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Cassie grabbed Nick's hand and pulled him out the door. "Cassie talk to me! What the hell is going on?" Nick demanded turning her to face him. When he saw her face he was shocked. She was so pale and her eyes seemed to be stuck in an alarming glare. "It's her" Cassie muttered. "Her who?" Nick was confused not putting two and two together. "The witch from my dream. The other Balcoin, my half-sister" she said glumly. "Come on we have to get to Ohio now" Nick said unlocking to passenger door for Cassie. She got in and within in minutes Nick had them speeding down the highway. "Call Jake" Nick ordered. Cassie pulled out her phone and dialed Jake putting the phone on speaker "Jake where are you guys?" Cassie said frantically. "At a camp ground right near the quarry. Why? What happened?" Jake asked with an edge to his voice. "We are being followed" Cassie said trying to control the panic in her voice. Nick could sense she was about to fall over the edge she was balancing on and he took her hand "Jake" Nick said. "Nick? Is that really you?" Jake's voice sounded surprised and sad at the same time. "Yeah Jake it's me" Nick said awkwardly and looked at Cassie whose eyes were wet at the sound of the reunion between the two brothers she card so deeply for. "Are you ok?" Jake asked "Yeah I am fine. I'm breathing so that's good for a change" Nick joked awkwardly. "You sound ok but I won't believe it until I see it" Jake said with flatness in his voice. "Jake, stop being so pessimistic, aside from being followed Nick is fine" Cassie chimed in. "Who is following you?" Jake demanded. "A female witch, a Balcoin. We don't know her name but I know her from a dream that I had the other night" she smiled at Nick not remembering the dream but what came after. "OK you have the address in your phone when should we expect you?" Jake asked. "We got about 10 more hours to go. We were going to stop for the night but I think it's too risky" Nick said. "I agree. So we will see you soon then" Jake breathed. "See you later brother" Nick smiled. Jake hung up and Nick looked at Cassie with relief all over his face "That was easier that I thought". Cassie laughed "Should make seeing each other in person easier on you two". Nick shrugged and Cassie thought. Nick would be seeing Melissa tomorrow too if everything went as planned. That was the only reunion she was worried about at the moment. Nick and Melissa had history and if everything was supposed to seem as if he never died would Melissa still think of Nick as her boyfriend? Cassie closed her eyes and continued thinking. She did not want Nick to know what was going on in her mind and have those thoughts provoke his darkness. She was really worried about his lack of control when it came to dark magic. She remembered how it was for her when she first discovered her dark side, however, she wasn't thrown into a very important task where controlling it would be key to survival. She had months to get used to it before she had to control it. She had to almost kill Diana in order to get her to use it and with Nick, it was almost like he enjoyed it too much. The glimmer in his eye and the look on his face, she recognized so much of herself in Nick that it scared her. She didn't want Nick to have the same burden that she had. She wouldn't have wished this on her worst enemy let alone the one person that she trusted easily, the one person who she was willing to open her heart to and the one person who actually came back to her.

Nick looked over at Cassie who appeared to be sleeping. He smiled as he watched her for a few moments, noticing that she didn't look as sad as she had just a few days before. He couldn't help but think that he was he was succeeding at the promise he made to himself that he make her happy again. As he approached the exit he needed to get off to get to Jake and Faye his nerves started to kick in. The last time he had seen Jake he had tried to kill him. He was hoping that Jake would realize that it really wasn't him- it was the demon. The time before that was over two years ago when Jake left Chance Harbor. Sure they talked every now and then but it wasn't the same. Nick had needed his older brother when he discovered he was a witch but Jake was gone by then. Jake felt an immense amount of guilt for not really being there for Nick over the years and Nick was hopeful that he could rebuild the relationship with his brother. He needed to show Jake that none of what had happened to him or their parents was his fault. As Nick turned into the campground towards the cabins, Cassie opened her eyes. "Are you alright?" she said taking Nick's hand. "I will be" he said grateful he had Cassie with him. "Hey can I ask you a favor?" Cassie asked. "Anything" he smiled. "Look, things are crazy enough right now without bombarding Faye and Jake with whatever is going on with you and me" Cassie said softly. Nick looked her with an understanding smile "I agree. Lt's have them get used to me being alive first then we can deal with everything else". Cassie smiled "Thanks". "Oh and just because they don't know doesn't mean I can't sneak into your room once they have gone to sleep" he laughed with a mischievous look in his eye.

