Cat and Robbie raced toward the restaurant, Cat skipping along as fast as her legs could carry her. They quickly reached the door and shoved it open.

"Help us, someone!" Cat cried. "We need a phone! We need to call for help!" Several heads turned their way but no one made a move to get their phone.

"Anyone?" Robbie cried, desperately, glancing around at the crowd. He turned to Cat. "Maybe no one has a phone?" Cat glared at him.

"Of course they have phones!" She cried, turning to the nearest person in the restaurant. "Give me your phone!" She demanded angrily, very unlike her usual self. "I know you have one!" She cried when they still made no move to get it. She took an intimidating step toward them, which wasn't very intimidating coming from a little soft-spoken girl. "Give me it!" The person just looked at her. She wished she was scary like Jade so that they would listen to her. A man in uniform came rushing over, stepping between Cat and the customer.

"What's going on here?" He demanded.

"We need a phone!" Cat cried. "We need to call for help for our friends!" The man regarded her for a moment and then looked at Robbie who quickly jumped to her aid.

"She's telling the truth! Our friends got kidnapped and we were supposed to call for help if they didn't come back and…and…" The man held up his hand to stop Robbie from his stuttering.

"Come with me." He said kindly. "We'll get you a phone."


"We can't do this." James muttered, as he and Eric drove. "We have to go back." Eric stared at him.

"Are you mad? We'll get arrested! Or killed!"

"If we don't go back, Clara's going to kill them." James insisted. "If not for the kids, we have to go back so that we don't end up wanted for murder!"

"What do you mean?"

"Clara will flip on us in a second if she gets caught for murder! And our finger prints are all over that cabin! And those guns!" Eric considered this.

"They can't arrest us if they can't find us." James rolled his eyes.

"We can't hide from the police."

"Who says?"

"What are the odds we would actually pull that off?" Eric didn't answer. "Besides, their just teenagers." James continued. "They don't deserve to die. We never wanted that."

The door swung open and out stepped Clara, startling Tori and Jade and waking the boys from their sleep.

"I told you there was a girl." Jade mumbled as Beck sat up, tightening his arms around her. Clara shut the door behind her and eyed the group evilly, her hand moving to grab something from her pocket. Jade's eyes widened as she realized what the girl was doing. She buried her head in Beck's shoulder, gripping his arm like a life line. Beck looked at her in oddly but his confusion didn't last long. From her back pocket, Clara pulled a gun, pointing it at each teenager in turn. The teens gasped and held each other closely, bracing themselves for the worst.

"One of you is going to die tonight." Clara stated. "It's up to you which one. If you don't choose I'll kill you all. I'll be back in 2 hours. Happy choosing." She gave them a sick smile before disappearing through the door. Tori began to cry, gripping Andre to her as she sobbed. Andre began to cry too, slow tears falling from his eyes as he held Tori as close as he possibly could. He couldn't even try to comfort her. He knew nothing he said could change this messed up situation.

Jade closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. It was awful, disgusting what these people were doing to them. And for what? A stupid study. It made sense that Clara would make them choose who died. It was just another one of her stupid love tests. To see who loved who the most or something. She was probably watching them right now, writing down their reactions. She'd probably do the same after one of them was dead and after that she'd kill them off one by one until only one person was left and went mad all alone. Jade sighed. She didn't dare tell her friends her speculations; it'd only upset them more, if that was possible.

She felt Beck's firm arms around her and looked up into his eyes. They were shining with tears as he stared at her so intensely that she had to look away. She looked instead at Andre and Tori who were locked just as tightly in each other's arms, crying as they clutched each other desperately. Jade looked down, crying for the first time since they'd been captured. There was no hope anymore. One of them was going to die tonight.


Officer Vega was in his office, reviewing case files when the station received the call. His secretary rushed in telling him the line number and saying he had been requested. Frowning, he picked up the extension, unsure why he would be receiving a call when he was technically off the clock. "Officer Vega, how can I help you?"

"Mr. Vega!" A familiar, panicked voice cried from the other end of the phone.

"Cat?" He frowned in confusion. "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Cat said sadly. "But you have to come now! We are at the restaurant on 86th and Sperry. We need a search team now!"

"Slow down, why do you need a search team, Cat? Is someone missing?"

"Yes." Cat choked.

"Who?" He heard a muffled sob from the other end of the line.

"T-tori, Jade, Andre, and Beck." Cat cried. "We ha-have to f-find them."

