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It was a cold and rainy night, people ran as fast as they could to get to shelter, but there was two people leaning against a building. Their eyes scanned the crowd watching waiting for the right kill, the violet eyes locked on his target and started to follow his target until she walked into and alleyway. He appeared from the shadows and grabbed her, covering her mouth with his hand and using it to make her turn her head exposing her heck. His fangs unsheathed from his gums, slowly tracing her neck until he found the perfect spot to bite her. His fangs disappeared in her neck; he began to suck out the sweet substance that came from the wound. She became very weak and started to drift into the afterlife until he smashed his hand through her back and out her rib cage grabbing a slivery colored orb, it was her soul. He pulled his hand out of the girls chest and let her body fall to the muddy floor with a thump he tilted his head back and ate the soul whole, licking his lips afterwards.

"So are we done for the night." Came a dark voice.

"Yes we should be heading back to the school before we get caught sneaking out again." Replied the violet-eyed man. They walked further into the ally fading slowly into the shadows.

**Far away from the city. **

"Come on Adri we can't stay here we need to keep moving before they catch up!" I yelled through my ragged breaths.

"But Suki I'm so tired I can't even feel my legs anymore." Adri panted before collapsing to her knees in exhaustion

I turned to my best friend her hair was now black as the night, I never understood what happened to make it change from black during the night to snow white during the day. But it was her eyes that got all the attention from the boys they where a very light mint green that popped with her different hair colors.

Then a twig snapped we both looked up to see the hunters coming closer. "Shit we wasted too much time and I'm running out of magic to use."

I closed my eyes concentrating on the spell I was using "Tera Dew Ruba!" I yelled opening my eyes that were now glowing neon green. The trees, shrubs, and vines came to life and began to rap tightly around the hunters keeping them in place. The vines crawled up their bodies and tightly wrapped around their neck suffocating them. I slowly walk over to one and snapped my fingers and the vines loosened on his neck allowing him to speak.

"Ok who the hell are you and why have you been chasing us all over the world?!" I snarled.

"Hehe like I tell that to a bitch like you!" I growled.

"I'll ask you one more time who sent you and I promise to make you death painless." I snapped back making him slightly flinch.

"Well since you are going to kill me anyways I might as well tell you. The Demon Lord wants the two beauties he seeks and you two are what he seeks."

"The Demon Lord, but why?" I asked shiver slightly at remembrance of the old crazy man.

"He wants you two to bare his children even though you are not demons he still wants you and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, not even your powers can save you from him."

I turned and snapped my fingers, the vines immediately tightened around his and his teammate's necks causing them to struggle and soon die from lack of oxygen.

We finally found a good place where we could sleep for the night, I crawled into my sleeping bag, I couldn't sleep my head was throbbing from the worried for what might happen if we get caught. I turned to Adri to see she was already dead asleep, but I could not sleep so easily, I haven't slept well for the last eight months when this whole chase started. Memories began to fill my mind of when the hunters first attacked us in our hometown.

It was a beautiful morning in the Black Bloods Village; we were a peaceful village never getting caught in any of the wars. I was walking through the village looking for Adri, it was a surprise that we ever got along when we were kids we would always fight about everything we even went as far as casting spells at each other. I guess once we grew up we started seeing each other as friend rather than enemies and soon we became close almost like we were blood sisters. I had been looking for Adri for hours when I finally found her sitting under a tree with a book in her hands.

"Adri there you are!" She looked up from her book with a smile.

"Hey Suki why were you looking for me?" She asked closing her books concentrating on me.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to find some herbs for my potions I'm running low." I swung my basket in front of her and smiled.

"Which is rare, so sure I need to get some as well." She laughed.

We walked out of the village and headed for the forest where things grew the best. I was picking up some mushrooms while she was picking up different mosses. We spent a good hour picking up supplies for our potions before we started to heading back to the village, but when we came through the thicket of trees we saw the whole village engulfed in flames. We were about to run and help the village but in front of the village stood an army of hunters who seemed to be looking our way. Then they ran towards us and we had to abandon our village even when we really wanted to return to our home and hope it was nothing more than a bad dream. We ran from continent to continent and yet we still were found even when we hid in the shadows, we were found.

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