Chapter 19: For All We Love

Warning, suggestive themes coming up.
Near the end of the chapter, when the names are in bold will signal an ending narration.

Back at Arkham…
8:30 p.m.

"Don't worry." The surgeon said. "If any trouble sparks up, we'll call you right away. We'll handle things from here."
Bruce nodded. "Thank you."
So the remaining heroes left the Asylum and changed back into heroes.
Batman, Robin, and Batgirl swung high over the city, watching its inhabitants.
Robin yawned.
"Oh god I'm exhausted." Robin said.
"I think we're all tired." Batgirl agreed. "Even after Nero, one last problem jumped up and almost killed Grace."
Batman nodded. "This time though, Harvey is finally back. And I'm confident of his recovery. Let's go back to the Batcave.


Valiant Warrior flew at full speed into the Botanical Gardens, searching for Pam.
"Pam? Pam?" He called, looking around.
"Over here…" her voice floated through a door nearby.
He opened the door and gasped.
Pamela was wearing a black lingerie, posing sexily in front of him on her bed.
"Whoa…" was all Valiant could say.
"Why hello sexy superhero…" She purred. "Why don't you spend the night?"
"I'm already going to sleep sir. I won't hear or see anything."
"Whew. Thanks."
"Well then…I'd like that." Valiant/James said seductively, slowly sidling up to her on the bed.

Suggestive Themes!

"I know you do…" She replied coyly. "I bet I can stimulate your pheromones even more."
"Really? How?" He asked.
She giggled. "You see this room has a mist. When we stimulate our hormones, the mist magnifies it 2X."
After she says this, she strips off her bra, exposing her chest to him, causing his mouth to drop open.
"U-unbelievable…" He thought wildly.

"You like?" She cooed.

"I love!" James said with animalistic tone. Immediately, he felt the effects of the mist. His breathing increased, his heart began to race, and Pam never looked sexier.
He could exorcise them out, but he didn't want to. He loved this feeling.
Greedily, he bit into her neck, enabling some loud moans from Pam. She removed his Valiant top costume and slithered her hands around his back.
"Oh…" she continued to moan.
"I love you Pam." James said.
"I love you too James…" Pam cooed lovingly. "Are you ready?"
"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" He asked.
She bit into his neck, causing him to moan in response.
"Who's the older one here?" Pam teased.

He chuckled. "True."

Wayne Manor, around the same time
After Tim went to bed, Bruce and Barbara sat on the couch watching a movie. Barbara laid her head on Bruce's shoulder, loving the feel of him. He responded by putting his arm around her.
"Oh Bruce…" She moaned happily.
He smiled back at her.
"I'm glad she's here…" He thought. "And with Nightwing out again, I can spend time with her tonight…"
"Barbara." He turned to her.
"Yes Bruce?"

"I love you."

She sat up quickly and looked at him.
"I love you too Bruce!"
She jumped on his lap and kissed him deeply. Bruce wrapped his arms around her and did the same.
"I love Barbara Gordon. No denying it now." Bruce thought. "This just feels right."
For once, the pain of his parent's death seems to have dulled. First time in a long time that has happened…
Barbara broke the kiss. "Bruce, don't worry. I'll always be here for you no matter what! My father won't get in the way."
"Commissioner…" he thought. "Oh I forgot to take that into account…"
"Thanks Barbara." He replied. "But it's going to be tough to convince him…"
"Blah! Whatever, if he wants to complain about it, let him."

"I know it's just that…" He muttered.
"What? Our ages?" She asked. "Come on, look at James and Pam. Same thing."
"Similar." He corrected.
"Whatever. Not like it matters anyway. If they can make it work, why can't we?"
"I guess so." Bruce replied.
"No guessing. Yes." She interrupted, looking at his eyes.

He smiled. "Okay, yes."

The Next Day…(Some suggestive language)

James opened his eyes, and looked around. He was still in Pam's room, he could tell with all the foliage around the room. He then looked to his right, and found Pam sound asleep next to him, prompting him to smile.
"Well, first girl that actually stayed and didn't ditch me." He thought. "Well, this was my first time…"
All his thoughts were suddenly brought to this realization.
"This was my first time…" he thought. "Oh good god…I probably sucked. Everyone does…right?"
He looked at the sleeping Pam again, and made up his mind.
"She loves me…" He thought happily. "Why don't I do something nice for her?"
James slowly slipped out of bed, and redressed himself into his Valiant Warrior attire. He realized that this was all he had, and decided later to get any extra clothes.
He walked into her kitchen and looked in the fridge. He counted 9 eggs, orange juice, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. No meat whatsoever.
"Hmm…" he thought. "I wanted to make her scrambled eggs…but I usually use ham or turkey mixed with it. I'll have to improvise…"
He took out some vegetables and the eggs, and then took a medium sized bowl out.
"Here goes nothing…" he thought.

Pamela Isley slowly stirred in her bed, and finally opened her eyes.
"Urrghh…" she groaned. "What a night…"
She stopped for a second to recap the night's events…
First, James had arrived to visit her.
Second, they made love.
A small blush appeared on her cheeks.
"He's really good …" She thought impressively. "I mean he really made me scream last night..."

