"Ma'am, is there someone here that can help me? I need a ball peen hammer and I'm not sure what one looks like."

Chloe smiles at the man. His business suit and soft hands speak of someone who is trying to be a handyman to impress his wife or girlfriend. She would be surprised if he knew what a claw foot hammer looked like.

"I can help you, sir," she says kindly. "The hammers are—"

"Uh, look," he interrupts, "I'm kind of in a hurry so if you could get a guy for me I'd appreciate it, sweetie," he finishes condescendingly.

Chloe tightens her jaw. "Aisle 9. Third 4ft section on the right. The one with the ball on the end instead of a claw."

She turns and stalks away from him. He tries to call her back but she ignores him. He finally flags down a stock boy.

"Do you have any idea what a ball peen hammer is? I really need one and she's not helping me," he gripes, gesturing towards Chloe.

"Sure, sir. Right this way."

The stocker leads the man to…Aisle 9…third 4ft section on the right…and hands him the one with the ball on the end instead of a claw. The man blushes.

"Uh. Great. Thanks."

He takes the hammer and heads to the checkout. Chloe just glares at him. "Are you a rewards club member?"


"Gets you a 10% discount and special offers by mail," she explains as if bored. Inside she is praying he joins.

And he is not only a weekend handyman but also a cheapskate. He eagerly fills out the information. She hands him his purchase.

"Have fun, sir."

He nods and heads out. Chloe takes the form he had filled out and slips it into her pocket. He won't be needing any special offers. Heck…he won't be needing that hammer if he doesn't use it tonight.

Chloe heads over to Aisle 9. She takes a hammer off the shelf and heads to the employee break room. She slips it into her backpack. If all goes well, she can use the one he purchased but if not she wanted to be prepared.

The street is quiet at 3:30 a.m. By the light of the small, finger-ring flashlight Chloe picks both locks on the door. Two great aspects of working at a hardware store are access to plenty of weapons and access to plenty of locks to practice picking. In less than 2 minutes she is in the house.

She slowly strolls through the first floor of the house. Light filtering in the windows from outside lights her way. She even makes her way down to the basement. There she finds the hammer. Carrying it with her she now makes her way up to the second level of the house. She had noticed a lack of family pictures in the house. That should mean he is alone. But if not, she would deal with the girlfriend or boyfriend, too.

In the second room she finds her target sleeping alone. She walks to the end of the bed and stares down at him.

"Arrogant, chauvinist asshole. Why the hell didn't you just accept that I knew what you were asking for and where it would be?" She grins evilly. "Hell…bet you didn't think a woman could kill you, either? You'd be wrong again."

She moves to his side. He sleeps blissfully unaware. She tests the weight of the hammer. It feels good. Very good. She raises it in the air.

"Do I wake him or not?"

She slams the hammer down onto his head.


In five minutes she is making her way out of the house. Her black clothes hide the blood. But nothing can hide the satisfied grin on her face. She is lucky the only witness to her glee is the neighbors cat…and the cat would be saying nothing.