Authors Note: This is my first attempt at a Sailor Moon Millennium fic. There will be some references to the anime in this fic. Though I am sticking to the magna stories of Silver Millennium. Hope you enjoy.

Warnings: Mild Language, Sexual Situations, Character Death

The day was bright and sunny. A kingdom on the moon, the Silver Kingdom, was celebrating the birth of their new Princess Serentiy. Queen Serenity was pleased with her kingdoms joy. A party was going on in one of the courtyards.

The royal families of the solar system agreed that when their daughters were old enough they would be the soldiers and protectors of Princess Serenity. The sky turned black and lightning flashed. A column of green smoke erupted in the center of the courtyard. When the smoke and storm were gone stood Queen Nehelenia of the Black Moon Circus. A mirror trailed behind her.

The party silenced. Queen Nehelenia walked over to the crib where Princess Serenity was. She glared before turning to Queen Serenity.

"I have come to claim the throne of the Silver Kingdom," Queen Nehelenia said.

"Over my dead body," Queen Serenity said.

Queen Nehelenia noticed Princess Serenity looking towards Earth.

"So be it. Your daughter will never inherit the throne to the Silver Kingdom, it shall be her love for a man of Earth that your kingdom will fall," Queen Nehelenia shouted.

A loud clasp of thunder rang out across the Silver Kingdom. Queen Serenity pulled out the Moon wand. A pink and gold crescent wand with the Silver Crystal on it.

"I banish you into your mirror Nehelenia," Queen Serenity said.

Queen Nehelenia screamed as she was thrown into her mirror. With a poof the mirror was gone. Queen Serenity held her daughter close to her.

"The people of this moon kingdom must never let Princess Serenity go to Earth for the safety of our kingdom," Queen Serenity ordered.

The people of the Silver Kingdom bowed in agreement and understanding of their queen.