note: each chapter is one episode, this chapter is separate from the last.

Et maintenant pour l'attraction principale.



Lt. Scott- Sir? Are you back from earth?

Young- Yes. Now where are we?

Rush- On a planet that does not have a gate, but Destiny decided that we should stop at.

Young- Because...

Rush- We think we have found the Ursini home-world.


Volker- Eli, you back?

Eli- Yeah. Why, What happened?

Brody- Well, we found the Ursini Home-world it would seem.

Eli- Do we have visuals?

Volker- Coming through... now.

Eli (looking at pictures)- Amazing! Wait.

Volker- What is it?

Eli- We believe that the Ursini are extinct, right. Well, does this city looked long abandoned and demolished the way the drones destroy technology.

A monitor lights up. There is a message in a language nobody can read.

Brody- Crap, it looks like... Ursini?

Dr. Park who has been sitting in the corner, listening, slightly sarcastic- I agree from what I can "see."

Eli- somebody tell the team on the planet, I'll get Telford.

Eli and Volker rushes to the communications lab to switch with Telford via the stones. Telford expected this after seeing the Ursini home-world.

Telford- So am I needed on the Planet?

Volker- No, we need you on the bridge.

Telford- Who switched with me?

Volker- Eli...


Brody- Colonel Telford?

Telford- Yes. What's the situation?

Volker- As you know Destiny dropped out of FTL and there is no clock. The team is still planet-side and we got this, not from the team.

Volker motions at the monitor with the message.

Telford (reading the monitor)- It says "Help," that's all. Wait, its in Ursini!

Brody- We came to that conclusion as well.

Telford- Have you told the team on the planet?

Volker- No, we've been trying to reach them, but they are all out exploring.

Telford- Is there any way down there?

Brody- No.

Volker- What about the manifest? We could run a search in it. Maybe find some form of transportation?

Telford- Do it. Get me down there. Keep trying to hail the team.

On The Surface

Young- How long until we jump?

Rush- Whenever we feel. There is no countdown clock.

Young- How? Get me in touch with Destiny.

Lt. Scott- Okay, follow me, Sir.

Sgt. Greer runs to them- Sir, the Destiny is trying to hail us,

Young- Best not keep them waiting.


Young- Destiny, this is Young.

Telford- Colonel, this is Telford, we've got some news.

Young- what is it?

Telford- The Ursini, they're on that planet somewhere.

Young- I thought that we watched the last of them commit suicide against the drones.

Telford- Come back to Destiny, We need to talk.

Young- Will do, Young out.


Eli- Hello, my name is Eli Wallace, I need to speak to General O'Neil.

Airman- Follow me.

O'Neil- Eli, what is it?

Eli- We may have encountered the Ursini, again.

O'Neil- What! Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they extinct?

Eli- Well, we thought that too, until we got a message from the planet we're in orbit around.

O'Neil- Could it have been the gate team?

Eli- Well, there is no gate. The message we received was in what appeared to be Ursini. Also, only colonel Telford can read it. That is why I switched with him.

O'Neil- I see. And what did it say?

Eli- I'm not sure, its why we needed Telford.

O'Neil- Ah... The one man who can read Ursini.

Eli- Something like that.


Young- Okay, David. You have my attention.

Telford- While you were on the planet, we received this message in Ursini. It is asking for help.

Young- Well, what can we do about it.

Telford- I was thinking of, helping them.

Young- Do we know where they are?

Telford- Ah... no. We know that they are on the planet.

Young- We could use Eli back.

Telford- Okay

Young- Send somebody to earth and get Eli. David, switch with me in five.

Telford- Gotcha.

Brody- I'll go and tell Eli to be ready to switch.

Brody switches with an airman, gets Eli, and returns. Young then switches with Telford as planned and continues Eli's report.

Eli- So what did you find out?

Volker- The Ursini want help.

Telford- We want to find out where they are so we can help.

Eli- Did you check the core? There could be something there.

Brody- No, we can't read it quickly.

Eli reaching for a drive in his pocket- Here, run this.

Volker- What is it?

Eli- A translation program that I wrote. I know that it works because I ran it through the medical database. I found cures for several diseases including HIV, AIDS, and ALS. So please run it through the core.

Brody- Okay, you're telling TJ about the cure though.

Eli- I know. I was waiting for the right time to tell her.

Telford- Anything yet?

Volker- We just started the search. The amount of data is huge. This could take awhile.

Telford- Keep me posted.


O'Neil- So what did the message say?

Young- Help.

O'Neil- So what are you doing to help?

Young- That is for Telford, Rush, Eli, Volker and Brody to decide.

O'Neil- Would anybody on earth help?

Young- Dr. Daniel Jackson maybe.

O'Neil- I'll see what I can arrange.


Telford- Where's Rush?

Eli- Probably off trying to solve this on his own.

Telford- Fine, let's just get this done. Volker, anything?

Volker- Yeah, just got a hit.

Telford- Can we run it?

Volker- Looks promising, let's load it.

Rush- Get anywhere?

Telford- Yes. We found a program, we're about to run it.

Rush- Okay. Do it.

Eli- Pulling up the message, now.

Volker- Running program, now.

Brody- Searching... searching... searching... Got it!

Telford- Where are they?

Eli- This can't be right? It says that they are at the core.

Rush- What? Run it again

Volker- Receiving another message now.

Rush- Run the program now on the new message.

Telford- No need, the message is a set of directions.

Eli- To where?

Telford- The search was right. They lead to the core. I'll go back to earth and report. I'll be back shortly.

Eli- After all this time, we actually found the Ursini home and they are still alive.

Rush- Yes, this is truly, incredible.

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