The war of good and all things dark chapter 1 – The challenges


That's what the tower and everyone in it reeked of. Dread. It had been a full forty – eight hours since Curse-ed of the apocalypse had taken control of Beast boy and took him away from his team. The titans hadn't slept since Beast boy was stolen and they were trying not to. Cyborg was working overtime on his batteries and the computer looking for Beast boy's communicator signal. Starfire spent every moment of the day searching the city for Beast boy or even the demon swordsmen who served him and Robin was contacting all the other titans and was asking them to help with the search. At first, they didn't want to get involved when Robin had told them a horrible shadow demon was involved but when he mentioned how heartbroken Raven was over her loss, they agreed to help.

It was true. When Beast boy was stolen from her, Raven's heart broke and she couldn't bare for her friends to even see her. Since then, she had locked herself in her room and said to them she would only come out when they had a lead on Curse-ed or a villain was attacking. She had proved this by taking a load of food from the fridge (you think of something, I don't know what Raven eats!) and stashing it in her room. Being who they were, her three friends had gone to check on her but she would either not reply or burst into tears from remembering why shad locked herself in there in the first place. The other titans didn't want to see her like this but they did understand why. They saw it from her point of view that her first and (in Raven's mind) only boyfriend had been taken away from her and wasn't going to return. Raven didn't want to believe that; she just wanted her Beast boy back.

It was soon 7:48pm and the night was drawing in. Cyborg was still searching for the changeling's communicator signal, Starfire was out searching the city, Robin was getting all his weapons ready for the fights ahead and Raven was still sulking in her room. Suddenly, the alarm went off and all the titans stopped what they were doing and went to the common room; including Raven. When they saw her, they nearly gagged. Raven looked HORRIBLE. Her hair was all knotty and ragged, her eyes had dark purple bags under them, her cheeks were bright red from constantly crying and she had wet splodges (there are from her tears) all over her leotard. Turning to the screen, Cyborg hacked accessed the street CCTV to get a view of the situation.

On the screen; it was absolute chaos. The destruction made to the city put what Slade normally did to shame and by the looks of it; it had all been done by one man. On the screen; in the centre of all the chaos was a cloaked man. He was wearing a black mask with a straight face to cover his identity. The titans couldn't tell what clothes he was wearing due to the Blood red cloak covering his body but what made the titans wonder the most was what he was holding. The cloaked man was holding a spear with a flag attacked to the top but when they saw the logo on the flag, one titan knew who the cloaked man was or at least, who he worked for.

The logo on the flag was a dark red skull with two Katarna swords over it.

"Curse-ed" said Raven; venom in her voice whilst looking at the floor. "He works for Curse-ed." Robin turned around and walked over to the distraught empath. "Raven, how can you be sure? You might be wrong. Maybe you just WANT them to be involved with Curse-ed in hope of getting Beast boy back." he said. Raven looked up to her leader; determination in her eyes. "Robin, you have to believe me. That man IS working for him. You may not recognise that logo on the flag but I do! It's the same as the tattoo Curse-ed had on his host's back when we first met him." Robin turned to look at Starfire and Cyborg; uncertainty on their faces. He turned back to Raven and said "Are you sure? Are you ABSOULOULTY sure?" Raven just walked over to the window, opened it and turned back around. She pulled her hood over her head and said "Positive." With that, Raven flew out of the window with Robin and Cyborg being carried by Starfire close behind.

When the criminal was in sight, Raven immediately began attacking whilst her teammates only had a chance to touch down. As he heard blasts of energy being shot at him, the criminal turned around and raised his arms to the sky; flag in hand. Suddenly, a green veil came over the criminal; protecting him from all attacks as soon as Raven stopped attacking he lowered his shield and removed his mask. It was one of Curse-ed's demon swordsmen. He held the flag above his head and suddenly, the logo began to glow. As soon as it did, the four titans were paralyzed and couldn't move. "I am not here to fight you, titans" he said. "I am merely a messenger." Robin was angered by this. "NOT HERE TO FIGHT!? LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO THE CITY!" he practically screamed. "I had to get your attention. It is of the greatest importance." the demon swordsmen replied. "All right, you got our attention. What do you want?" Cyborg asked. "It's not what I want, it's what SHE wants." The demon said; pointing at Raven.

"My master Curse-ed could've killed you all when he took your friend but he didn't because he wants you suffer. But although he is a demon, Master Curse-ed isn't all that heartless. He has told me to tell you there is a chance to save your friend." At this, the four titans stared directly at the demon servant. "If you want to get your friend back, you must fight for him." Raven raised an eyebrow. "And how exactly do we do that?" she asked. The demon grinned evilly. "As Robin over there knows, Gotham city is FULL of foul and terrible criminals. For you to prove yourselves to him and be allowed access to his location, you must defeat a Gotham city villain in one – on – one combat. The places the villain's will be at are as follows and they will be there at 8:00 exact." The demon stepped out of the way to reveal the shadows of the buildings morphing together to form a second demon except this one didn't have a weapon. All it was carrying was a scrawl of paper. It unrolled the scrawl and read from it.

"Victor Stone AKA Cyborg; your opponent in combat will be Bane of the league of shadows at the titans tower. Koriand'r AKA Starfire; your opponent will be Dr. Jonathan Crane AKA the Scarecrow at the abandoned carnival. Richard Grayson AKA Robin; Your opponent will be Ra's al Ghul of the league of shadows on the roof of the 'Wayne enterprises' building and Rachel Roth AKA Raven; your opponent will be 'the Joker' at Terra's memorial ground. If you defeat your opponents in battle, you must take the stones from around their necks. With these, you will know where to go to find master Curse-ed." With that, both of the demons disappeared and the titans could move again. Cyborg looked at his arm and saw the time was 7:57. "Guys, we've only got 3 minutes! We got to get going!" With that, the four titans went their separate ways to get to their locations but not before they all said to each other "Good luck" and "For Beast boy".

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