A.N: So, this one turned out to be more of their son's story than Aisha's, in fact. It's mostly seen through his eyes and I like it better that way.

Summary: A relaxing trip to the beach turns into a very scary experience for Nabu and Aisha's young son.

Aisha sat idly at the kitchen table, chin in hand, gazing longingly out the large open window that allowed a fantastic view of the beach. Her four-year-old son sat with her, coloring contently. An array of different colored crayons was sprawled all across the table, a purple one held lazily in her free hand. She was supposed to be coloring with him, but was distracted by thoughts of the ocean as she looked down at the crashing surf below.

"Hey, Ophier . . ."

"What, Momma?" he asked, looking up from his coloring book.

"Do you want to go down to the beach?"

"Yeah!" he cheered, quickly climbing down from his booster seat.

"Okay," she nodded, "Want to race to change clothes? First one to the stairs wins."

"But Mom, I'll win cuz you have a baby in your tummy," Ophier pointed out.

She looked down at her protruding stomach; she had momentarily forgotten that she was six months pregnant. But her blue eyes sparked as she saw the emergence of a challenge and she quickly shot back, "Maybe, but I have magic!"

"No magic! That's not fair!"

"We'll just have to see then," Aisha rushed off to her bedroom.

"Mom!" Ophier whined, but he quickly ran after her.

Though, despite her head start, he pulled in front of her with ease, although he did momentarily stop to look back and stick his tongue out at her.

"It's not over yet, Ophier!"

"Alright, you win," Aisha panted as they finally made it to the beach.

"Yay!" Ophier cheered, running in circles around her.

She was dazed by how much energy he had to burn, while she on the other hand was still trying to catch her breath. It's not like they'd even run all the way down to the beach, she eventually using her morphix board to get herself down the long winding stairway.

Wiping the hair out of her eyes, she straightened back up with one final sigh. As if that was his cue to go, Ophier ran to the waves lapping up onto the sand. He shrieked with delight as it ran over his feet, nearly reaching his knees as he took a few steps further into the water.

"Don't go too far, okay Ophier?" Aisha called to him. He turned his head and nodded, heeding her and staying where he was.

She sighed longingly, feeling a slight stab of jealously at her son's freedom to play in the ocean. She desperately wanted to go swimming, but her pregnant belly kind of prevented that. The rough surf and current wasn't exactly the safest environment for a growing fetus to be, and on top of that, she'd been getting worn out more quickly than usual. A rushed change of clothes and some sort of a pregnant sprint to the beach was just a little too much. She still hadn't quite gotten her breath back.

Deciding to go for a walk, she started down, keeping an eye on Ophier as he was now playing chase with the waves, running back and forth as he tried not to get his feet wet.

Looking ahead at the quiet strip of sand in front of her, she enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her face and the feel of sand between her bare toes. Giving a contented sigh, she relished in the beauty of a gorgeous summer day and listening to the crashing surf, she let her mind wander.

Aisha faintly wondered if Ophier would want to train in wizardry, like his father. At four he didn't have much of an interest in learning, although he was intently curious and amazed by it. Every time Nabu showed off a new trick or spell, Ophier couldn't help but be captivated by the spectacle, no matter how small. Of course, he could always go to Red Fountain as well.

Suddenly, the baby began to kick and so she rubbed her belly and hummed a soft tune, hoping to calm her down. They already knew that it was going to be a girl and Aisha excitedly hoped that she would become a fairy. She fantasized about her powers, if they would be come from the ocean, like her own. Or maybe originate from something completely different? What if the source of her power came from nature, like Flora? Or maybe music, like Musa? There was an infinite realm of possibilities! (1)

Pondering this, the baby's kicking intensified as Aisha's head suddenly started to pound, seeming to be in sync with each beat of her heart. She groaned in pain, bringing up a hand to her forehead. Then her vision started to swim as a sudden dizzy spell swooped down upon her. Figuring it was because of the heat, she stopped walking and slowly lowered herself down to the sand. But as she did so, her headache took a sudden violent turn. Alarmed and slightly panicked, she felt as if her heart was straining to beat and her body went slack with exhaustion.

"Ophier . . ." she could only whisper, her voice not having the strength to be any louder. She had no idea what was going on, and although she hated to scare him like this, he was her only hope of getting help.

