The war of good and all things dark chapter 8 - We stand together

(A/N – In this chapter, you could say that it's kind of two chapters put into one. In this chapter, BB and Rae fight off against Curse-ed whilst Robin and Starfire fight four of his demon servants; one stronger than the others. So you guys don't get mixed up, I will type the battles separately; one above the other but you must remember that THEY ARE HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME! Just wanted to clear that up.)

As Curse-ed said those words, Robin and Starfire both stood up (Robin slower due to still being in pain from Savage's lightning blast) and began to walk towards their friends to aid them. It was when they got closer did Curse-ed look at them. "Fools, this is their war. I leave you to die" he said. Suddenly, four demons sprouted from the ground; surrounding Starfire and Robin. Three of them wore black cloaks with Curse-ed's insignia on the back in red, held a sword in their right hand and their yellow skinned faces were visible. The last of the group was the same demon that guarded the fortress door earlier; it still had its red cloak and mask but now it also held a sharp spear. Knowing that Robin and Starfire could handle Curse-ed's servants, Raven and Beast boy turned to look at their 'arch-enemy'. "Curse-ed of the apocalypse, it is because of YOU that our lives were turned upside down" Raven said. "It's because of YOU that my boyfriend was taken from me and It's because of YOU that are friend is no longer with us so..." Suddenly, Raven's leotard and cloak turned white with the cloak returning to her body from Beast boys. "I will make you pay for all the crimes you have committed against my family."

As a response, the black fog around the trio turned to a light green. Curse-ed then raised his now glowing hands to the air and Beast boy was enveloped in by the fog; causing him to crumble to the ground in fear. "If that's how you feel" said Curse-ed. "Then we don't want any disturbances. Now, let's finish this." With those words, Curse-ed screamed to the heavens; causing the empath to cover her ears in pain. With the chance he opened up for himself, Curse-ed sped towards Raven with his claws ready to slash. Before Curse-ed could attack, Raven flew into the air and began shooting energy blasts at him in which he protected himself with his tough-as-nails claws. Without warning, Curse-ed raised his height to equal the height Raven was flying at and began chasing her. Raven picked up many objects with her powers and began throwing them at Death's servant but they were simply hit away but the towering demon's tendries. Sick and tired of chasing her, Curse-ed stopped in his tracks and went back to the height of Plasmas; his hands then glowed a dark orange as the fog turned dark red. Raven then fell from the air and onto the floor as she experienced a unfamiliar type of pain. Still in pain, Raven looked up at the demon that looked down upon her and Curse-ed would've probably killed her if the Beast hadn't suddenly appeared and shoved his claw through Curse-ed's head; killing him. As the demon disappeared forever, Beast boy went back to his human form and picked up his girlfriend so he could support her. "How did you escape his fear?" Raven asked. "No amount of fear can stop me from saving you, Raven. It's okay, he's gone." Beast boy was about to lock lips with her when Starfire and Robin walked through the shadow wall; both bruised and battered. "Whoa, what happened to you two!?" Beast boy shouted. Robin looked at him in the eye. "It started after shadow wall went up and those demons appered..."

With Starfire and Robin at the same time, after the demons appeared...

"Robin, it appears we have one final challenge to complete before we can help our friends" Starfire said; her hands now glowing. "Let us complete it together." With that, Robin drew his sword again. "I welcome it, Koriand'r."

As soon as Robin and Starfire charged, the 'leader' of the demons raised his spear and suddenly, all four demons were hit by yellow lightning bolts whilst Robin and Starfire were blinded by a flash. When they could see again, Robin noticed a faint yellow outline on each demon. 'Must be some kind of shield' Robin thought to himself. With the invisible shield now in place upon them, the demons split; two swordsmen on Starfire and one swordsmen and the leader on Robin. The boy wonder swung his sword at the swordsmen; slashing him five times. When the swordsmen disappeared, a yellow blast of energy hit Robin from where the swordsmen died. When it hit, Robin immediately clutched his chest and bit his lip to stop himself from screaming. 'It's a physical pain mirror. Any physical damage we do to them gets reflected upon us when they die.' Robin was about to tell Starfire when the 'leader' raised his spear and it started glowing. The demon came charging at Robin and he just narrowly managed to dodge the attack and kick the demon in the face; knocking his mask off.

"STARFIRE! They're protected by a physical pain mirror! Hit them with ranged attacks only!" Robin shouted to his teammate as he threw an explosive disc at the demon commander; sending him flying. Starfire then looked down towards her swordsmen and rained down on them with starbolts; knocking them down but not out. With the extra time she had earned, Starfire flew over to aid her teammate with the demon commander. By the time she flew over, the demon commander had recovered from Robin's explosive disc and the two titans could now see his unmasked face. He also had yellow skin except it was a shade paler, he had black eyes instead of red and he had red scars down his cheeks. The demon looked Robin in the eye and said "The age of men is over. The time of the eternal curse has come."

With those words, the demon leader raised his spear as it glowed and a red flash blasted out of the floor. Suddenly, the two swordsmen who Starfire was fighting earlier sat up and then slowly turned their heads to Robin. The demons then teleported right next to Robin and attacked him. Before the swords could hit, Robin jumped into the air and threw an explosive disc between both demons, killing them both. As he landed, Robin and Starfire both looked towards the one remaining demon as it dropped its spear and put its mask back on its face. Its last words before it fled were "Beware the unknown; I shall return on my own and I shall bring death your way, Grayson."

Back to present...

Robin slowly and reluctantly turned his head to look at the dead Victor Stone. Because he was the only one who hadn't seen this happen fully, Beast boy gasped. "Did I do that? When I was under his control?" he asked. Raven looked at him with forgiving eyes. "It wasn't your fault, Garfield. It could've happened to any of us" she said as she pulled him into a hug. As soon as she forced him into her arms, Beast boy forcefully pushed her away. "I'm a monster. What've I done?" Beast boy looked up to his teammates; tears could be seen in his eyes. "I can't do this anymore." As Beast boy began to walk away, Robin put a hand on his shoulder. "Beast boy, we need you" he said. Beast boy then roughly shrugged Robin's hand of his shoulder. "If I had just let Curse-ed kill me three weeks ago, Cyborg would still be alive." Raven teleported in front of her boyfriend. "No. There's a handful of people in the whole world who know what we deal with every day and he was one of them. That would've made his day, he would've loved it." Beast boy raised his head to look at his girlfriend; there were now tears in her eyes too. "So you can't bale out now. We will help each other get over this and we will remember him, ok?" Beast boy slowly nodded as he began to weep. At this, Raven pulled him into a hug as Robin also hugged a barely not-crying Starfire as they began to leave the fortress; all thinking of the man Victor Stone; who will live in their hearts forever...