A Senshi For Earth

Chapter One

It was a gorgeous summer afternoon in Crystal Tokyo as it's citizens went about their business, enjoying the warmth of the mid day sun. They had celebrated the Queen and Princess Small Lady's birthday a few days ago and the citizens had been invited to participate in the afternoon celebrations. Although the evening ball had just been for the royal family, their friends and friend's family.

Neo Queen Serenity was presently sitting out on the veranda of the private gardens enjoying the peace and quiet of the afternoon. She had just finished reading the journal she had started the day after they had all finished reviving and rebuilding Crystal Tokyo. Serenity smiled as she remembered the look on her husband's face when she had told him her wonderful news that evening as they sat and watched the full moon rise.

Flashback, Serenity's POV

"I can hardly believe it my love. Crystal Tokyo is now built and the world is at peace. All our family and friends are around us and I have my gorgeous and wonderful wife in my arms. All we need now is the arrival of our little princess." my Endymion declared as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.

"Well I have a wonderful piece of news I think you will want to hear my Mamo-chan!" I told him, turning around in his arms.

"And what would that be my love?" Endymion asked, confused.

"In nine months time, we will have our little princess. I'm pregnant Endymion. Rini is on her way." Serenity whispered. She had to giggle as she watched his face go from a shocked expression to pure delight.

"Are you sure? Isn't it a bit early for her arrival?" Endymion asked, wanting to make sure he had heard his wife correctly.

"Yes, of course I'm sure! Ami looked me over this morning, and Pluto has confirmed it. Rini is coming." I replied patting her stomach. I squealed as he had suddenly picked her up and whirled her around. He had actually done a few cartwheels in pure joy; not caring if anyone had seen him act that way.

How could I blame him. He had lost his parents at a young age and had always wanted a family so badly. During the next nine months, he had been so attentive and some times a little over protective. At times I would snap at my dear husband for helping too much, and other times for seemingly not helping me enough. Although Endymion was confused and hurt at first, he realized my hormones were just a little out of whack and did what he could to help.

Then when it was time for Rini to be born, he was more nervous than I was. He held my hand through the long hours of pain and always whispered how proud he was of me and what a good job I had been doing. Finally, finally she was born and when I held her, I knew that my life was complete.

It had been a joy to watch our pink haired little princess grow from an energetic, outgoing bratty young child into a fine young lady. I was grateful for the journal that Endymion had given me. I could look through it and remember all the times our little family shared; the good times and the bad times.

/ End of flashback /

"Remembering the past my love?" a low, quiet male voice came from behind the queen, startling her a little. Serenity turned to see Endymion coming through the veranda's doorway.

"Hmm hmm. I was thinking of Small Lady and the night I told you I was preganant with her. I never thought I would see you, a king, do cartwheels." Serenity giggled.

"Yes, I remember, it seems just like yesterday. I remember when we found out that you were going to have another?! Remember when you told me about our little Misaki? Do you remember that afternoon?" Endymion asked, remembering the day fondly.

Flashback Endymion's POV

I had just walked out of my study, having finished up some business, when Serenity walked into our quarters. She had a rather shocked but happy expression on her face. I went to her immediately and brought her to the living room and sat down on the couch and I waited for her to tell me what was on her mind.

"Sweetheart what is it? Is it something important?" I inquired a little nervously, wondering what could be bothering Serenity.

"You might say that. Something has happened that we never expected, my love. I have just come from seeing Ami...and she says I'm pregnant again. Although according to the moon kingdom laws and customs, the queen is only supposed to be able to have one child and that way she passes on her power as a senshi onto her what of this second one? I am happy that we are going to have another…it is just unexpected is all." Serenity said thoughtfully with a hint of joy and worry lacing her words.

I was astonished and glad at the same time. Rini would be the Senshi of the Moon, but this child whether boy or girl might have the power of Earth in their blood.

"That may be true my dear, but you forget one thing. The earth royalty can have as many as they want. This child could be a child of the earth." I replied, holding his wife's hand tenderly.

"A child of the Earth? If it is a girl then she will be a Senshi of Earth…a new Sailor Senshi!" Serenity exclaimed with excitement.

I laughed at her excitement and hugged her to me. Another child was a most wonderful and joyful surprise.

Four months later, as Serenity's stomach began to grow, we began to feel strongly that the child inside of her was to have a very definite destiny laying ahead of it. Of what kind of destiny, we weren't sure. The only one that we would know would be the Senshi of Time…Sailor Pluto. We decided to see her and ask her what she foresaw in our unborn baby's future.

We traveled to the Time Gates, where Sailor Pluto resided in search of some answers. The Guardian greeted us with a warm smile and a deep bow.

"Pluto, may we speak with you?" I called out as we entered the time gates.

"Come in your Majesties. I have been expecting you." Sailor Pluto greeted us pleasantly. Serenity and I could both see she had something of a serious nature to discuss with us.

"Sailor Pluto, an unexpected thing has child takes life within me and I have had the feeling that this child has a special destiny. Am I correct Sailor Pluto." my wife stated more than asked.

"Yes your Majesty, it's true." Pluto replied with a gentle smile, then continued and decided to get right to the point.

"Your Majesties, this child will be a very strong senshi and I fear that her powers might get to the point where she cannot control them. Something must be done about the child's powers."

