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"Absolutely not." Jade was the first of the group to speak up, and whether the others were brave enough to admit it or not, she knew she had spoken for all of them. No one really wanted to go on a camping trip over their semester break, especially not with their crazy acting teacher. As much as they all loved Sikowitz, they knew that a camping trip with him would consist of nothing but drive-by acting challenges, method acting, and other work they were supposed to be escaping during break. Plus, it was camping, and they weren't exactly the primitive type.

"Why not?" Their teacher pleaded with big eyes. "It'd be fun!"

"We're not really into camping." Tori explained as nicely as she could.

"It's disgusting." Jade added. "Who would want to spend a week being eaten alive by bugs with no air conditioning, no bathroom, and no beds? You'd have to be out of you mind." The others nodded tentatively in agreement, besides Cat who was staring off into space and didn't seem to have a clue what was going on.

"It'll be extra credit." Sikowitz offered.

"No." Jade declared and turned to leave the room, the others following her lead.

"Okay, fine, it's mandatory if you want to pass my class." The group stopped in their tracks, turning to face their acting teacher.

"What do you mean?" Tori asked tentatively, "That we'll fail if we don't go?" Sikowitz nodded and everyone stared at him, incredulous.

"Come on, man!" Rex shouted indignantly from his seemingly permanent place on Robbie's hand. "That's jank!"

"You don't have to go, Rex." Sikowitz sighed. "Just Robbie, Cat, Beck, Jade, Tori, and Andre."

"Why us?" Beck asked with a frown.

"It's always us!" Jade cried. "Can't you choose some other students lives to ruin once in a while?" Sikowitz shook his head.

"You guys are my best students and I want you to be successful actors. And if that means cutting into your leisure time once in a while, so be it." The group groaned, except for Cat who was clapping excidedly.

"Yay! I love camping!" She giggled. "One time when I went camping with my brother he-"

"NO!" Jade barked, cutting her off. She happily clamped up, twirling a strand of her red velvet hair and continuing to bounce slightly.

"So are you in?" Sikowitz asked, eyeing his students. They nodded reluctantly, not wanting to fail his class.

"Good!" He grinned. "I'll text you the details."


Sikowitz gave the group directions to the place they would be camping in and provided them with tents and food. Everything else, he told them, was their responsibility. They prepared to leave directly from school on the last day before semester break, packing their stuff in their cars before the morning of. They assumed Sikowitz would be driving up with them, considering he had a semi-suspended driver's license, but he adamantly refused a ride.

"I'll meet you children there." He said, handing Beck the tents and food to carry up in his uncle's truck. "Don't wait for me to set up." They all shrugged and headed for their cars except Jade, who regarded him suspiciously.

"When are you coming up?" She asked with a frown.

"Don't you worry about that." Sikowitz replied, avoiding the question. "That reminds me, do you kids all have your cell phones?" They nodded and he smiled. "Okay great. See you guys later!" And with that, he disappeared into the school. Jade frowned after him and headed for her car, Cat bouncing along behind her.

"What's wrong Jadey?" She asked, sliding into the passenger seat of Jade's car. Jade just shook her head.

"I have a weird feeling about this."


They arrived at the camp site around six, after over 2 hours of driving. Jade was about to tear her hair out after listening to Cat's stories about her brother the whole time. She turned to Beck as soon as she got out of her car.

"You're driving her back." She ordered him.

"Not unless you want Robbie, I only have two seats." Beck laughed. Jade growled and turned to Andre, passing on the task to him. Andre accepted it without a fight, knowing he didn't really have a reason that he couldn't drive her. He had enjoyed the time on the way up with just him and Tori, but having Jade on his bad side wasn't something he liked to make a habit of.

The gang unpacked their stuff and Andre and Tori set to work pitching the tents, leaving Jade, Beck, Cat, and Robbie to handle dinner. Beck sent Cat and Robbie to gather firewood, while he and Jade sorted through the food Sikowitz gave them, trying to ration it.

"I can't believe this is all the hippie gave us." Jade mumbled. "There's barely one thing per meal. Did he forget that there are six of us?" Beck rolled his eyes.

"Oh come on. We can split them."

"They're meant to serve one person each, Beck! We are going to starve!"

"Quit being so dramatic." Jade scowled at him, tossing her cans into his pile, messing up his count.

"Do it yourself." She mumbled, leaving him alone. He sighed, separated the cans, and restarted his count, not bothering to see where she went. Robbie and Cat returned with the firewood shortly after he was done and, being the only of the three not afraid of fire or at risk of causing a forest fire, he was left to start the fire on his own. It was a much harder task than he'd expected, and he was soon left wishing he had Jade's help. Eventually, Andre and Tori finished with the tents and came over to help him with the fire and between the three of them they somehow managed to get it started. It wasn't until the food was almost done cooking that anyone even noticed that Jade was gone, being so absorbed in their own tasks.

"Hey, where's Jade?" Tori asked suddenly. Beck and Andre, who were carefully trying to heat the canned food that their teacher had neglected to pack any sort of cooking device for, looked up slowly, glancing around for the dark girl.

"I haven't seen her for a while." Andre replied. Tori turned to Beck.

"Wasn't she supposed to help you with dinner?"

"She got mad when we were sorting food and stormed off. Haven't seen her since." Beck shrugged. Tori stared at him.

"And you just let her go?"


"We don't know what's out here Beck! She could be in trouble!" Beck felt his stomach tighten at the thought. He could never live with himself if something happened to Jade.

"I'm sure she'd fine." He assured her, as well as himself, but inside he began to worry. What if Tori was right? What if…? Dinner came and went with no sign of Jade and the sun began to set. Beck was really worried now, but he wouldn't let it show. Tori and Cat on the other hand, were wrecks. Tori was beyond nervous, she kept glancing over her shoulder at every noise, praying that Jade would come walking back into the campsite soon. Cat was whimpering softly, rocking herself as Robbie held her in his arms, assuring her that Jade would be back soon. After what felt like an eternity, they heard footsteps nearby. They all tensed, even Beck and Andre, and stared in the direction of the noise. A proud Jade emerged from the trees, carrying with her what appeared to be a whole fried chicken.

"You can thank me later."

She smiled proudly, setting the food down on a tree stump near the group. They all swarmed it immediately, having been far from satisfied with the tiny portion of canned food they had received for dinner.

"Where did you get this?" Tori asked, heaping her plate with the roasted chicken. Jade shrugged evasively.

"Where did you steal it from is a better question." Beck frowned disapprovingly. Jade rolled her eyes.

"Don't be such a sissy, Beck. Its food, isn't it? And I was obviously right about the canned crap not being enough." She motioned to their friends who had piled their plates high and were hungrily chowing down on the chicken. Beck just shook his head.

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