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Chapter 5

The Next Morning at Kings Cross

The Grangers and Harry walked around Kings cross looking for platform 9¾; Naruto was doing some business so he couldn't come along. Naruto decided to train Harry at Hogwarts along with Hermione because Emma and Dan wished for their little girl to be protected if Harry wasn't there and Naruto being kind and compassionate as he is couldn't say no. As they continued through Kings cross Hermione repeated what McGonagall's instructions to get to the platform "We have to run through the wall between platform 9 and 10."

As Harry walked with the Grangers he spotted a family of red heads walking into a wall and disappearing through it. Harry got the Grangers attention and pointed to the last red head that went through the wall and said "I think that's the entrance." The Grangers and Harry walked over to where the red heads disappeared to, a girl about a year younger than Harry and Hermione pointed at Harry and spoke quietly to her mother.

A lady who looked like the mother of the red heads came up to Harry and Hermione and asked, "Hogwarts?"

Hermione answered "Yes we are going to Hogwarts, can you tell us how to get on the platform?" Looking at the clock stationed on a wall she added "We only have 11 minutes left."

The lady ignored Hermione and stared intently at Harry. Harry shifted uncomfortably and repeated Hermione's question. Finally, the lady replied answering Hermione's question, "You have to run through that wall and you'll know what to do," she then left and went back to her daughter.

Harry and Hermione thanked her and said good byes to the elder Grangers "Good bye Hermione, Harry take care of each other and write back!" Emma and Dan called after them.

"We will bye!" Harry and Hermione called back as they ran through the wall. On the other side of the wall was a beautiful train it was scarlet and had Hogwarts express written on it. Harry and Hermione took their trunks and tried to lift them on to the train keyword TRIED until two pairs of hands took their trunks and pulled them on the train.

As Hermione and Harry got on the mysterious helpers introduced themselves "Hi I'm George and he's Fred" one of them said.

"We're twins!" they both said simultaneously.

Hermione introduced herself and Harry "Hello I'm Hermione and this is Harry."

"Wait Harry? As in Potter, Harry?" The twins asked.

"Yes why?" Harry asked.

"You don't know?" replied the twins.

"Know what?" Harry asked.

"About how you got your scar!" answered the twins "Come on let's find a compartment and we'll tell you" they added.

Harry and Hermione followed the twins to an empty compartment and explained how Harry got his scar and supposedly defeated Lord Voldemort.

"So I'm famous? Because I survived this killing curse" Harry asked.

"Yup that's about it" one of the twins said.

"Anyways we'll be leaving you two alone see ya Harry, Hermione," the other twin said as they left Harry's and Hermione's compartment.

Harry pondered about what he had learned. Apparently an evil guy named Voldemort wanted to kill his parents because they didn't want to join him so he attacked us killed my parents and when he tried to kill me with some killing curse it rebounded on him and he died apparently leaving me the title the 'Boy-Who-Lived'. I have to tell Naruto about this he thought.

"Harry are you ok?" Hermione asked.

"Huh? Oh I'm ok I'm just thinking, we have to tell Naruto about this!" Harry replied.

"Tell me about what?" Naruto asked appearing out of nowhere.

"Ah! How did you do that!" Harry and Hermione yelled.

"Uh I teleported here?" Naruto answered like it was obvious.

"Cool you have to teach me that!" Harry replied.

"Ok, what did you need to tell me?" Naruto asked.

Harry explained what he had learned "hmm I have my spies look into this Moldemort guy," Naruto said.

"It's Voldemort" Harry corrected.

"Psh wizards and their weird ass names, anyways back to why I came here…" Naruto replied.

"Harry I finally got papers to gain custody of you! I filled them out just sign here and stamp your finger print here with your blood" he added.

"Yes!" Harry yelled he then got up and hugged Naruto tightly which he returned Harry then took the papers and did as he was supposed to. He then gave them back to Naruto; who said he'll meet them later at Hogwarts and said his goodbyes to them.

"I'm so happy for you Harry!" said Hermione as she gave him a hug to she then realized what she was doing and separated from him immediately blushing furiously "Sorry," Hermione mumbled Harry just continued to blush as the tension rose. Suddenly the compartment door opened.

"Hi umm can I sit here? Everywhere else is full," a boy with red hair entered and asked.

"Sure" Hermione replied Harry was silently disagreeing he felt his chakra tense whoever this person was he had bad intentions.

"I'm Hermione and this is Harry, are you related to the other red heads?" Hermione spoke up the boy just ignored her like the woman from the station Hermione fumed "Why is everyone ignoring me today I wonder if this is how Naruto felt…" she mumbled.

Finally the boy spoke, "Hi I'm Ron are you Harry Potter? My brothers told me you were on the train."

Harry didn't like this Ron person already ignoring Hermione like that she's a person too! But he replied to be nice "Yes I am Harry Potter and I'm assuming that Fred and George are your brothers?" Harry hesitantly replied.

"Yea they're my Brothers I hate them though, they're stupid," Ron replied.

Harry was starting to really hate this guy he didn't have anyone until the Grangers and this guy is taking everything for granted!

"Move!" Harry broke out of his thoughts and heard Ron tell Hermione to move

"Excuse me?" Hermione replied

"I said move I want to sit there, even better get out of here, Harry probably doesn't even want you here!" Ron repeated. Hermione eyes watered and put her head down Harry blinked and felt anger building inside him and a blue aura covered his body waving around.

