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Nick ran out of his bedroom, down the stairs, out the door and up Cassie's front steps at lightning speed. He got up to the front door, narrowed his eyes as he stared at the door and it flew open so hard it almost fell off the hinges. "Nick! Help me" Cassie cried as she was being dragged toward the back of the house. The gangly figure turned around and Nick noticed he had blisters all over his face. "LET. HER. GO!" Nick screamed and simultaneously the figure went flying into the dining room landing on his back and Cassie slid into the stairs. He ran to her grabbed her hand and pulled her up and she followed him into the dining room where there intruder was struggling to get up. Cassie grabbed Nick's hands, nodded towards the stumbling man and narrowed her eyes and stared him down. Nick's green eyes were wide as he felt the dark energy flowing between him and Cassie. He focused on the man who had managed to get onto his knees. All of a sudden the man started gasping for air and clutching his throat. "Please no" he begged but Nick couldn't stop it. "Let me explain" the frightened man tried to say but he was running out of breath and started to feel light headed. Cassie wanted this man alive so that she could find out who he is and what he wanted. She had a sense that with him she would get the first piece of the puzzle. She relaxed her stance and let go of Nick's hand but Nick didn't budge. His greens eyes were transfixed on the struggling man who was turning a light shade of blue from the oxygen.

"Nick, that enough" Cassie said sternly but Nick did not move. It was if he didn't even hear her. "STOP IT NOW" Cassie bellowed as Nick went flying across the room. The man started panting and gasping for air. He tried to get up but was too dizzy. Nick picked himself up off the floor and went over to Cassie "I'm sorry he whispered. I don't know what go into me". "It was the dark magic" she said simply and turned her attention to the intruder who was now standing up. Nick grabbed him by the collar and sat him in a chair. "Who are you and what do you want" Nick demanded.

"I came here to retrieve the book you stole from my coven" the man said. "You were the one they had guarding the cave" Nick laughed and flipped both of the guys hands over "well I know you are not a Balcoin so who are you?" Nick asked again. "My name is Sean and I belong to a circle in Massachusetts. You stole the book from Chris and Doug and thy sent me to get it back. They said that this book must never be in the hands of Cassie Blake" he said staring her down "I was instructed to bring the book and her to her siblings so that the Balcoin circle can be complete" he took a breath and a smile crept onto his face "Grant is already working on your sister and if our plan works she will be untied with your siblings soon". Cassie was stunned "Grant is a witch?" Sean just smirked and nodded. That's when Nick lost it. "If you want to live you will tell me everything you know now" he warned. Sean just shook his head "That was all I was instructed to say. I cannot say any more". "You're funeral" Nick said as his eyes narrowed Cassie grabbed his arm. "No Nick. I have a better idea" Cassie smiled as she took a pocket knife from her packet. She walked over to Sean with an evil look in her crystal blue eyes. She took the knife and winced as she sliced her palm, blood oozing out of the cut. She placed her bloodied palm on Sean's forehead and whispered words so rapidly no one, not even Sean, could make them out. She released her hand the reveal her blood palm print on Sean's forehead.

"You have been marked. Come near anyone in my circle ever again and you will burn where you stand" Cassie said . "You can't mark a witch" Sean snickered "I just did" Cassie sounded satisfied. "Now leave and don't ever come back" Nick ordered. Sean's eyes narrowed and he seemed to be concentrating on Nick, trying to do magic but it wasn't working. "You better be on your guard Blake you have no idea what darkness you have created in bringing him back" Sean warned as he walked out the door.

Nick closed the door and followed Cassie into the kitchen where she started to run cold water over the gash in her hand. Nick walked over to her, grabbing a towel and taking her hand "Here let me help you" he said sincerely. "No I got it" Cassie snapped pulling her hand away and sitting down at the kitchen table holding the towel on her hand. "What's wrong?" Nick asked he sat down beside her. "The dark magic. Nick you almost killed him. If I hadn't had stopped you…." Cassie's words trailed off as she looked at Nick concern all over her face. Nick looked at Cassie pained by the fear that was in her eyes "I am sorry. I honestly didn't know what was happening and what is even worse" Nick took a deep breath "I liked it".

