Batman: Legacy of the Dark Knight

Chapter 1: The Old and the New

We've had Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batwoman, and Batgirl. Now what? Another bat hero? A bat villain? Or maybe someone else entirely? Takes place during The New Batman Adventures.

I do NOT own Batman or its characters. All credit goes to DC Comics. (Except the new character)

Warning: Strong language included!

A boy ran through the alleyways of Gotham City. He quickly leaped a fence and kicked over a trashcan while he ran. Behind him, a gang was closing in on him.
"Bring him back to the boss alive!" one of them yelled. "His orders are ALIVE!"
Suddenly, as the boy ran out of the alleyway and onto the street, a black van stopped in front of him.
"Gah!" he yelled, and stopped. Before he could run another direction, gangsters surrounded him.
The kid quickly got into battle position. Immediately, the gangsters attacked at once.
The kid responded by dropping to the ground and kicking the two guys in front. Then he did a spinning back kick to the three guys behind him. But one of the guys grabbed him. He quickly elbowed him in the gut and flipped him over his shoulder.

Then the van door suddenly opened and three men with guns came out and pointed them at him.
"Damn it…" he said. But before they could take him in, a searing pain suddenly enveloped him.
"AHHHH!" He yelled before falling to the ground, unconscious. Behind him, a stout man in a tuxedo held his umbrella in one hand and a syringe in the other.
"Gotcha boy…" the Penguin whispered.

Meanwhile Batman and Robin were chasing an armored car down the streets of Gotham on the other side of the city.
In the Batmobile, both heroes were quickly gaining on the car as it sped down the lane.
"What is it this time? More money?" Tim Drake/Robin asked.
"Not this time." Batman/Bruce Wayne replied. "In that armored car is Solarium, developed by the world's leading scientists as a new type of energy. That energy is a self-sustaining limitless energy source that can theoretically power all of Gotham forever. But it's unstable as of right now. That energy is like symbiotic, meaning it can bond to a host. A type of Commensalism where one organism benefits and the other is unharmed."
Robin nodded, barely understanding a word.

Suddenly, 5 more armored cars of the same type appeared on the road and mixed with the real one making it impossible to decipher which car was the real one.
"Oh no!" Robin cried out.
"Damn it…" Batman thought. "We have a 2 in 6 chance of guessing the right armored car…they're trying to throw us off…"
"Let's go Robin." Batman quickly pressed a button and the hood opened up. Setting the mobile to autopilot, they quickly grappled out of the Batmobile and swung high on the rooftops.
"Choose one Robin!" was all Batman could say as he landed on top of one.
"Got it!" he yelled as he landed on another car.
The armored cars then turned onto separate roads and down different paths.
Batman quickly took two batarangs out and threw them towards the front wheels.
Both the tires popped, and sent the armored car smashing into a wall in an alleyway.
Quickly jumping off the car, he looked through the windows and saw two destroyed robots in the front seat.
He then forced the back doors open and found stacks and stacks of cardboard angrily gritted his teeth.

Wrong one.

At the same time…

Robin landed on top of his armored car and jumped on top of the dashboard. The two men in the front panicked while he cut through the windshield with a batarang. But before he could jump through, the driver jerked the car left, sending him flying to the other side, forcing him to grab the mirror for dear life.
"Alright then…not a good idea…" Robin muttered. He fell to the back of the car and pried the doors open, there he saw a strange contraption and a glowing sphere in the middle of it.

He quickly planted a tracker on it and was about to jump in when he noticed the car shook violently while going over a bridge.
"Oh nuts!" Robin jumped out of the car and grappled onto a nearby building.
He quickly radioed Batman:
"Batman, I've planted a tracker onto the van, get over here!"

The boy woke up to a bright light. Dazed, he tried to sit up, and realized that he was chained down to a lab table.
"Wha-?" he struggled against the chains, and quickly came to the realization that he wasn't going anywhere.
"Don't even bother." A voice rang out. "You're chained tight, not even the Batman can escape from that."
The boy rolled his eyes. "Yeah right, like I'm supposed to believe that?"
He heard a door open in front of him, and saw 3 men enter the room. Two of them were carrying the canister of Solarium, while the third was twirling his umbrella around.

