Hello Internet! It's Kyd Wykkyd Raven and this is my first-ever fanfic! I'd really like to have some reviews, but please only nice comments and constructive criticsm. Anyways, here's my story The Other Side, I hope you like it!


Raven POV:

Love-what an unusual word. Only one phrase, yet several different meanings. There's sibling love, and…the other kind. Cyborg had always been like an older brother to me; he gave me advice, comfort, and love when I needed it. But as for Aqualad, Beast Boy, and Herald, there was something different.

Aqualad was smart, funny, athletic, and a great swimmer (well duh). The only downside to him is that he always smells like fish; but I can overlook that-for now. Beast Boy, he's attractive-they all are- and his powers are amazing. But I can't help feeling he's too immature, I mean-just look at all the stupid jokes he tells. And last of all Herald; he's so sweet and kind-not to mention an angel on the trumpet. I wonder, and sometimes hope, that maybe-just maybe-I could have a future with one of them?

Sorry for the shortness but I have the first few chapters ready, once i figure out how to insert them on a different page. ( i could you some help with that) so it will be up shortly