Hi guys!

Thank you for being so patient with me the past four months. I've received very understanding and supportive private messages from some of you and it really has me trying to get all the fanfic back (:

Unfortunately, after repeated trips to numerous computer stores, no one was able to recover much more than the past 4 chapters I had written, so it was a sad ordeal to finally give up and toss it :( I think I cried a little bit too.

HOWEVER, this shall not hinder future progress. It took a while, but I've recompiled all the chapters from this site and another one I've been posting on, so now I should be back on track!

Now, for the biggie.



Because its time, that's why ;)

No, actually, I was really considering holding off on that kind of story for the sake of younger readers who perhaps wanted a pre-epilogue story that wasn't filled with lemons and smut and whatsitcalleds, but...

ITS A PART OF LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS ): and Everlark are getting to the point where I think things need to change a little more to advance the plot (COUGHCOUGH HINTHINT)

Just a little forewarning! I will not be insulted if you refuse to read anymore (shield your virgin eyes, my friends!), but the story must go on!

Anywho, a little forecast for whats coming up in the near future:

1) A new chapter of 'Snared-Gale's Story' will be released sometime during the week! I realize that that one has also not been updated in a longgggggggg while as well (apologies to everyone who read that one as well :/)

2) WFDD will be updated sometime during the next two weeks (midterms and a visit from a friend are going to delay the chapter a bit!)

3) I may or may not begin a new fanfiction just to jumpstart me back into writing. How would you guys feel about a Haymitch fanfiction? I feel like he has a story that was left untouched :D

Love you all! Thanks for the support and reviews!