Total Drama: That's the Spirit!
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Welcome to year three of the "Total Drama Fantasy" series! A little late this year because Cartoon Network didn't air season four of Total Drama until this past summer, but hey, better than never!

That being said, if you've never read the previous two installments (2010's "Fantasy" and 2011's "VGP"), don't sweat it! Any events referencing anything from those are explained in full in this third series... though I believe the callbacks don't start 'til next week's episode. Just like Revenge of the Island was a reset for the cartoon series itself, this is a reset in that primarily the new characters are featured. Unlike the show, though, not only will all of the 'classic' cast members make cameos, all of them play an integral part of this year's plot.

Some more than others...

So sit back, grab your favorite snack, and enjoy the ride! It's junior 'year,' even though this'll make you feel like you're freshmen...

Disclaimer: The characters of the 'Total Drama' series belong to Fresh TV, Inc., Teletoon, and Cartoon Network, not me. Any songs used are property of the respective owners and such, except when noted as parody.

Final Note: Watch out for random Izzy!

Inside a large, hexagonal-shaped room, a battle was being waged...

"Please don't hurt me," squeaked Cameron.

He pulled down the trigger, firing a laser beam from his rifle. It flew across the room and reached its target, hitting Zoey right in the stomach. A white '8' appeared above her.

"Oof!" she grunted, taking a step backward.

Zoey looked up and saw an ecstatic Cameron jumping up and down with glee.

"I... actually didn't miss! Woo-hoo!"

Cameron's teammates, Mike and Brick, were whispering to each other as they discussed their next plan of attack. They looked to have Zoey right where they wanted her. That was, until Mike saw, out of the corner of his eye, that Zoey was pulling out a white bottle.

"Is that... Crystal Juice?"

Zoey drank the contents of the bottle in one gulp. A green '50' materialized over her head as a result.

"I needed that," Zoey said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Mike raised his rifle, preparing to fire on her.

"Take this, YOU WITCH!"

He fired, but Zoey dodged the shot.

"Oh, COME ON!" he grumbled.

Brick took his turn.

"For the nation of Hatchet!" Brick declared.

Brick's laser hit Zoey, causing 13 points of damage. Cameron was prepared for his turn, but Zoey was a bit faster.

"I'm not a pushover!" the redhead shouted.

Zoey pulled out a three-inch marble with the number '19' on it. Mike gasped upon seeing it.

"Is... is that what I think it is?"

Zoey did not answer his question. Instead, she threw it hard at the floor. The marble shattered, and out of its remains came a giant cloud of white smoke, which started to fill the room. As the boys became blinded, they heard a female voice - not Zoey's - in the air.

[Accessing classical archives! Number 19, ready to summon!]

"Would a pushover do... THIS?" yelled Zoey.

The smoke began to clear. In its place was a ghostly apparition. A 300-pound one with blonde hair, a shirt with a maple leaf on it, and cargo shorts. Again, the unfamiliar female voice spoke up, identifying the spectre.

[Owen, the Party Guy! He is a spirit! Do not wet your pants!]

"Too late," Cameron said meekly in response.

"I am Owen!" stated the 'classic' Total Drama spirit. "Hear me roar! MEOW!"

[Owen's Attacks... Number 1! Feeding Time.]

"So hungry," groaned Owen. "I wonder what you taste like."

Owen's giant tongue shot out of his mouth, heading straight towards Mike.


Total Drama: That's the Spirit!
Episode 1 [27]: Konnichiwa Pussycat (09.24.12)

A few hours earlier...

Laser fire spread across space as two fleets of fighters waged war. Half of the ships were painted red with blue trim, while the other half were blue with red trim. Numbers on both sides were beginning to dwindle, as fighter after fighter was shot down, with almost all of them exploding in balls of fire.

Somewhere, in the midst of this space dogfight, was a grouping of five blue fighters, flying in a V-shaped formation. They were making a path for some of the other squadrons, shooting down any enemy fighters heading in their direction while the team made a beeline towards an opposing battle cruiser on the frontline.

"High and tight," said Mike, the squadron leader. "And watch your twelve, three, nine, six, and everything in-between!"

To his left, and flying slightly behind him, was Cameron, who was in a panic.

"I can't do this! The twenty-thousand simulators didn't prepare me for this!"

On the other side of Mike was Brick, who got on the radio to try and calm Cameron down.

"Hang in there! Stay in formation, and everything will be alright!"


