Doctor Who...Thing

I want to bring a few things to you attention. Namely one. Possibly two. And they are this.
This fic is for fun only and...
Bearing that in mind, I will continue.
Characters are not mine, unfortunately. More Fortunately they do belong to the BBC and as such make an excellent television show.

"Giant slugs!"
"Giant ones! All over Galahalapooli, slime everywhere! The galahalapoolins use them like horses or cows, they build entire cities out of their slime!" He grinned, twisting his fingers excitedly.
"Well..." Amy and Rory shared a look. "That sounds...sticky."
"Oh, no...well, maybe...WELL, yes. But only if you touch something." While Amy laughed quietly, the Doctor rushed around the TARDIS console, gushing about Galahalapooli's many natural wonders.
"Hm?" The Doctor looked up from twisting a knob, and froze suddenly.

Rose Tyler stood staring at him, her hand still lingering by the door. The 'Doctor' stood beside her, half concealed in the shadows.
"Rose. ROSE!" With a great cry of delight he darted back around the console, careening over to stand in front of her, grinning hugely. "Rose, Rose Tyler. Awh, look at you!" His smile faltered as his hands hovered uselessly in front of him. "And me!" He turned to his once double. "Well, the last me, well a clone of the last me, human clone. Human me. Love the suit. Ties a bit bright though could do with a bow tie." He looked between them still grinning. "Oh this is brilliant."
"Doctor?" Amy reminded him, taking a small step forward.
"Oh! Of course! Rose meet the Ponds, Amy, Rory, Rose Tyler" He gestured as his clone.
"Hang on." Amy interrupted, taking another more territorial step forward. "Who is she?"
The Doctor's smile faltered in confusion.
"She's Rose. My Rose." He gestured emphatically at his chest.
"Well..." the clone Doctor spoke up. "Sort of. Yeah."
"And he's?" Amy turned her attention to the clone.
"He...My clone." The Doctor gave another brilliant smile, that faded quickly as both their faces remained blank. "You know... Doctor-Donna, Daleks...I'm sure I've mentioned them..."
"Doctor?" He spun around as Rose recaptured his attention, his eyes lighting up like they only could with her. "How long's it been since..." She entwined her hand with that of his clones. "Bad wolf bay?"
His smile broke and he swallowed hard before trying to bring it back up again.
"A few years probably."
"And you regenerated?"
"Yeah." His smile rebounded. "Yeah, there was this bit with radiation but it worked out. Got a new me, still got hands, feet," He raised the body parts as he spoke of them. "Still not ginger." He tugged at a strand of hair.
"It's a hard shade to come by ginger." the clone agreed, shaking his head in shared disappointment.
"And wot? You never mentioned me? Wot'd you forget?" She tried to keep her voice light, her hand still safely ensconced in that of HER doctor's. His eyes widened instantly, and he threw a glance over his shoulder.
"No, course I did, I always do. How could I forget you? Rose Tyler. My Rose Tyler. I definitely mentioned you. Definitely. Not my fault this lot doesn't listen." He sniffed. "But look at you! You haven't changed. Either of you." he looked between them again, his eyes stuttering over their interlocked hands. "Been crazy while you were gone, so many things! The Silence, the Angels, did I tell you about the Angels? Then there's fish-custard, and prisoner Zero. And the Daleks, haven't gotten rid of them just yet. And Christmas! You missed Christmas! Oh, the snow and..." He turned away continuing to prattle on about all the things she'd missed. In his absence the two couples appraised each other. Rory and the 'Doctor' both far more laid back then the two women.
"Is he alright?" Rose asked finally, turning to watch the Doctor make his way around the control room, waving his hands and yelling at odd moments and chuckling in between.
"Yeah, course he is. Why wouldn't he be?" Amy demanded defensively, giving this blond stranger a level look. Rose shrugged, looking almost sad.
"Dunno. Never seen him like this before."
"Like what?"
"Wild. Vulnerable."
"Look, I don't know who you are, or when you knew him. But this is how he's always been. There's nothing wrong with him."
"Yeah, s'pose not. Just changed I guess."
"...And there was a great BIG- hang on." the Doctor came stumbling back into the conversation, stopping to stare Rose full in the face. "How'd you get here?" He looked her up and down, frowning in sudden consternation. The Doctor clone grinned hugely.
"Great question."
"Rose." the Doctor ignored him.
"There was a-" she churned her hands suggestively. "A thing."
"A thing? Yes, well, those do tend to pop up some times don't they. I think I saw one just the other day, a thing. What kind of THING?"
"It was like...a crack."
"A crack..." the Doctor turned to Amy and Rory, his eyes full of despair.
"Not just a crack. A space/ time crack." the clone interjected. "A crack through the universe."
"And what you fell in?" the Doctor demanded, turning to give his once duplicate a look.
"Well," the clone rubbed at his neck sheepishly. "More or less, yeah. Right down the rabbit hole." he whistled, pointing his finger down into a plummet.
"And you ended up here?" Amy demanded, frowning.
"Yea-Well, basically. It took a bit." the 'Doctor' admitted.
"We were looking for you." Rose piped up. "We figured you were the only one that could get us home."
The Doctor looked up from his contemplation of some distant thing and his eyes locked with hers. For one instantly he could see her emotions laid bare before him, her doubt as she looked at his new face, mingled with that ancient faith. Faith in her Doctor. He swallowed more softly then before, shifting his jaw and sparing a swift glance for his other self, who stood lounging against the door frame, and then his eyes; eyes shining with hidden emotion, returned to her and he forced himself to look down.
"Of course."