Hotch slowly opens his eyes. He frowns. "Shit…I'm in Hell," he mutters.

Rossi leans towards him. "What's wrong? Are you in pain?"

"No. But Heaven wouldn't have such ugly attendants," he says with a small grin.

The rest of the team laughs as Rossi glares at his protégé turned boss. "Funny, Hotchner. Not real smart to pick on me when you can't defend yourself."

"Don't worry, Hotch, we've got your back," Reid states.

Rossi looks at him. "Et tu, Reid?"

Reid shrugs. "He okays our paychecks and expense reports."

Everyone laughs, even Rossi. It was hard to beat that logic. Emily steps up to Hotch's bedside.

"Sorry I wasn't out there with you, Hotch."

"Glad you weren't." He takes in the sling. "Though it doesn't look like you got away unscathed."

She shrugs and says in her best British accent. "Just a flesh wound."

He grins. "Okay, Black Knight."

Everyone chuckles at the Monty Python reference. He stretches his neck.

"How soon can I get out of here?"

"You're here at least the rest of the night. Why? Got a hot date?" Morgan teases.

Hotch grins. "Nope. I think it's time I plan a vacation. A real vacation. Maybe take Jack to Disney World."

Morgan smiles. "He'd love that. Bet I know someone that can get you VIP passes," he says with a stage nod towards Emily.

Emily grins and nods. "I'll drop Mom's name and see what happens." They all look at her in surprise. "What? It's not like we own the place…yet," she adds with a wink.

JJ wraps her arm around Emily's waist. "I'll order the jet for tomorrow morning. It's already morning here now and we'll have reports to file. But right now, I'm taking my wife back to the hotel. She and Rocky need to get some rest." She looks at Morgan. "So do you, mister."

Reid grins. "And the team Mom is back, guys."

"Watch it, nerd boy," she says with wink.

Rossi decides to stay with Hotch. The rest of the team heads back to the hotel. Once in their hotel room, JJ pulls Emily close, holding her like she'll never let her go.

"God, Em…I…I…"

"We're okay, Jen," Emily whispers. "I promise."

JJ leans back and looks into her eyes. "You weren't in the field and you were still attacked. God, Em, how the hell am I going to let you out of my sight? How can I…I just stand by as you join us on cases?"

Emily strokes a hand down her cheek. "Honestly? I don't know. I was terrified, Jen. She had Will, she had me in her sights, it was all so…so fucked. But me staying behind when you all are on cases isn't the answer. I knowmy blood pressure will skyrocket if I don't absolutely know you're okay at the end of the day. And, let's face it, I proposed to you in the aftermath of being held hostage at the BAU. Short of storing me in Ft. Knox until Rocky is born there's no way to make sure I am safe 24/7."

JJ stares into Emily's eyes. After a moment, she tilts her head. "Does you Mom know anyone at Ft. Knox?"

Emily laughs as JJ grins. The brunette pulls her wife close. "I love you, Jennifer Prentiss."

"I love you, too, baby. Both of you." She sighs. "We'll discuss Ft. Knox later. Right now I just want to get you out of your bloody clothes and what's left of your blouse and into bed."

"Shower first? I'll need help," Emily says, wiggling her eyebrows.

JJ chuckles. "How can I pass up a chance to do a good deed?"

The women head into the bathroom, mostly to assure each other that they are really okay. And partly to have a little fun!

On Thursday afternoon, JJ opens the door to their house. She smiles as she hears Henry laughing.

"God, I love that noise," she whispers.

Francesca pokes her head out of the kids' playroom. "Henry! I think I see Mommy!"


JJ hears the thundering footfalls of a toddler running. She grins and kneels down as Henry races down the hall and into her arms.

"Ooo! A big Henry Hug! Just what Mommy needs!"

"MOMMY! LOVE!" he kisses her cheek.

She peppers his neck with kisses, loving as he giggles and wiggles in her arms. He then looks beyond her.


Emily kneels behind JJ. "Hey, Champ."

He leans back in JJ's arms and studies Emily's arm, which is still in a sling. He looks at her questioningly. "Boo?"

Emily nods. "Yep, I have a boo-boo."

He pulls out of JJ's arms and walks over to his Mama. He leans down and kisses the sling. "Boo," he states as he nods.

Emily smiles. "All better, Champ. All better." She pulls him into a one-armed hug. As she lets him go his eyes get wide.


Emily smiles and looks over her shoulder. JJ had gotten permission for Will to fly back east with them on the BAU jet. Helen would be flying out tomorrow so she could help him with the flight back since he, too, is in a sling. He kneels and pulls Henry into a hug.

"Hey, Little Man."

Henry kisses the sling. "Boo, Daddy. Boo."

Will smiles and kisses his son. "All better, Henry. All better."

As he hugs his boy close he meets JJ's eyes. She smiles and nods. Yep, things are definitely better now.

A/N: Special thanks to my wife, the ACE Hardware Diva who told me all about ways to kill with various tools. Her advice and input was invaluable during this story. Not that she's tried any of these things. I don't think. Hmm…this is scarier than my surfer friend inspiring "Sacrifice"…maybe Emily and JJ both should cuddle with me to protect me! :o)