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The room was quiet as Mari and Alyssa walked in. Well, more "pushed in by lots of angry people with weird swords" than walked, but Alyssa tried not to think about that. Luckily, the people in the room provided a welcome distraction.

There were some normal humans, whom Alyssa dismissed for the moment as uninteresting, as well as some... things that she refused to look at. There was also a strangely cute little green thing, who seemed to be sitting upon a giant red ottoman. He looked rather... annoyed, as if he'd already made his decision and everyone here was just in his way. He especially seemed to be glaring at an incredibly tall man, who was in turn glaring at a young boy who stood by the door, looking as if he was plotting his escape. Alyssa didn't blame him.,

She didn't like him much either when she realized the he had chosen her to glare at. Wonderful... I can spend the last few minutes of my life engaged in a staring contest with an arrogant teenager. Than a man- he didn't look very important, as his chair was blue, instead of red, and in a back position-stood up. "Since we all seem to be glaring at each other instead of meeting, I think that my padawan and I have things to do." He walked out with the boy, (who was quickly recalled by yet another weird alien), followed by the sound of many people and aliens making annoyed noises, aside from the green alien and the boy, who looked almost jealous.

"Correct he is." It took Alyssa a minute to make sense of this, and by the time she managed it, someone else had started on a speech. She caught the words "Summoned dangerous... obviously necessary... strictest precautions... breach of security...extraordinary procedures .." Everyone else was nodding along and looking grave, but the boy caught her eyes and rolled his eyes. She had to struggle not to laugh.

Yet strangely, a minute later, (something about "unusual actions") he seemed to be looking almost scared. Almost scared, because the look on his face was one of disbelief, as if he didn't really believe that this was happening. Alyssa frowned, and actually listened for a minute.

"In dangerous times such as this, it is important to take the correct course of action, even if said course goes against tradition; for we are in a different time and a different situation then the people who set those traditions were. Although I agree that the Jedi way is of life and peace, not of death, at certain times drastic action can be necessary."

Someone else stood up. The tall man.

"The Jedi way is not one of killing, especially of children who have done no real harm..."

"But they have. They attacked us-"

"After we attacked them."

"And summoned a dangerous animal! The obvious course of action here is to execute them before they cause more trouble."

At this, the green alien stood up, leaning heavily upon a cane. "Agree with this, I do not. Call the vote, we will."

Alyssa sat there, stunned, as three quarters of the room voted for her death. Her's and Mari's.

That thought brought her back to the present, and she glanced over at Mari, who sat there, white faced and hazel eyed. They're going to kill us. None of this matters, even if the vote was for us to live. They want us dead that badly. I should have known this would happen. Did I think that Opal Koboi would send me somewhere nice?

Mari turned to her, a wry smile on her face. "Hospitable, aren't they?"

Alyssa laughed. She couldn't help it. And everyone in the room turned to face her.

The boy's face had no trace of boredom left on it; it was simply a mask of horror. As were the faces of about a quarter of the room, including the tall man. The green alien looked perfectly calm, if a little disappointed.

"Have something to say, you do?"

Alyssa felt her courage leave her, felt Mari stand up, her eyes blazing white. Creepy. "Yes, I do. This is absurd! You're going to kill us for being here?" The boy looked even more horrified, if that were possible, but the green alien smiled. "Have a point you do, hmm? Here for awhile, you were, yet you harm us you did not. Repay that favor, we should." More and more people were changing their minds, but it wasn't enough, and the green alien's ears drooped slightly. He turned to the tall man, and murmured something, barely audible. "Tried I did. Plan B, it is time for."

"Master Yoda, I thought the council-"

"Listen to me, the council did not. There, you were. More observant, you must be."

"Yes, Master."

"Good. Now do this, you must."

"But Master Yoda, if the council-"

"Wrong the council is. Do this you will."

"Yes, Master."

Alyssa glanced around the small room for the fifth time, resisting the urge- yet again- to roll her eyes. Security, what security? They had been escorted to the room by a single unarmed six year old, told to wait for a but before a cell could be prepared, and then abandoned. She was on the verge of simply trying the door.

The most annoying part of this was that she'd been separated from Mari, so there was nothing for her to do. Other than try the door.

The door was not particularly imposing, so that was not why she didn't want to try it. Nor was it dangerous looking. What deterred her was the giant lock, clearly turned to the locking position from the outside. I wonder how they did that... it seems just the sort of thing they'd do if the door didn't have a lock. Probably wouldn't work otherwise.

So Alyssa went and tried the door. To her surprise, it opened easily. So did the next one. And the next one. And the one after that, and all the others after it.

"One hundred fifty and counting."

Alyssa jumped, but there was no one there, so she continued opening doors.

"Two fifty and counting."

She jumped again, and this time there was someone there.

It was a boy, his hair cut in the same odd style she'd seen on all the younger people, with the single small braid on the side. He sat on a chair, which hadn't been there before, and his expression was one of amusement.

"Not too bright, are you? I've never seen anyone open that many before."

Alyssa glared at him, but he seemed not to notice. "In fact, the only reason that I appeared to you now is that I was getting bored, and I didn't think that the masters would appreciate my just letting you out because I couldn't concentrate."

Alyssa reached out to try the door, and discovered that she couldn't move. The boy laughed.

"Not that tired, little girl."

Alyssa glared at him some more. "I'm older than you are!" The boy shrugged. "Really? You don't look over five hundred to me, but..."

"You're kidding."

The boy nodded. "True, but you should have seen your expression. Now, wh-"

Mari shook her head as the boy vanished, and turned to Alyssa. "Wow, he was really getting annoying. I'm bringing him back now, because I'm still not totally recovered from the lion." Alyssa shook her head. "You mean you summoned the lion?"

Mari shook her head impatiently. "Of course not. Witches don't hurt animals."

"But you said-"

Mari nodded, and then rolled her eyes. "Look. I'm a witch, blah, blah, blah, and I didn't summon the lion, but someone else did, and it took a lot of my strength to stop it from being a dragon or something."?

Alyssa blinked. "A dragon?"

Mari nodded, looking even more impatient, and the boy popped back into view, looking annoyed- and frightened. "Don't do that again."

To Alyssa's surprise, Mari actually looked apologetic, and nodded. "Sorry. Didn't realize. When are they coming to execute us?" The boy rolled his eyes. "Five minutes. But you'll be rescued before then. Plan B." And then he walked through the wall, leaving Alyssa to glare at Mari for around two minutes.

Then they heard the knock.

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