Nick pulled in front of a cluster of 3 cabins and they both got out of the car. She walked over to him "are you ready for this?" she asked wrapping her arms around him. "As ready as I will ever be" he said hugging her back. Cassie was worried about how Nick would react to seeing Jake again if his dark magic maybe provoked because of Jake's sometimes explosive temper. Cassie walked up to the door to the cabin marked 2 and knocked. Faye answered the door "Thank god you are ok" she said pulling Cassie into an awkward hug. "We are fine. Not sure if we were followed or not" Nick said from behind Cassie. Faye gasped as she saw her once dead friend. "Nick? Is that really you?" Faye said pulling him and Cassie into the front room of the cabin. "In the Flesh" he joked and dug into his pocket "I almost forgot I brought you something" he said tossing Faye a vial of the potion she liked. "It really is you!" she exclaimed and flung her arms around Nick.

"Well if I'll be damned. No pun intended" Jake said coming out of the kitchen eyeing his brother with disbelief in his eyes. "Hey Jake" Nick said shifting the weight of his feet. "Hey Cassie let's leave them to the brotherly bonding you can help me make breakfast" Fay said pulling the petite blonde into the kitchen.

"The spell worked" Jake noted as he circled around Nick, studying his brother. "Sure did. I am back to my old self minus the bad attitude and add in a little dark blood" Nick tried to joke but it came off all wrong. Jake just sighed "glad to have you back little brother" he said pulling Nick into a hug. "Glad to be back but I have to admit it is kind of weird" Nick said as he sat on the couch. "I can imagine" Jake said. "Listen Jake, I don't want to be too sappy but I want you to know that nothing that has happened to me or to mom and dad was ever your fault" Nick started to say. "I should have stayed. I knew what we were and I left. I could have protected you" Jake turned away from Nick too embarrassed for anyone to see him getting upset. "Jake, I don't think so. Everything happens for a reason right? There is a reason why I died; there is a reason why Cassie was able to save me. A reason bigger than any of Blackwell's plans" Nick said. "You could be right but Blackwell did save me from the Curse I can't forget that" Jake said. Nick just shook his head "Jake, there was no curse. Blackwell created the curse and almost killed you in order to keep Cassie and Adam apart" Nick said quietly. "What?" Jake said raising his voice. "Sshh she will hear you" Nick warned. "You haven't told her? Why not?" Jake wondered "She has been through enough, Jake. I will tell her when the time is right. Let's just get Melissa and Adam back and then we can deal with the fake curse" Nick suggested. Jake nodded just as Cassie and Faye came into the main room with plates of food. Cassie and Nick ate in silence. They were so hungry and it was kind of an awkward situation neither one of them knew what to say to Jake or Faye. Nick noticed how affectionate Jake was towards Faye and it made him happy to see his brother finally give into to the fact that Faye was the love of his life. Nick resisted the urge to reach out and touch Cassie's hand. "You both look like death" Faye smirked. "Why don't you guys get cleaned up and go to sleep. We overheard Adam saying something about the quarry and sundown". "Sleep sounds so good" Cassie groaned. "Here" Faye said tossing her keys to a cabin. "This one is the one on the end. It has two rooms so you guys can stay there" Jake said. "Be up and ready to go by 3:30" Faye ordered. Nick nodded and led Cassie out the door.

They retrieved their bags from the car and took the short walk over to their cabin and within minutes they both crashed. They were both woken up by the baring alarm on Cassie's phone.

When Cassie got out of the shower and dressed Nick was in the kitchen filling up water bottles. When he was done he turned to see Cassie leaning against the far wall staring at him with intensity. He put the water bottles on the counter and walked over to her and took both of her hands in his. "What is going on in that pretty little mind of yours?" he wondered out loud. "I'm worried about you, about what we have to do today" she admitted. "My dark magic?" Nick mused. "Yes Nick your dark magic. Just promise me you will not give into the skull. Promise me you won't forget what we have" she pleaded. Nick dropped her hands and placed his on the sides of her face "Cassie there is nothing that can make me forget what we have, what's happening between us" he said with earnest. "That's what Adam said before we drank the elixir" she mumbled. "Well I am not Adam" he said. "No you are not" she said as Nick's lips crushed against hers. She kissed him back fiercely. Hee fingers entangled in his thick blonde hair and she pulled his face into hers. She wanted him closer. She lost all control when it came to kissing Nick. He pressed her into the wall and kissed her back with equal force. He would give anything to be able to spend the rest of the day into the night just kissing her and getting lost in her. The power passing between their lips was getting stronger by the second and Nick knew if he let it go any further they would risk not getting to Adam in time. He slowed the kiss and pulled back from Cassie and he noticed her eyes were wet with tears. He pulled her into his chest and just held her tight for a moment. "Come on we gotta go meet Jake and Faye before they come looking for us" he whispered. Cassie nodded, leaned up and kissed Nick softly one last time hoping that what they had was strong enough to stand against the skull, strong enough for Nick to control his dark side.