Fighting to stay conscious and regain her breath, she panted, putting a hand over her fluttering heart. "O . . . phier . . ." she wheezed again.

Ophier was playing contently in the sand, when he felt a cool breeze tickle the back of his neck. " . . . Ophier . . ." it seemed to call his name.

Whipping his head around, he expected to see his mother or father standing behind him, but there wasn't anyone. An uneasy feeling crept over him, making his tummy feel funny. He didn't like it, he needed to find Mommy.

"Momma?" he stood up, looking down the beach for her familiar head of curly brown hair. A chilling sense of panic and fear gripped him as he found he couldn't see anybody.

Running, he picked up his call, growing louder and more frantic with each cry, "Momma! Mommy!"

Then he came upon a sight that made him freeze, his eyes going wide with disbelief and shock. There was his mother, lying passed out in the sand. He was scared because she wasn't moving and he couldn't imagine why she would want to take a nap on the beach.

"Mom?" he called, approaching her still form cautiously. Then, mustering his courage and steeling his nerves, he knelt down and shook her shoulder gently, "Momma?"

He was relieved when her eyes fluttered open. "Mommy!" he shouted excitedly.

"Ophier . . . please, go get the doctor."

"Are you okay?"

"No," she forced out, her eyes starting to close again.

"Mom!" he yelled, panicked. He shot up and ran as quick as he could back to the castle.

Ophier sat silently outside his parent's chambers, waiting for something to happen. Either his father would come home or his mother would finally come out of the bedroom, smiling and healthy. Fortunately, the former came first.

"Ophier!" he looked up to see Nabu jogging down the hallway towards him.

"Dad!" Ophier jumped down from his seat and met him halfway as Nabu then knelt down to gather his son in his arms.

"Hey, bud."

The little boy suddenly broke in his embrace, his entire body shaking with hard sobs. All the fear and panic he had for his mother streamed down his face in the form of heavy tears. He clutched onto his father tightly. "Daddy, I'm so scared," he blubbered.

"It's okay, Ophier, it's okay," Nabu gently rubbed his back in small circles. He held him close for a couple minutes more, waiting until his cries had subsided some before gently pushing him back and lifting up his face. "Now, can you tell me what happened, Ophier?"

With a heavy sigh, he gathered himself together before launching into his story. "Um, well, me and Mommy went to the beach. And I was playing and then Mommy went for a walk. And then- then I couldn't find her," a few more tears emerged as he recalled the panic he'd felt. "So, I looked for her and I sawed her sleeping in the sand. She told me to get the doctor, so I did and then they got Mommy and put her in bed. I don't know why Mommy went to sleep," he finished, sniffling.

Nabu nodded, his eyes glazed over with worry. He had been out to lunch with his parents, when the palace doctor had called him. She hadn't told him any specifics, just that Aisha had collapsed and that he should get home quickly.

Taking in his son, he could see the poor boy was scared out of his mind. He was worried about his mother and on top of that, he was the one who had found her so sick. While Nabu desperately wanted to go in and check on Aisha, he also knew Ophier probably needed him more than her right now. Aisha had the doctor and the rest of the staff treating her; she was in very capable hands.

"Ophier, you did the right thing, getting the doctor so quick. I'm sure it was scary, huh? Seeing Mommy like that?"

Ophier nodded solemnly, leaning back into his father's embrace with a heavy sigh.

"Well, I'm not going anywhere, okay, buddy. I'll stay right here with you, until the doctor comes back out."

"But, why wouldn't Mommy come out?"

"Or Mommy, okay?" Nabu quickly corrected himself.

The boy nodded, and Nabu stood and took his hand, leading him over to the pair of plush red armchairs that offered comfortable seating in the hallway. They were perfect for a long wait such as this.

The two ended up sitting there for another hour before the doctor finally emerged from the bedroom. She was smiling, which instantly calmed Nabu's nerves.

"Hello, sir," she inclined her head politely, not bothering to bow.

"So, how is she?"

"Both the Princess and the baby are just fine. It turns out that Princess Aisha is anemic, it's actually a fairly common symptom in pregnant woman as sometimes they can develop anemia during pregnancy. But, it should go away after she's had the baby."

"Okay, but why would it suddenly hit her, now? She's into her third trimester already and she's been perfectly healthy."

