Midnight. And here I am again. About to turn in after a night of fires, gang wars, and drug busts.

Honestly, I can't complain. I never imagined my life could be this good. I've been given a commission from the Met Police Department, been promoted at the Planet, and found my father's orb in the spaceship that I came here in. I have actually looked at the faces of my real parents.

True, that the Police Commission is un-paid... Well, more of a 'they pay for the things I break', while I do the rescues, trade off. I no longer feel guilty about having to rip doors off hinges while doing my job. Granted I have to adhere to the police policies, Miranda rights and all that, and all the paperwork that comes along with it. But, in all honestly, I love the acceptance and being able to do what I can to help the world. Lana never would have been happy in a life like this.

The radio on my shoulder crackles to life. "Kent, we have a call for back-up. There's a code 54 on the docks."

"On my way," I say into the little black box. "I see them heading out of the warehouse. Which one is our undercover agent?"

"That would be Solenski. He should have a..." I can hear the officer in the looking something up on the computer. "-a 5-point star."

Scanning the people on the ground, I identify the one with the lead star on his person. "Do we have a warrant?"

"Negative, Kent. No internal property searches. So don't scan the warehouses, or if you do keep what you find to yourself. We don't want another case dropped due to unlawful searches. But shots have been fired on outdoor docks. We have a go for an arrest for unlawful firearm discharge on all five and for a possible unlawful firearm possession. Request firearm permits."

"On it, Dispatch." I dive into the path of the cons. "Excuse me fellas," I say, holding out my hands to stop them in their tracks. "You are all under arrest for the unlawful discharge of firearms." The rest of the arrest goes as planned. Read them their rights, cuffed them, and flew them off to the special half-outdoor holding cell designated as my drop-off spot. Bending the bars out to place them in, and back into place when I left.

"Dispatch, this is Kent. I'm signing off for this evening. Is there anything else before I go."

"Negative, Kent. We'll be in touch if we need to, but it looks to be a quiet evening."

"I could only wish." I almost laugh into receiver. I never thought I would ever have the luxury of joking like this with anyone.

"I meant not many sirens." He jokes back. "Honestly, I don't know how you put up with that. I go crazy when I can hear my kids radio at the same time as my television."

"You get used to it, Jones." [i]It's not like I have a choice[/i], I add inside my head. "You take care, and I'll see you tomorrow. Over and out."

I land on the balcony, and take off the Met PD shield and radio.

With being open about who I am I get freedom, but I lose something too. Nothing about my life is really private anymore. Nothing except for this moment. My one piece of the night I get to myself.

I shoot straight up from my apartment, straight up into the atmosphere so high I see the beginning of the sunrise. My private warm bath, in the sun's light before I crawl into bed.

But floating up here I twist around, feeling my cape twist around me. Her cape. I remember her sewing it. I remember her eyes when she saw me in it. I can't help but smile. Then my traitorous mind reminds me of that flight, of that stolen kiss, of her sweet scent... I force myself to stop. Of course I know that's his 'her'.

If only I had a her. Herbert said nothing is impossible, but the Lois here is dead, right? I've scoured all of the Congo, listening for any mention of the name 'Lois'. But there was nothing, nothing but a few refugee camps I helped rescue... and mass graves. I swallow back a lump. There was never any proof she was one of the ones I found in those graves, but to be honest, I wasn't looking for proof that hard.

If I could find someone that I can love and loves me for who I am. Not like Lana who would make me change to be normal, as if I could step into a room and leave the super-side part of me in there. It never seemed sincere to me that Lana said in one breath 'I love you' but in the next said 'now change.' It wasn't that I was never tempted to change for her, I just couldn't.

Are you alive, my Lois Lane? Just tell me where you are and I will come for you. I'll scour the seas, comb every beach and search every cloud. I'd make time tick backwards for you.

I've said it before, it's strange, missing someone you've never even met.

But I have met you, maybe not in person, but with my heart. I shake my head. I’m sounding cornier by the moment. I stare at the middle of Africa, looking back and forth through the jungles. I just need a place to start. There's no point in scanning the jungle when I'm not even sure if there is something to find. Even though somehow, somewhere deep inside I know she's out there. I speak my vow, low and straight into the rising sun, "Lois, I'm looking for you and I will find you."