"Why should she?" Harry asked in a menacing voice

"Huh, because she is a Muggleborn she doesn't have any magical blood and she doesn't belong here" Ron replied still oblivious to Harry's aura and tone

"Get out!" Harry yelled at Ron

"Why? I'm pure!" Ron replied

"Get out before I kill you!" killing intent came out of Harry like a geyser Ron's blood froze and a foul odor can out and Ron shot out the compartment. Harry calmed down and turned to Hermione "Are you okay?" he asked in a caring tone.

Hermione was shocked nobody ever stood up for her, but Harry did! She smiled and said "Yes, thank you Harry."

Harry blushed as he replied, "Eh it was nothing I'll protect my friend no matter what!"

It was Hermione's turn to blush. The rest of the train ride went smoothly without any interruptions Harry and Hermione excitably chatted about what Hogwarts and Naruto would teach them.


When Harry and Hermione got off the train they were led by a man that could only be described as a giant, who brought them to a lake with lots boats on the shore they climbed onto a boat with a boy named Neville and a girl Susan; with whom they chatted for a while and got a decent profile of them. Naruto had told them to gather information on everyone they met; friend or foe. Neville was a shy boy who lived with his Grandmother who he fears, and had a pet toad which he lost track of… a lot. Susan was also shy and lived with her Aunt who was the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement; whatever that was. The boats went across the lake and to Hogwarts which was beautiful, with lights shining from all over.

They were lead inside and told to wait by McGonagall. Now Harry stood in the hall where they were told to wait as he talked to Hermione when a boy with platinum blond hair came up to Harry and asked "Hi I'm Draco Malfoy, I've heard about you after all you are 'The Harry Potter'."

Harry's chakra tensed again but replied anyways, "I'm not The Harry Potter, I am Harry Uzumaki!" Harry stated proudly. Suddenly a blue light flashed as Harry finished speaking.

"What was that?!" many of the First years wondered.

The large doors to the Great Hall opened and McGonagall stepped forward and told the first years to follow her into the Great Hall. The Great Hall a gigantic place, it was also very beautiful the ceiling was bewitched as Harry heard Hermione explain, god that girl reads too much.

McGonagall stopped and explained the sorting and led them to a rusty worn out hat. Suddenly it spoke! Many of the first years gasped and pointed at the strangely singing hat. Finally when the dreadful singing stopped Professor McGonagall started to call out names for sorting.

"Abbott Hannah!"

Harry tuned out McGonagall until she called out "Granger Hermione!"

Harry watched Hermione as she was sorted. As Hermione stepped up and sat in the stool she nervously shifted as the Hat was placed on her Head. "Hmm very intelligent, a fine candidate for Ravenclaw! Oh but loyal too and even ambitious as well as Brave too, hmm I haven't had this much trouble placing you, it's too hard I'll sort you later!" the hat spoke in her mind.

The hat then jumped off of Hermione's head and said "She's too hard, I'll sort her later!"

Hermione got down and went back to stand with Harry, who asked what happened "I think I had all the traits for the houses that the hat couldn't sort me" Hermione explained.

"Of course, you are after very special," Harry teased Hermione blushed.

'I wish he meant that…' Hermione thought secretly staring at Harry who noticed.

"Uh Hermione, are you ok?" Harry asked worriedly.

"Huh, umm yes I'm ok" Hermione replied, blushing furiously.

When McGonagall got to the last names that started with P Harry listened carefully for his name. But then something strange happened McGonagall paused for a while but then went to the Q's of course Harry was not the only one confused about this, even the headmaster and a few other students had confusion sketched on their faces. Harry decided to wait until the sorting finished before asking what happened when he heard; with a tone of confusion.

"Uzumaki Harry!" McGonagall announced.

Uzumaki Harry? Harry thought he then remembered the blue flash and the papers Naruto told him to sign. 'That's it! When Naruto made me sign the papers and when I said I was Uzumaki Harry my last name must have changed' Harry thought he then quickly went up to the stool and sat down. McGonagall didn't seem too surprised with what happened but had a facial expression that said 'tell me what happened'.

When the hat was placed on Harry's head he heard a voice speak in his mind it was saying a variety of banned words that should not be said "Damn another hard one you're the last beside that girl right but your even harder to sort than her!" the hat wined and continued "You're the heir of all founders too now what to do... I KNOW!" the hat then glowed silver and red and a new table appeared, a small one that is more than enough for two students.

The hat spoke again but not in Harry's mind but to everyone "I decided to make a new house called...called...whatever the Granger girl and the Uzumaki boy decide they will be sorted there, now I'm going to sleep so BE QUIET!" the hat roared.

Harry shrugged and gestured to Hermione to follow him to the new table. When they did Harry spoke "That was strange, looks like I'm a founder too now" Harry chuckled.

"It was very strange, I mean the hat wouldn't sort us in the other houses and put us here, anyways what do you think we should name it?" Hermione replied.

"Umm what about Uzumaki? After all there is a symbol on the table that looks like the Uzumaki clan symbol" Harry offered, it was true in the middle of the table there was a swirl that was the Uzumaki clan symbol.

"Wow how did that get there? But yeah that is a good name for it!" Hermione replied.

"Ok Uzumaki it is!" Harry stated.

And that was the start of the house of Uzumaki in Hogwarts.

(End Chapter)

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