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Cassie Blake rushed up her front steps, into her house and threw the door to her bedroom open. She took a deep breath as she placed her keys on the mantel and dropped her purse on the door. She untied the apron that was tied around her waist and threw it in the hamper. She was utterly exhausted from the amount of hours she had been putting in at The Boathouse. Ever since Adam had left with the crystal skull, it fell on her to look after Ethan. She resented Adam for that. She resented all the members of her circle for abandoning her. She collapsed on her bed and let out a sigh. Realizing she still had her shoes on, she sat up and as she started untying the laces of her black sneakers, a photo that was on her mantle caught her eye. She threw her shoes on the floor and got up and took the wooden framed photo over to her window seat. She looked at the picture and smiled. The photo was taken at the first dance she had ever attending when she moved to Chance Harbor. It was a time where she had just learned what she really was and was trying so hard to separate from the group of people that she wished were here with her right now. She looked at Adam and Diana, arms wrapped around each other with happiness in their eyes. Faye was standing next to Cassie giving her the signature Faye smirk that made Cassie almost laugh out loud at the memory of her frenemy. Melissa was looking up and smiling at the blond haired boy who never smiled. Cassie concentrated on Nick in the picture, his green eyes that always looked empty and the cold expression that rarely ever left his face. She looked out her window at the memory of the boy next door, the boy in the window, the boy who was taken from this Earth too soon. The boy whose brother had told her admired her. The boy who she regretted never getting a chance to know. She wiped a tear from her eye as she thought of Nick. The feeling of regret and remorse were just as intense as the night he drowned. When he had returned and tried to go after the crystal at prom she couldn't help but think that the real Nick may have been in there, however, when he tried to go after his brother, Jake, Melissa put a knife in his back and he was gone again. As she reached up to close the close the curtains, Cassie's thoughts drifted to Melissa and how painful that must have been for her. Cassie's eyes drifted back to the photo and onto Adam. Things with Cassie and Adam were more than awkward since they drank the elixir. She initially still felt like she still loved him and after she kissed him at her Grandmother's wake, she was resolved in the fact they would never be. Cassie had noticed that Melissa had relied on Adam for comfort and couldn't help but wonder if there was something more there. She knew that they had become close friends but did it explain how Melissa insisted on finding Adam after he disappeared with the crystal skull? She wasn't quite sure. Though their friendship started to change, Melissa and fay were best friends which totally explained why Faye felt the need to go after Melissa and Jake, who finally admitted his true feelings for Faye, would not let her go alone. Cassie tried not thinking of her once best friend turned sister. It was too painful. Diana was Cassie's first friend in Chance Harbor and her saving grace. The time that this photo was taken, Diana would look at Cassie with sympathy and hope in her eyes but once it was learned that Cassie and then Diana possessed dark magic, well to say Diana was disappointed in Cassie was an understatement. Diana had left Chance Harbor with Grant the day after prom and she hadn't heard from her sister since.

Cassie shook the thoughts of Diana as she got up and placed the photo back on the mantel. She pushed on the loose brick and retrieved her book of shadows. She had been spending most of her night searching her book for something- a spell, elixir, charm , incantation- anything that would cure her of her loneliness. She was deep in her book when she started to get a sense that someone was watching her. She felt uneasy and uncomfortable. When she lifted her head and turned to look around she noticed the curtains were open.

"Didn't I just close these?" she thought out loud and as she pulled the curtains closed she could have sworn she saw a shadowy figure in the window of the house next door. She just shook her head "I'm so tired now I'm seeing things" she said to herself and she changed into sweat pants and a t-shirt. She climbed into bed, turned the lights of and looked up at the glow in the dark stars that covered her ceiling. "when your mother couldn't sleep she used to count the stars" Cassie remembered the words of her Grandmother as she looked up at the stars watching them shoot and spin around. The stars stickers becoming real stars was about the only magic she used these days. As the members of the circle left town, there were no more witch hunters, no more demons and the only thing left of John Blackwell was her, his daughter. She didn't shy away from magic all together, once in a while she would spell Ethan's drinks to take all the alcohol out but other than that, she was unforgiving of all that magic had taken from her- her mother, her grandmother, her father, her sister, her friends and most of all a sense of who she was. She could never go back to being the Cassie she was before Chance Harbor and that is what hurt her the most. She was determined to find something or someone to make her happy again to make her feel like herself again which is why she spent every night searching through her book for something to take away the pain. She closed her eyes and started to drift off to sleep. After a little while she awakened to a light tapping on her front door. She rolled over thinking she may be dreaming when she heard a loud whisper "Cassie open up I need your help" the voice pleaded. Cassie shot out of bed and headed down stairs, grabbing an umbrella from the stand by the front door. "Cassie I know you are in there please open up before anyone sees me" the voice begged. Cassie froze. Her blue eyes widened and her pale skin turned almost translucent. She recognized the voice behind the door. She opened the door slowly and she clutched the umbrella so tight her knuckles were a bright shade of white. She gasped "Nick".