"The child will be a girl? So then she will be a Sailor Senshi of Earth. You have told us yourself that the not everything is set in stone. What you may be seeing is the child's personal aura. And if she does have all this power as you say, we will all help her to control them. Remember, I can connect to the earth and help her. She will be the Guardian of the Earth just as Rini is the Guardian of the Moon." I replied, placing my hand on my wife's shoulder to calm her down.

"You are right your Majesty. I do not wish the child ill will but it is my job to protect the future of the Earth." Sailor Pluto replied soleumly.

"My husband and I will help control her powers if they seem to grow out of her have helped Sailor Saturn in the past, so she could join us without the fear of her power." My wife replied with a sigh, having calmed down.

"I remember the kind thing you did for Sailor Saturn…perhaps the child you carry will grow into her powers and be a powerful Senshi like her mother and older sister." Sailor Pluto said as she bowed.

/ End of Flashback /

"Yes, I remember that day well. It took me a while to put it behind me and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy." Serenity replied.

"We both did, up until the day before Misaki was born. She definitely let you know it was time didn't she." Endymion replied chuckling gently.

"Don't laugh. I felt her kick me days before she was born!" Serenity replied, scowling a little, then she giggled at her next thought. "Do you remember the look on her little face when she tried to see me clearly for the first time.

"Yes I do. Misaki showed determination even then." Endymion chuckled. This made the two monarchs chuckle, remembering their youngest daughter's face as she looked at the outside world for the first time. Just then they heard the front door open and close, announcing the arrival of their two daughters, coming home from school.

"Speaking of our daughters…one of them will not be in a good mood. I got a phone call a half hour ago. It seems Misaki has hit one of the boys at school." Endymion relaid.

"Oh dear! Well then we need to get to the bottom of this." Serenity sighed as she stood up with Endymion and waited for Rini and Misaki to enter the room. Misaki was definitely in a foul mood, and had a look of stubborness set on her face.

"Hello my dears. How was school today?" Serenity asked cheerfully.

Rini looked up at her mother and smiled, pushing a stray pink hair back behind her ear.

"It was fine, but I think I'm ready for a nap though. School takes so much out you." Rini said as she yawned and stood up, walking out of the room and towards her royal bedchamber.

Serenity raised an eyebrow at Rini's retreating form and glared at Endymion when she heard him chuckle lightly.

"Something to share dear?" Serenity asked with a little coldness weaved through her words.

"She just reminds me of you when you were her age." Endymion answered.

Serenity sighed and shook her head. She turned back to her younger daughter. Misaki's head was bent down and she refused to look at her parents.

"Misaki, how was school today honey? Anything exciting?" Serenity asked innocently of her daughter.

Misaki looked up hesitantly at her mother. She pushed her blackish hair from her face and sighed.

"I punched a boy in the face today." Misaki whispered.

Endymion raised his eyebrow and went forward to stand next to Serenity.

"Misaki! Your father and I have raised you better than that." Serenity scolded. "Why did you hit him?"

Misaki lowered her head even further. Serenity and Endymion could see that she felt ashamed and embarrassed at her actions.

"Misaki, look at your mother when she is talking to you, please." Endymion said as he bent down in front of Misaki.

Misaki brought her startling grey-blue eyes up to her father. Suddenly she leaped into Endymion's arms and sobbed.

Serenity and Endymion shared a look before Endymion stroked his daughter's soft hair.

"Misa, why did you hurt that boy?" Endymion asked.

Misaki took a shuttering breath and pulled away from her father a bit to wipe her eyes.

"He teased me in front of the entire class! He kept asking me why I wasn't a great Senshi like mama was or how big sister is. Then he told me that I wasn't even supposed to have been born. That I was a mistake." Misaki could barely get the words out before she was back into her father's arms crying even more.

Serenity gasped and Endymion's face turned into a ugly frown as he processed what Misaki had told him and Serenity.

"Misaki," Serenity said warmly like only a mother could. " My little love, you listen to me. That boy is ignorant, something that we have taught you not to be. You were born because you have a destiny like everyone that is put on this Earth. One day you will be a great Sailor Senshi, like me and Rini, but you are only seven sweetheart. You have time to grow and show the world that you're great." Serenity said to her daughter, as she moved then into her mother's arms.

Misaki hugged her mother as tight as a seven year old could.

"Thanks mama and papa. I will be a great Sailor Senshi! I'll be greater than Rini!" Misaki laughed as she danced around the room.

She tried to dart out the room, only to be caught in her father's strong hands.

"Misaki, I still demand that you say you're sorry to him tomorrow. I will call your teacher and make sure that you did. So don't to try to get out of it." Endymion said sternly.

Misaki frowned but nodded her small head. Endymion let go of her and watched as she raced out of the room. She was probably going to go wake her sister so she could play with her.

Endymion turned back to Serenity who had a saddened expression on her face.

He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

"What is it Serenity?" He asked, concerned.

"How can children be so mean? Poor Misaki, if only she knew we were controlling her powers and keeping them bound. She, nor anyone else, but Pluto knows that her powers are great." Serenity sighed into his shoulder.

Endymion remained silent. Yes if only people knew that the second daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion was going to be the strongest Sailor Senshi that the universe had seen.