Disaster struck, as the unnamed pilot in the fighter to Cameron's left exploded after taking a direct hit to the engine.

"No, no, NO!" screamed Cameron.

The pilot to Brick's right was panicking even more than Cameron, as he suddenly pulled out of formation, banking hard right in an attempt to turn around and head back to where they had come from. But he never completed the maneuver, as he, too, was shot down.


"No, no, NO!" Cameron screamed a second time. "WE'RE GONNA DIE!"

"Not on my watch!" Mike shouted.

He got on the radio and started radioing back to the command center.

"Squadron 7's down two! This is 7-1, we're pulling out and returning to base, over!"

Without even waiting for a return response, Mike began banking to the left. Brick and Cameron did the same, doing so and staying in formation even though the latter struggled to keep his sanity amidst all of the laser fire flying around them.

Suddenly, they got a response from their commanding officer.

"Negative!" responded Chef Hatchet over the radio. "No one pulls out 'til the battle's over!"

"You don't understand, sir," Mike radioed back. "I've got two down and a third who's losing it as we speak!"

"I don't care! Re-engage the enemy, or else!"

By this point, the squadron's plane had completed their 180-degree turn and were now heading towards their own fighters.

"Or else what?"

"Mike," Brick spoke up, "you don't want to push him too much."


"He wouldn't dare!" Cameron said defiantly, before adding, in a meek tone, "Would he?"

"We're about to find out!" Mike shouted.

The threesome was coming up fast on a battle cruiser. The bay launch doors were open, and Mike could see the on-board docking station. He steered toward it, and Brick and Cameron followed him. As they approached the landing strip, they were fired upon by two enemy fighters from their left. Thankfully, none of their shots hit. To the trio's relief, the cruiser did not fire upon them.

Mike, Brick, and even Cameron landed safely in the docking bay, bringing their fighter planes to a complete stop.

"Ha!" Mike proclaimed with defiance. "I knew our own men wouldn't fire on us!"

Mike opened the cockpit and prepared to climb out. He then heard several laser rifles whirr into firing position. He stopped and noticed that all of their fighters had been surrounded by soldiers in red uniforms.

"Oh no!" cried Cameron. "We landed on an enemy cruiser!"

"What makes you say that, good buddy?" asked Mike, not seeing opposing commander Chris McLean's head painted onto every wall of the bay.

"Just a hunch."

The door of the ship's holding cell was slammed shut. The guard walked away, leaving Mike, Brick, and Cameron to sit and mope over their situation, having forced to do so on the cold, metal floor because there was nothing else in the cell with them.

"I'm going to die!" cried Cameron, tears streaming from his eyes. "I'm TOTALLY going to die here!"

Mike slid over next to Cameron to comfort him.

"We're not going to die," Mike told him. "It's against intergalactic code to kill prisoners of war without reason! Isn't that right, Brick?"

He was hoping his more-hardened friend would agree, but unfortunately, Brick was acting as if he was resigned to his fate.

"A good soldier never talks," he said to himself aloud. "I will take all my military secrets to the grave. A good soldier never talks. I will take all my military secrets to the grave."

"Um, okay?"

Brick kept repeating those two sentences over and over again, while Cameron wailed in grief even louder.

"Looks like it's going to be up to me to get us out of here," Mike declared.

Mike paced back and forth in the cell. His right hand stroked his chin continuously as he tried to think of an idea. After a minute, it came to him.

"That's it!"

Brick and Cameron both went silent upon hearing Mike's boast. They watched as their teammate cleared his throat, grabbed the bars, and started yelling.


"Um," Brick interjected, getting up from the ground, "I believe only girls can give birth. Unless you're secretly a seahorse."

Brick then eyed Mike up and down.

"You aren't a seahorse, are you?"

"On the contrary," objected Cameron, "male seahorses don't actually give birth. They just hold onto a female's eggs and fertilizes them in his belly until they hatch. It's a common misconception."

"Nobody cares, Four-Eyes!" someone yelled from afar.

Cameron and Brick joined Mike at the bars, as they all looked to their left and saw an orange-haired teen in a red military uniform smugly trot their way.

"It's Vice Lieutenant Admiral Petty Spaceman Scott of the Red Ribbon Army!" Mike said really fast.

"What are you blabbing about?" asked Scott. "I'm part of the United Forces of the McLean Empire army!"

Mike shrugged his shoulders. "Meh. Same thing."