"Penguin!" he yelled angrily.
"Ah so you do know who I am!" the Penguin said cheekily. "Good, you'll have to get used to knowing my name, for you will be serving me soon."
"What?" the boy asked, confused. "Like I'd work for someone like you."
"Trust me, you will." He replied. "Ready the transfer!"
"Transfer?" the boy wondered, intimidated.
"My boy, you will be a revolution to my career!" the Penguin gloated. "With this mind control device, and the Solarium, you will be the ultimate threat to Batman and his lackeys!"
"Wait, mind control device?" he asked in horror. "That's…not like you."

"You're right, it isn't. Another voice rang out."
Another man stepped into the room. This time he was taller, wore green and purple with gloves, with a top hat similar to Penguin's.
"That dumbass from Alice in Wonderland?" the boy muttered.
"Oh how cute, he does his research." The Mad Hatter chuckled.
"No, I just watch the news and see Batman kick your ass." The boy smirked.
"Why you…!" the Mad Hatter growled.
"Settle down Hatter. It doesn't matter what he says remember?" the Penguin chuckled.
"Ah you're right my friend!" he replied. "In mere minutes, the transfer will begin, and not only will you be infused with this energy, but you'll follow us and only US!"
The boy gasped. "No…!"
He struggled against the chains even more, prompting more laughter from the two villains.
"Start the process!" the Penguin ordered.

Batman and Robin snuck onto the roof of the old steel mill factory near the river. They looked through and saw a legion of cronies patrolling the area. Four more minions were also guarding a large steel door on the far side of the factory.
Batman's eyes narrowed. "There."

He opened a hole in the glass pane and dropped a little mine into the room.
It bounced around and rolled to a stop in the middle of the room.
All of the minions looked at it for a split second and started to run.
Too late, the mine exploded and spread out knockout gas, incapacitating everyone in the area.
After it dissipated, both heroes slipped into the room and snuck to both sides of the steel door.
"I got this one." Robin whispered. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small spider-like gadget.
He placed it on the floor and it scuttled under the door. He then took out a screen and turned it on. The spider then looked around, and scuttled into the shadows.
"The Mad Hatter and Penguin…" Batman muttered.
"Wait, there's more! Who's that kid tied to a lab table?" Robin wondered.
They looked and saw the kid struggling against his chains in futility; they also saw a bright blue sphere in a canister connected to tubes, which led to…

Batman's eyes widened. "Oh no! They're going to fuse that kid with the Solarium!"

The kid yelled in pain as the energy was injected into his body. Electricity lashed out around the room as the process went through.
"Yes, Yes!" the Penguin whooped. "Soon, Batman will be no match for him!"
Suddenly the steel door burst open in a fiery explosion, and Batman and Robin stood there ready to fight."Penguin! Mad Hatter!" Batman yelled.
"Ah if it isn't Batman and his little squirt!" The Mad Hatter chattered. "Well guess what? You're too late! In a matter of seconds the transfer will be complete, and not only will his strength be beyond your own, but his mind will also be ours to control!"
"What the? Oh no!" the Penguin cried out.
"Huh?" The Hatter looked, and saw the mind control device developing cracks in it.
"No no no! He mustn't destroy that device!" The Penguin yelled.

The kid screamed again, this time in utter rage. And with a burst of energy, he burst out of his chains and shattered the console along with the mind control helmet.
Both Batman and Robin jumped out of the way, while the explosion knocked everyone else out of the room. A fire started engulfing the factory, and everyone started scampering for the exit.
"No! The experiment!" the Penguin shouted in desperation.
"It's not worth your life you fool!" The Mad Hatter ushered him outside.

Batman and Robin looked into the wreckage, and saw the boy emerge slowly from the fire and collapse to the ground.
"There he his!" Robin pointed.
Together, both heroes lifted the boy onto their shoulders and escaped the factory as explosions rang into the night, bringing the factory to the ground.

"Argh…" Robin muttered. "They got away."
"That's not important right now." Batman replied. "We need to get this boy back to the batcave, immediately."
"Hey, did I miss anything?" a girl's voice rang out.

They looked, and saw Batgirl/Barbara Gordon standing there with both the Mad Hatter and the Penguin tied up, unconscious.

It's Batman! Ah yes, if you don't know me, I'm a writer for the Digimon Section and the Phoenix Wright section of this site often. But I've decided to try out a Batman fic as well, see how this goes!