell Lt. Johansson

Eli- I don't know. I'll tell her when we have more of the supplies.

Gate room

Young- Welcome back. As you may have noticed a few things are different.

People- What's going on?

Young- After most of you went into stasis, we discovered one pod was more damaged then the others. Rush, Eli and me had to decide who would attempt to remain out of stasis for three years. Eli volunteered.

People started to notice that Eli wasn't there. They had thought that maybe he was busy waking people up, but he had yet to show up.

Young- He was given two weeks to either fix the pod or kill himself.

Everybody looks around uneasily.

Young- That was five weeks ago.

People murmuring- five weeks? That can't be right. We were supposed to be in stasis for three years.

Young- Eli failed to fix the pod, but found another way.

Eli (on radio)- Colonel, we're ready.

Young- Ok Eli, let's see if it worked.

We are about to recharge in a star, however in the past two weeks, Eli, Rush, Drs. Volker and Brody, and me have been making repairs to Destiny with a supply of repair robots Eli discovered in his time.

Someone yells from the crowd- But what about the drones? Aren't they still a problem?

Young- No, thanks to Eli.

*Baba O'riley starts playing*

Destiny drops out of FTL in range of a star. The drones that have plagued the Destiny from the start of the galaxy move out of the way and Destiny starts to recharge.

People start cheering from the observation deck and various points of the newly repaired ship.

Scientist are in the bridge and notice that the power reserves go to 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 100%! The repairs worked.

The episode ends with the Destiny entering a FTL jump from behind, off into the mysteries of the galaxy.

Authors note: This was just a trial run at a story. If it is generally liked then I will write more. Tell me what you think.