"What do you want from us?" queried Brick. "If it's military secrets you want, you're not getting them from me!"

Scott chuckled.

"As interesting as that sounds, I have other plans for you three dorks!"

"Plans?" questioned Cameron, shaking in fear. "Wh-wh-wh-what kind of plans?"

Scott turned his back to Mike and Brick to talk to Cameron, face-to-face.

"Nothing much. Do you know what happens when you shove someone out an airlock and into outer space, without a spacesuit?"

Cameron gulped, then nodded.

"That! That is what will happen to you. After din-"

Scott stopped, feeling someone touching him on the hip. He spun around quickly. Whomever had touched him had pulled away, but he quickly suspected Mike, who was whistling innocently and avoiding direct eye contact. He then slid his left hand down to his own waist, searching for the keys that usually hung from his belt. He breathed a sigh of relief when he felt the keys still there.

He then gave Mike a smirk.

"Nice try, Pointy, but you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to catch me off guard!"

"Oh," gasped Mike. "You are so right. I guess I should set my alarm clock to 0400 hours, like a less-normal person!"

"Joke all you want, but after dinner, it's out with the space trash the three of you go!"

Scott laughed maniacally as he walked away, heading back the way he came. The trio looked at his keying, which had a number of keys, along with a 'Konnichiwa, Pussycat' charm.

"Never thought of Scott as a 'Konnichiwa, Pussycat' fan," commented Cameron.

Mike smirked as he pulled out a second keying, this one that had a number of keys as well as a 'Scott' nametag charm.

"He's not."

Brick saluted his teammate. "Good work on the ol' switcheroo, soldier!"

"That's amazing!" said an exuberant Cameron. "You switched keys without getting caught? And... you're a 'Konnichiwa, Pussycat' fan?"

"Yes," Mike admitted reluctantly. "But only 'cause it impresses girls, okay?"

Mike started trying out each of the keys on their cell door's lock, one at a time. Eventually, he found the right one, allowing them to escape from the cell.

Now outside the cell, it was time for the trio to now find a way off of the cruiser.

"Follow me," Mike said.

He took the lead, with the other two following without question. They wandered up the hallway and then back down, after coming across a dead end the first way. They eventually arrived at a steel door that had a small, circular viewing window in the center. Mike held up a finger to his mouth, signaling for Cameron and Brick to be silent, before peering through the door to see what was on the other side.

Scott was talking to a lone guard in the hallway.

"No one goes in or out of there unless I say so. Got it?"

The guard nodded. Scott walked away and turned around the next corner, disappearing from sight. The guard then took his place, sitting in a chair placed next to the door.

Mike moved away from the door and whispered to his teammates.

"I've got a plan."

He handed the keys to Cameron.

"Cameron, slowly unlock the door but don't open it. Once you've done, I'll get the guard's attention. When I give you the signal, Brick, charge the door! Got it?"

They nodded in compliance. Everyone then got into position, with Cameron began trying different keys in the lock.

"Who designed this anyway?" Cameron asked. "It's not smart to put the lock on the inside of a door."

Once he found the right key, Cameron took a deep breath. He then slowly turned it to his left, unlocking the door. Finished with his task, he stepped off to the side. That was the signal for Mike to go into action. He got up right against the glass circular window, blocking it so that the guard could not see inside.

"Yoo hoo! Oh, Mister Guard!"

Upon hearing Mike's voice, the guard got up and out of his chair. He went to talk to Mike.

"What do you want?"

Suddenly, the guard realized something with amiss.

"Hey! Aren't you supposed to be in a cell?"

Hearing that, Mike gave the signal.


Brick let out a primal scream as he charged at the door. It burst open as he rammed his shoulder into it...

Not expecting it, the guard was knocked backwards, landing on the ground on his butt. Brick immediately ran over to him, spun around, and got the guard into a sleeper hold. Mike and Cameron rushed out of the corridor and watched as the guard tried to reach for his walkie talkie, clipped to his belt.

But he would never reach it. Brick's sleeper hold was too much, and he succumbed to the maneuver.

"Good job, everyone," Mike said.

He and Cameron then closed the corridor door while Brick put the guard back in his seat, sitting upright, albeit slumping a bit.

"Now what?" Brick asked.

"We get off this ship, that's what!" replied Mike.

"How?" questioned Cameron. "The hangar's surely to be heavily guarded."

[Check the map.]

"Check the map? Great idea, Brick!"

Brick looked at Cameron, confused, then back at Mike.