They got outside just as Jake and Faye were approaching the cabin "You guys ready? It's going to be about a 15 minute hike" Jake said. "It's rocky and steep so Nick, even though I know you can't wait to get to Melissa, you better not run we don't want you to die…..again" Faye snickered. Nick just shook his head and Cassie started to worry. What if what he had with Melissa was stronger than what they have? Would Melissa be a distraction or a motivator when it came time for Nick to control his dark magic? Did he still love Melissa? Cassie was deep in thought as she entered the woods beside Faye, Nick and Jake were ahead of them.

"What do you think Melissa is going to do when she sees Nick is back to normal?" Faye asked. Cassie just shrugged "I'm not sure. I'm not that close with Melissa" she said coldly. "Am I sensing jealousy? Really, Cassie haven't you gotten over Adam yet? It's been long enough" Faye snapped. "Adam? We drank the elixir. There is nothing there anymore except for a history that I vaguely remember" Cassie was not sure what Faye was getting at so she was trying to cover up the fact that the elixir did not work on her "Oh come on Cassie" Faye sneered "You can fool Adam but you can't fool me". "I don't know what you are talking about" Cassie said nervously. "Yes you do. I know you kissed Adam at your grandmother's wake and you wouldn't have done that if you didn't have…" Faye's words trailed of as realization hit her face. Cassie looked away, her nerves getting the best of her. "You little sneak! The elixir didn't work on you but it worked on Adam. Everything makes perfect sense now" Faye continued. "Faye, stop" Cassie ordered. "You acted so weird around Adam after you two drank that stuff. Melissa thought it was because it was uncomfortable for the both of you but it was more than that wasn't it?" Faye tossed her dark hair as an evil grin crossed her face "And Adam doesn't know". "Enough Faye. I am not having this conversation with you" Cassie said as she started to walk passed Faye towards Nick and Jake.

Just as Cassie caught up with Jake and Nick they reached the edge of the woods and stepped onto a rocky terrain. She looked around and was in awe. There was stone everywhere and in the middle was a small lake. As she panned around the open, rocky area she spotted Adam standing on top of a flat rock in front of what looked like a natural altar, Melissa was grinding some kind of herbs behind him. On top of the altar was the crystal skull surrounded by candles and black stones "Do you see the hematite?" Nick whispered in her ear. "I see it. It's a bad sign. He is going to try to use it to draw the power out of the skull and into him" Cassie said as she started inching closer to where Adam was. "What's the game plan?" Nick said looking around from Cassie, to Jake and then to Faye who looked pained as she watched her best friend helping Adam whose eyes looked like pure evil. "Faye and Jake, you guys distract Adam and Melissa and Nick and I will sneak up to the front of the altar and get our hands on the skull. Whatever you do, don't let Adam near the skull" Cassie ordered. Nick grabbed Cassie's hand, they both crouched down and started making their way to the altar when they were almost there Faye, who was holding Jakes hand tight, yelled out "Melissa!" Faye got close enough where she could see Melissa's eyes and she shivered "Faye! What are you doing here?" Melissa's smiled a crooked smile and Faye gasped when she saw the look in her eyes and the way Melissa cocked her head to the side. It was the same facial expression and movement she used when she was taken over by the demon. Faye took a breath "We came to help you". "Don't listen to her" Adam snarled as he started to raise his hands up at Faye. "Adam! Don't" Cassie yelled as she stood up in front of the altar. "Cassie" Adam said with pain in his voice as he looked into her blue eyes trying to remember what is felt like to love her. He was distracted just enough that he didn't notice who was standing beside her until Melissa cried out "Nick? You're alive?"