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"Tonight is our four month anniversary," Sydney said proudly with a flip of her shoulder length blonde hair. Her pretty blue eyes sparkled at merely the thought of him…She was referring to her boyfriend Cody, of course. They'd known each other their whole lives but hadn't started dating until very recently and Sydney was madly in love. Lucky for her, he felt the same way.

"Yes, we're all fully aware," Gabi sighed, a little exasperated. She'd heard nothing but Sydney loves Cody and Cody loves Sydney for the past few weeks. Until this summer, the three of them had been nearly inseparable. They were best friends, but then Cody and Sydney started dating and Gabi became a permanent third wheel.

"Don't be a bey-otch," Sydney giggled, nudging Gabi playfully as they walked home from school together with their friends, Mary Jo and Astrid. "Just because you and Jake didn't work out-"

"Don't say his name," Gabi's hands connected with her ears instantly, bringing masses of wavy brown hair with her. Her big brown eyes closed trying to get his face out of her mind. She and Jake, Cody's best friend, met and dated the previous summer. She fell for him hard. But then things fell apart due to high-strung emotions and miscommunications, and they broke up right before it was time for him to go back to Australia and her to go back to the US.

"You're such a child," Astrid laughed rolling her blue eyes. "Just get over him already. It's so boring to stick to the same guy."

"Easy for you to say Astros, you get a new boyfriend every other day," Mary Jo giggled looking up at Astrid over her glasses.

"It's not that often," Astrid defended herself, but she looked proud. "More like every other week."

Sydney laughed and even Gabi cracked a smile.

"I think it's sweet," Mary Jo put her hand on Sydney's arm as the wind picked up a strand of her dark hair and toyed it across her tan skin. "You and Cody, I mean."

"Thanks, Mj," Sydney put her arm around the girl who was so much shorter than her as they walked. She started to chat about how sweet Cody was, and how she and Gabi were going to hang out with him after school today.

"Well, see you guys," Gabi hugged Astrid and Mary Jo goodbye as they approached Cody's neighborhood. "Try not to get a new boyfriend before the next time I see you Astros."

"Maybe, no promises," Astrid giggled as Sydney hugged her goodbye. They pulled part and Mary Jo and Astrid went one way as Sydney and Gabi went the other.

"Cody said he has a surprise for me," Sydney giggled with a thrilled look in her eyes. "Even though we're not celebrating four months, we're doing every six."

"Nice," Gabi said, trying to sound happy for her best friend. But inside she sighed. What would it have been like if she and Jake hadn't broken up, but returned to their homes? They would have made the long distance thing work she was sure of it. Sure, she missed him. But did she want him back? Hell no. She was furious with him for leaving the house they'd vacationed at last summer with Cody and Sydney. She had decided she was wrong, that they could get back together, but then he'd left early. That was unforgivable.

"-and then afterwards, he grabbed my hand and told me that I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen in the world," Sydney finished and Gabi looked up in time to see that her best friend was telling a story.

"Oh, that's sweet," she said robotically, and Sydney grinned.

"I know."

Gabi knew that she would have kept going with the Cody stories, but they were at Cody's house.

"She's here," a voice with a soft Australian accent called out of the house and Cody Simps*n appeared, jogging out of the house.

"No need to get so excited to see me Codes," Gabi laughed as he found Sydney in his arms and pressed his lips to hers. His soft t shirt was welcome against her chest and they kissed for a moment.

"Oh, I missed you too," Cody playfully squeezed Gabi around the waist before turning back to his girlfriend. "How was school, Syd?"

"Fine," she shrugged. "The good news is I don't have to go back for awhile."

Sydney and Gabi went to a special charter school on the West Coast where they got different days off than public schools, so they had the week of Halloween off, and it was October 26. They wouldn't have to go back until November 1.

"Homework?" Cody asked with a grin, taking Sydney's school bag off of her shoulder and then Gabi's. As a self-proclaimed gentleman, he always did little things like this.

"Just a little," Gabi replied as they walked into his house. The girls always did homework at his house after school, and since he was tutored and didn't go to school it counted towards his grades if he helped them.

They all walked up to the living room, pausing to say hello to Angie and Alli, Cody's mom and sister. Then they spread their books out over the white room with the giant window overlooking the driveway.

"Okay, so if x plus y equals seventy three and two x minus four is eighteen, what is the value of y?"
"Does it matter?" Gabi said in a bored voice.

"Yes," Sydney said sternly. Sydney was more of the ambitious one when it came to homework, and without her Gabi wouldn't manage her straight A's. Sometimes doing homework with her was more work than it was worth, but Sydney didn't mind. She enjoyed helping people which was what set her apart, and a big reason why Cody dated her. Her heart was gold.

"This is impossible," Gabi said after a while, slamming down her pencil in frustration. "I quit."

"Might as well," Cody said with a quick glance at the clock. His face turned into a frown.

"What is it, babe?" Sydney smiled sunnily and took his hand as Gabi stood up and stretched, then flopped down on the couch lying there and looking up at the ceiling fan.

"Well, uh, it's almost time for your surprise," Cody said trying to sound cheerful.

"Good," Sydney said giddly. "I'm so excited.

"Cody, whose here?" Gabi stood up from the couch and walked to the window, where a sleek black van pulled up into the drive. Cody walked to the window too, his hands trembling and pulled Sydney along.

"That would be your surprise," Cody said, and Gabi reached onto the coffee table for her glass of water as they watched the people in the car get out.


Gabi dropped her cup and turned to Cody with a glare on his face as an all too familiar blonde head got appeared.

"Cody," she said, her voice deathly quiet. "Why is Jake here?"

"And whose that with him?" Sydney asked as a painfully beautiful girl with chestnut locks got out of the car too.

"Jake's cousin, who happens to also be my ex-girlfriend," Cody said weakly. "Surprise!"

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