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Part One

Raven was the first to crash through the old abandoned building where The Hive were supposedly staying. When the dust cleared, she saw hoards among hoards of gold, jewelery, and many other expensive things.

"Sup," Kyd said casually. He walked up to his girlfriend and kissed her.

After he released, she asked."Won't your team-mates care that you're dating a hero?"

Wykkyd shook his head. "Nah, I talked to them about it, and they're cool with it."

Raven nodded, and looked him in the eyes for a moment. "Be careful out there."

Before Wykkyd could respond, the other Titans arrived at the building.

"Titans, Go!" Robin yelled and went to attack Mammoth.

Raven watched as Aqualad charged at Wykkyd with his trident. She tried to keep an eye on the stinky fishboy as they fought, but was interupted by Angel, who came to fight her. As much as the empath tried, she could not shake the girl. Jinx ran to her aid, eyes pink and hexes ready.

"I've got this," Jinx said while holding Angel off. Raven nodded and turned around to run to her boyfriend's aid, when she was stopped by yet another villain.

Of course it was Gizmo. Before he could say a clever punchline, Raven used her powers to smash the device he wore on his back.

"I don't have time for your shit today, kid." She said coldly. Gizmo opened his mouth in protest when a sickening sound followed by an augh! filled the air. Everyone stopped fighting and looked to see what was happening.

Aqualad leaned over Kyd Wykkyd, then stood back up. There was the golden trident, resting in his stomach.

Part Two

Her mouth hung open. No sound, no nothing, Raven just stared at him writhing on the floor, with the weapon imapled in his body. Raven's senses came back to her, and a high-pitched caterwaul erupted from her mouth.

"NO!" She ran over to her boyfriend on the floor, and looked at his damaged stomach. The crimson blood stained his purple shirt, and spilled onto the rotting wooden floor. "NONOONOOOOOO!" Raven tried to use her healing powers, but they didn't work, since the trident was enchanted to be demonic, meaning the wounds it inflicted could not be healed.

Kyd slowly opened his eyes, and gasped for air. He put his hand on Raven's cheek to stop some of the tears from flowing down her face.

"Hey," he rasped.

When Raven heard this, she began to cry even more. "K-Kyd!"

Wykkyd smiled a little. "Elliot...It's Elliot."

Raven smiled, despite the tears dropping on the ground. "Rachael," she sniffled. "I'm so sorry Kyd, but I can't save you; the trident is Demonic."

Kyd kept smiling. "That dosen't matter now, Rae. I'm too far gone for anyone to help me now."

"Don-don't say that..." Raven trailed off.

Wykkyd sighed. "You know it's true Raven."

The empath began to cry, then bawl. Kyd silenced her with a kiss.

"I love you Raven..." Kyd Wykkyd rasped, then started to fall back towards the floor.

Raven choked on her own words as Wykkyd's eyes began to glaze over, then to close. As she tried to say something, Kyd nodded.

"I'll wait for you forever..." Wykkyd trailed off one more time, and gave a huge, shudddering exhale, then went still.

Raven didn't do anything. She just stared at her boyfriend's body. A couple minutes passed, but felt llike hours on end. She finally mustered up the courage to utter four little, yet powerful, words.

"I love you too."

And that was the end, of Kyd Wykkyd.

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