"We will be right there, Cat, stay put!" Mr. Vega demanded, hanging up the phone and rushing out to recruit other officers for his search. His heart was racing a mile a minute as he pictured his daughter lost in the woods: dying of thirst, hunger, cold. He pictured her drowning in a lake, kidnapped by a maniac. He had been on the force way too long to fool himself into thinking most missing people were found. Many of them weren't, many bodies were.

He slid into his car, slamming the door and flooring it forward as he turned on his siren. He hadn't heard from Tori in several days, but he had convinced himself it was because there was no service where they were camping. He sped to the restaurant, his team of officers following close behind. It normally would've taken almost two hours to get to the restaurant from the station, but he was speeding so fast it only took an hour. Still, it was too long for his liking. He had to find his daughter, and fast.

"Cat, Robbie." He called, climbing out of his squad car. "What happened?" They rushed over to his car, talking as quickly as they could, trying to explain what had happened. Once Officer Vega had gotten the gist of it, they followed him back to the squad car and climbed in, directing him toward the forest where they lost the gang. They rushed as fast as they could, praying that they wouldn't be too late.

The two hours were up before they knew it and the door opened again, revealing a smiling Clara.

"So who did you guys choose?" She asked, expectantly. "Who's dying tonight?" No one answered her, just gripped their loved one tighter. "If you don't give me an answer in 10 seconds, you all die. So who's it going to be?" Still no one answered, they had all promised each other not to volunteer themselves, unwillingly accepting that it'd be all of them to die. They figured that they'd all die one way or another anyways, and that it'd just prolong their suffering to try and buy some of them more time.

"No one wants to choose, huh?" Clara looked around at the group. She pulled her gun, cocking it and pointing it at each person. "10…" She began to count. Tori sobbed silently into Andre's shirt. "9…" Beck clutched Jade closely. She looked up at him and their hopeless eyes met. "8…" Jade leaned up and kissed Beck softly. "7…" Tori looked up at Andre. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers slowly. "6…" The couples gently broke away from each other, hugging tightly. "5…" Tori reached her hand out to Jade, who slowly took it, giving her a sad smile. Beck and Andre grabbed hands as well, holding their girlfriends tightly to them with their other arm. "4…" They shut their eyes, holding as tightly to each other as they could. "3…"

The door burst open.


Suddenly, the room was in chaos. The group jumped in shock, immediatly looking around for their saviors and saw their other captors, Eric and James, wrestling Clara for the gun. She wielded it desperately, trying to get a clear shot at one of the men. The teenagers jumped up, backing away from the brawl, waiting for a clear shot to the door. They sprinted towards it as soon as it was clear, running through it without a backwards glance. As soon as they were out of the house the squad cars arrived stopping just in front of the group.

Tori's dad leaped from the car first, rushing to hug his daughter while the rest of the team swarmed the cabin. "Are you okay?" He asked her, sincerely. She nodded and he kissed her head before running to help his team. Cat and Robbie clambered from the squad car and rushed to their friends, shrieking in happiness and hugging each one in turn.

"I'm so glad you're okay!" Cat cried. Then she eyed their newly interlocked hands. She looked at Tori and Andre. "Oh my gosh! You guys are a couple?" She looked at Beck and Jade. "And you guys are back together?" The tired teens just nodded; still shocked from everything they had been through. It's over. Tori repeated again and again in her head. It's over. "Cool!" Cat continued, oblivious to their exhaustion. "Robbie and I are a couple now too!" Robbie grinned proudly beside her.

A few minutes later, the police team returned, leading a handcuffed Eric, James, and Clara. They were each immediately led to their own squad car and Jade frowned, watching. Slowly, she pulled away from Beck, assuring him she'd be right back, and followed the officer leading Eric. "Wait." She said as he moved to push Eric into the back of the car. "Can I just ask him something?" The officer frowned. He knew that victims often wanted closure after a traumatic event, but it seemed way too soon in his opinion.

"I don't know…" He began.

"Please." Jade insisted. "Just one question." The officer sighed and nodded, keeping his hold on Eric all the same. Jade sighed, looking at her captor. "Why didn't you let her kill us?" She asked. Eric shrugged, eyeing her sadly.

"You didn't deserve to die. We never meant for you to die." Jade nodded, moving slowly back to her friends. They'd testify on the men's behalf in trial, she decided. Because they didn't deserve to spend the rest of their lives in jail. They could serve the kidnapping charge, but not the attempted murder one; she'd make sure of that. She made her way back to her friends, wrapping herself in her boyfriend's arms. He gripped her tightly, like he'd never let her go. She smiled to herself. That was just fine with her; she didn't plan on letting him go anytime soon either.

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