"Uh, that wasn't me, sir."

"Huh? Well, then... Cam?"

Cameron shook his head.

[Check the map.]

"There it is again! Sounds like a girl!"

All three of them looked around, searching for the source. But there was no one around.

"I'm sure it's a girl's voice. But... I don't see anyone else."

Mike then suddenly decided to search the unconscious guard. On him, he found a map detailing all of the rooms on the cruiser.

"Look at this! The escape pods are in this port-side chamber, separate from the main docking bay! And they're probably unguarded!"

Mike folded up the map after memorizing the directions.

"Let's move out!"

After dodging a number of guards and avoiding detection, the three guys made it to where the escape pods were stored. Cameron and Mike ran ahead to find the control panel, while Brick closed the door and kept watch for any enemy soldiers.

"Looks like there's only one," Cameron stated aloud, after finding the other bays empty.

Cameron opened the inner airlock, giving Mike access to the pod, which was shaped like Chris McLean's head. Mike pressed a button on the cheek, which opened the mouth, which was the entrance into the pod.

"All clear," Mike said, after checking out the inside.

"Same," Brick said, coming up behind Cameron.

Brick and Mike gathered around Cameron as he typed away at the panel.

"We're all set. Except..."


Cameron sighed. "The inner airlock has to be closed before the outer airlock can be opened."

Mike and Brick looked at the doors.

"Brick," Mike told him, "start that baby up."

"Aye aye, sir!"

Brick ran to the pod.

"Cam, what's the key sequence to close the doors?"

A few minutes later, Brick and Cameron were inside the pod. Brick had managed to get prep it to standby mode, ready for the engine to start at the press of a button. Cameron got on the ship's intercom, activating the outer speaker so that Mike can hear him.

"We're all set! Mike, you ready?"

Mike opened his mouth to answer, but he was cut off by the sound of a loud, screeching alarm.

"I better be! They know we've flown the coop!"

Mike looked down at the control panel's screen. The prompt asked for the launch clearance code. He inputted it, saying each letter aloud as he did.

"D... o... u... c... h... e!"

Mike stopped to think after realizing what he spelled. He then snickered.

"Heh. Figures."

The inner airlock doors started to close, one coming down from the ceiling and the other from the floor. Mike sprinted for the pod bay. He leapt into the air and went into slow motion as he tried to dive in-between the doors.

[Press X!]

Mike began to pass through the opening, but the doors were closing fast. Would they come down on and squish his legs?


Mike looked over his shoulder and saw that he had made it through unscathed.

"Whew. That was close."

"Mike!" Cameron said over the speaker. "Get in!"

Mike obliged. Just in time, too, as the outer airlock doors, which were actually on the floor underneath the pod, began to slide open.

Once inside, Mike hopped in the seat behind Brick and buckled his seatbelt. A few seconds later, the trio felt themselves go weightless as the pod fell through the door and started plummeting downward.

"I was right!" Cameron squeaked. "I'm going to die! I'm going to TOTALLY die now!"

"Brick! Start the engine!"

A prompt on the control panel was flashing, telling Brick to press the S3 button to start the engine.


He found it and pressed it once. Nothing happened.

"Uh, Brick?"

"It's not working!"

Brick pressed it again. And again. And again. And again.

"I think we're going down, sir."

Suddenly, the screen prompts were replaced by a three-by-three pattern of Izzy's spinning head.

"Unauthorized access!" Izzy exclaimed. "To protect this authentic Chris pod from theft, all controls have been disabled! Also, I'm a spinning head! WHEEEEEEE!"

Mike, Cameron, and Brick looked at each other, then back at Izzy's head on the panel, and finally, back at each other.

"Ya know," Mike admitted, "I just remembered that that girl is crazy!"

"Totally," Cameron and Brick nodded in agreement.

They started to scream in fear, as their life flashed before their eyes.


Suddenly, a planet came into view. The pod started to get warm as it became caught in its gravity.

"A planet!" Mike pointed out. "We're saved!"

"What?" asked Brick.

"Well, it's better than floating aimlessly in space forever. I mean, now that we're caught in the planet's gravity, we'll get dragged down to the surface. And since we can't control our descent, we'll smash into the ground, most likely shattering this pod upon contact, leaving nothing but a smoking crater and very little, if any, to send back to our next of kin, eliminating any chance of reincarnation, and... oh, wait, that's definitely not better."

They abruptly resumed screaming.


*** To be continued... ***