She let out a happy sigh, and then looked to her left. She noticed that James was gone.
"Where did he go?" She wondered. "He didn't just leave and ditch me like this did he? If he did, he'll be sorry!"

Pam then heard footsteps coming closer to her, and James emerged carrying a tray.
"James!" She cried out.
"Oh you're awake, good." He nodded. "Here, I made you this."
He set the tray up right in front of her. On it, was scrambled eggs mixed with vegetables with orange juice on the side. Also, some carrots were placed as a side dish near the eggs.
"You know how to cook?" Pam asked, amused.
"I know the basics." James replied. "I'm no expert, but good enough so I don't get fat or die of starvation."
She chuckled. "Impressive."
"It might not be if the food sucks…" He quipped.
She giggled. "Well we'll see."
She cut out a piece of the egg and raised the fork to her mouth. Pam could see James waiting in anticipation to hear his verdict. She bit it, and swallowed.

"Hmm…not bad." She thought. "He must've been thrown off by my diet habits…"

"Your kitchen ingredients limited me, plus I'm a carnivore. I love meat." He chuckled.
"Well we might have a problem here..." She chuckled again.
"How is it?"
"It's good!" Pam complimented. "You rolled out a pretty good breakfast."
"Haha thanks!" He nodded.
She set the tray aside and looked at him.
"By the way." Pam started. "About last night…"
He gulped. "I…hope I wasn't too bad…"
She laughed. "No! Quite the contrary!"
James gasped. "R-really?"
A large smile broke out on her face. "Where did you learn how to make love like that?"

"I improvised." He said nervously. "All I had to go on was movies. I mean I really was unsure of what I was doing."
"Well you're good at that." She complimented. "I mean you left me reeling."

James burst out laughing. "Well I do what I can."

Bruce Wayne opened his eyes. He looked around his bed and saw Barbara sleeping peacefully next to him.
"Not yet." He thought. "Soon Barbara."
He smiled at the beautiful figure next to him, and got out of bed.
"Amazing what cuddling can be good for you." He thought.

Bruce's voice: No matter how much you doubt your own choices in life, it's never wrong to second-guess yourself. Yet it's always important to look ahead, and make the important decisions in your life with careful thinking and acknowledgement to your loved ones, for they will very likely be affected by the choices you make.

Bruce looked at his monitor in the Batcave, and saw the Joker and Harley Quinn had broken out of Arkham. Quickly, he started suiting up, and noticed Barbara had already woken up.
He nodded.

James's voice: Despite the many trials and tribulations that may come at you and hamper your progress through life, it's always important to tackle them head on and always try to find a solution to them. In the crime-fighting life, I've learned to pull out all the stops to keep my loved ones safe, and by keeping them safe, it is a step in the right direction for myself as I build a new life.

At the Botanical Gardens…
"Look Pam, there's something I need to tell you." James started.
"What is it James?" She asked.
"When I was fighting Nero that night, a lot of what he said about me is true." He said.
"What!? No! He's wrong!" Pam protested. "He was just trying to shake your confidence and beat you! You've proven that you're stronger than him!"

"That's not the point Pam." He said. "Nero told me this: 'just because you have the energy of a superhero, doesn't make you one. It just makes you a pretender. You see, I'm a true villain by the stereotype, because I am an extraordinary being. You're just a human with heightened senses and stronger energy. You may rank above normal humans, but you would be the weakest of the superheroes we know. Superman could kill you with a finger. Batman's intellect is superior to you. He's also trained with the best, and learned the best. You've done nothing!'"

"But that's not—"

"Listen." James interrupted. "I really am a pretender. This Solarium makes me stronger, not smarter. I need to gain the intelligence of a real crime-fighter, not just the brawn. What Batman did was learn about the crime world and understand it from the inside. He learned his moves from the best, and that's what I need to do. I may not take the same path he did, but as long as I can obtain the knowledge that he did, then I can put this nagging feeling to rest."

Pam looked at him, saying nothing. James did make a lot of good points.
"If you're going on a journey, you're not going alone." She said.
His eyes widened. "Wait what?"
"I'm going with you." She said. "You're not leaving me behind here for me to just grow my plants. I'm technically not a villain anymore. I need something to do right?"
James laughed. "I guess so. Then it's settled! We set off—"
"Ah ah no. I am going to tell us when we leave." She interrupted. "Friday, how about that?"
"Three days? Okay." He agreed.

"Let's go." Batman called to Robin and Batgirl.
The three heroes ran to the Batmobile and took off.
"James, are you there?" Batman radioed.

Back at Botanical Gardens…

"James." Alcor's voice spoke in his mind. "Batman is radioing in, the Joker has escaped."
"Got it." He replied, turning to his companion. "Pam, trouble in Gotham."
"Go get em'." She encouraged, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
Smiling, the Valiant Warrior flew off into the night, ready to tackle the next challenge in his youth. But now, he won't be alone any longer.