"When I first used dark magic I loved the feeling it gave me it was like the best high I have ever had until I started losing the people I love. I couldn't see it at the time but the more in tune I became with my dark powers, the more and more damage and pain I was causing. It wasn't until everyone left that I realized that everything that has happened since I discovered I was a Balcoin was all my fault" Cassie said as tears started forming in her eyes "My mother is dead. My Grandmother is dead. Diana hates the dark side of me so much she left. Because of me the crystal skull was formed and Adam took off with it to do whatever evil bidding the spirit of my father, who by the way is also dead, wants" she was sobbing now. She rested her head on the table and just cried. Nick got up and placed his hand on her back and rubbed it gently "Cassie, it is going to be ok" he tried to reassure her. "Please Nick, just promise me you will follow my lead and not give into the dark side as seductive as it can be" she looked up at him with red rimmed eyes. "I promise" he said softly. Cassie rubbed her eyes, got up and went over to the sink. She placed her hands on the counter and turned back to Nick. "Aren't you the least bit concerned about what Sean about me bringing you back?" Cassie wondered. Nick shrugged "Not really. I mean can we really trust the guy or is he just trying to scare you into uniting with the other Blacoins?" Nick responded. Cassie sighed "You have a point" then her thoughts drifted to Diana 'What about what he said about Grant?" Cassie asked. "Now that I believe" Nick stated. Cassie agreed "yeah me too. I thought it was weird how quickly she just upped and left. I mean I know she was going through a lot but to completely turn away from those who have known her forever and just rely solely on a complete stranger hasn't set right with me. When I met him briefly at the coffee shop before prom I got a sense that something wasn't right. Sean just confirmed my instinct was right".

Cassie was interrupted by her phone ringing "Jake! Oh my gosh are guy ok?" Cassie cried into the other end of the phone. Nick could hear his brother through the phone "We found Adam but he fled and took Melissa with him" Jake informed Cassie. "Where are you?" Cassie inquired "We are in North Carolina" Jake said. "OK can you stay put for 3 days and we will meet you there?" Cassie asked "Yeah but who is we" curiosity filled Jake's voice and Cassie went silent. She had gotten used to the fact that Nick was alive she forgot that the other members of her circle still thought Nick was dead. "Jake, are you sitting down?" Cassie was being cautious "No Cassie I am not sitting down what the hell is going on" Jake's rising temper was apparent in the tone and volume of his voice "Nick is back" Cassie stated and closed her eyes in anticipation of Jake's blow up "You stay away from him Cassie. He will kill you! He almost killed Adam at prom remember?" Jake yelled. "Jake calm down and listen for a minute please" Cassie begged. "Fine go on" Jake snapped "Nick came to me with my father's book of shadows. I did a spell which killed the demon and resurrected Nick. He is alive. He is pretty much back to his normal self" Cassie said and waited for Jake to speak but there was a long silence which had Cassie really on edge "Are you serious?" Jake whispered "Yes Jake. He is here with me and he is fine. We were just attacked by a member of one of the other circles" Cassie started to say "Are you alright?" Jake interrupted "Yeah I have a bump on my head and my hand is burning from the slice I gave myself to mark him but I am fine. Nick and I used our magic to subdue him" Cassie said "So he is really ok and back for good?" Jake asked "yes Jake his fine. You will see for yourself in 3 days" Cassie smiled "OK we will see you then" Jake said and hung up.

Cassie turned to Nick and was about to say something when she noticed his green eyes were wet. "I don't know if I can do this" Nick choked out. Cassie walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist to hug him "Sure you can. It is what you wanted" she reminded him as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. He was shocked at the feeling of what it felt like to have her in his arms. She rested her head on his still bare chest and just listened to his heartbeat. He was alive and he was with her and she started to feel the butterflies in her stomach which scared her. She wasn't sure she was ready to open her heart to anyone but the way the feelings came on suddenly she knew it would just be a matter of time before she gave into them and with that thought she pulled away from him.

"We should get going. Let's get my stuff in the car then we can get yours" Cassie said as she opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a case of Red Bull. Nick took the case from her and put it down by the front door. He followed her upstairs as she gathered her back pack, put her and her father's book in her big floppy purse and grabbed a hoodie that was hanging off the back of her chair. "OK I'm good" she said and they headed out to the car. They put her back pack in the trunk, the case of energy drinks in the back seat and headed over to Nick's. She followed him up the stairs to his bedroom and felt really uncomfortable. The last time she was in his bedroom was the day her and Adam drank the elixir, the day Jake almost died. That day was a day she rarely thought about as the pain of all that she lost and almost lost day was too much for her to handle. She swallowed the lump in her throat and just stared out Nick's window into hers. Wishing she could go back there and just hide under the covers. She was startled by Nick's hands on her shoulders she jumped. "Didn't mean to scare you" Nick tried to suppress a laugh "I am ready whenever you are". Cassie shrugged him off "Let's go" she said as she high tailed it out of that bedroom.

"I'm driving" Nick smiled widely and Cassie and tossed him the keys too drained to fight with him. "I figured we will stop in Montana for the night and you can drive in the morning" Nick said. Cassie just smiled and got into the car. They drove in silence mostly, sharing some small talk here and there. Cassie was deep her father's book of shadows that she didn't notice Nick glancing at her. He noticed the way her lips touched the can of Red Bull she was drinking, he noticed how delicate her hand looked as she jotted notes down in a notebook and he noticed how sad her eyes looked. He realized that he had never seen Cassie truly happy. When he met her, she had just lost her mother and now she felt like she lost everyone she ever cared about. For the first time in his life Nick felt helpless. He wanted to help, to save her in a sense and after the encounter with Sean and how easily the darkness inside him took him over, he wondered if that was even possible.