First Fanfic Ever :) I know there will probably be some mistakes but hopefully you can tolerate it as more chapters come in. Oh and there will definitely be some Kidd x Luffy in later chapters so pleased be WARNED.


The young teenager had just arrived in this new town. It seemed very high class… the type of place only the rich inhabited. He took in the clean streets and pristine buildings. What he didn't notice was the lurking eyes in every corner and alley threatening to attack if you went their way.

It was night outside and the teenage boy was wearing his school uniform. He had expected to arrive much earlier but missed his train therefore missing his first day of school. With a cheery smile on his face he made his way down the pavement using the dim glow from the Victorian style light posts as his guide. He had medium sized backpack slung on his shoulder. The boy himself was rather quite small. A petite frame, smooth creamy skin, and raven black hair. He could almost pass for a girl but the scar on his face hiding just under his left eye brought a boyish charm. The only other noticeable trait was an old-looking straw hat sitting on top of his just barely covering his eyes from another's view.

While making his way to his new living quarters her looked down to a crumpled sheet of paper grasped in his hand, his grin widened,

"Yosh! Grand line Boarding School!" the boy piped up, clearly excited to start his new life.

Two men stumbled out of a bar nearby, giddy and drunk,

"Hey you boss'll get mad that we didn't collect anything today?" The first man said without any real worry in his voice.

"Aww shit. Guess we're gonna have to pick something up real quick" The second man spouted sobering himself up. The two of them were both fairly muscular and large so they hadn't really thought overpowering a passerby would be too much trouble. The perched in the closest ally searching for their soon to be victim,

"Hey look at that." One of them whispered pointing to a young boy with a weird looking hat and bag on his shoulder.

"That should be fine. Poor kid must be new in town. Anyway lets give him a warm welcome." He said with sly smirk stitched across his face.

"So." The boy spoke to himself while reviewing his dorm placement sheet. "Room" 452, Roommate: Eustass Kid." He said happily not even noticing the two figures quickly following him from the alley he had just past. Just as the two strangers were on either side of him and closing in, the boy had a sudden burst of excitement throwing his two fists in the air, full-force into the air while his eyes closed.

"New school here I come! THWACK! SMASH!" the sudden feeling of his making contact with another abject and the yell of someone else brought him back to his senses.

"Ehh?" the boy looked down at the two seemingly older men displayed at his feet. "Did I do that?" he said furrowing his eyebrows with a pout suddenly realizing his action after being deep in thought.

He crouched down to the two men and tried shaking them awake. When that didn't work he took it upon himself to search for their ID in hopes of maybe finding their address to bring them back home. He leaned over then while his small hands carefully searched their pockets for a wallet. When he finally found it the only thing that caught his attention was a single business card jutting out from one of the slits. He slid it out reading aloud its contents,

"Hyena Family Company, 934 Mock Street Warehouse…guess I can just drop them off there." he decided placing the men one each of his shoulders like they weighed nothing.

Despite having been new to the town he found his way rather easily to the destination on the card. The two men were knocked out cold so he wasn't expecting them to wake up any time soon. As he approached the large building he noticed that it wasn't as nice on the outside as the other buildings, he slowly walked to the side door jingling the doorknob. Surprisingly it was open. The boy guessed that perhaps the two men were being expected at the warehouse.

As he opened the door it seemed dark at first then he gradually noticed the lights growing as he finally poked his head through the doorway. There were several other people inside talking but suddenly stopped at the intrusion a stranger was making.

"Hello?" the boy asked curiously while keeping his gaze on the people. There were some oddly dressed ones scattered on one side while another, probably their leader, sat in the center of the crowd. He was tan, with blond hair and a pink tank top. He also had a manic smile on his face and a slight scar on his forehead. "Sorry but I think these two guys belong to you, I think I knocked them out by accident and didn't want to leave them outside." he said sheepishly while finally bringing the two men on his shoulders into view.

The temperature suddenly dropped 10 degrees as everyone in the room stared in awe at the young boy who had the audacity to do such a thing to their lackeys. Though, there boss didn't seem to mind as much but his smile however, disappeared and was replaced with a scowl.

"Who the hell do you think you are starting a fight with the hyena family. You have no idea how much trouble you have just bought yourself," he nearly growled to the kid in the strawhat.

The boy had a confused look on his face as the blondy stood up putting his menacing smile back on his face. He started making his way toward his intruder.

"This is perfect. I needed to blow off some steam." he said. The younger boy suddenly grasped the situation. He slid the men off his shoulders switching the cheery look on his face with something much more dangerous. He hadn't really wanted to fight his first time here but it looked like he didn't have much of a choice.

"Fine but you asked for it." he said simply as more of the enemy's men came and filled the balcony of the warehouse. He fully knew the outcome of this fight.