"Anemia is a something that crops up suddenly, usually without any warning, such as it happened for the Princess today. But, she just needs to keep up a healthy diet and take a couple more vitamins and she should be fine until her due date. I would advise you to avoid any extra physical strain or exertion, though, as she'll get lightheaded and run out of breath more easily," she warned Nabu.

He frowned, "She's gonna hate that."

She laughed, "Don't I know it, when she was younger, there was plenty a scrape I had to bandage and a couple of broken limbs, too. That girl was all over the place growing up."

Nodding in understanding, Nabu then switched topics, "And the baby's okay?"

The doctor nodded, "Yes, she's just fine, Aisha's fainting spell didn't affect her at all."

"That's a relief," he finally let out a long breath that he didn't know he'd been holding in. "Thank you, mamm," he smiled gratefully, and then taking Ophier's hand, he asked, "Can we see her?"

She stepped aside, gesturing to the door, "Of course, go right on ahead."

Stepping forward, he opened the door and was met with a bed-ridden, but smiling Aisha. "Hey, guys."

Striding quickly over to her, Nabu couldn't help himself; he swiftly leaned down and gave her a solid kiss. He could feel her lips curl up in a smile against his.

He pulled back, "Don't ever scare me like that again," he warned her as he sat down on the bed.

"It's not my fault," she shot back, but her smile was bright and warm. Looking over at her son, she opened up her arms to him. "Come here, Ophier. Mommy's all better now, see?"

He quickly climbed up onto the bed and folded into her embrace. He held onto her with a vice like grip, wrapping his arms around her as far as they could reach, nearly squeezing the breath from her lungs.

"Ophier, I'm so proud of you, you were so brave."`

"Why?" he mumbled into her chest.

"Because, you went and got the doctor and helped Mommy so quickly. You did a really good thing."

"But, I was so scared," he looked up at her, eyes still red from crying.

"I know," she said softly, "And I'm sorry you were scared like that. But, Mommy's all better now and it's not gonna happen again, I promise."

"Good," Ophier cuddled up next to her side, laying his head down on her stomach, his fears finally ceased.

He contently watched as his parents continued talking back and forth, happy to see them smiling and more than happy his Mommy was all better, when suddenly, he heard a strange thumping from inside her stomach. Having his ear pressed against her belly, he could hear it loud and clear. "Momma, why is you're tummy making so much noise?" he asked.

"The baby's kicking, sweetheart," she told him.

"You can hear it, bud?" Nabu asked.

"Yeah, it sounds cool."

Aisha and Nabu shared a warm smile and then she took her husband's hand, "Here, feel." She put his hand over where the baby was kicking.

"That never get's old," Nabu grinned, a look of complete awe on his face.

Aisha sighed, taking in this small, precious moment with her family as an immense feeling of gratitude threatened to overwhelm her heart. She was so thankful to be sitting here with them, that neither her life nor her daughter's life was threatened.

Drinking it all in before their peace was shattered, she placed one hand over her son's head and the other over her husband's hand and then resting her head back against the pillow, she contently enjoyed the feeling of her daughter dancing around inside her stomach, feeling like the wings of a butterfly.

A.N: I really love Ophier, he's such a big sweetheart. I totally see him being this awesome, protective older brother to his little sister. She would be like his one soft spot while growing up. You know how guys through that, "I'm tough and nothing can hurt me," phase? But then she would always know just how to get under his skin.

1) I don't think fairy powers can exactly be inherited, well I actually have no idea how fairies first get their Winx. For Enchantix, Believix and all the other fairy forms to follow, they've always had to accomplish some sort of goal before they can transform.

So, then how do they get their Winx? It's never explained is it? Or is it in the comics? Does anyone know? Also, if a fairy is born to non-magical parents, how do they first discover their powers? Lol, I know sorry for the twenty questions. Time to Google! But seriously, what do ya'll think?

Anyway, I don't think a baby's source of magic should be limited to genetics, if that's even possible. Just because Aisha's power comes from water, doesn't mean her daughter's has to. I mean, seriously, what is it with you Winx Club Gen 2 junkies and creating the daughters as carbon copies of their mothers? The only thing original you have in those stories is their names. Why must you make everyone and every single plot device the same as the original show? You have the witches be the villain and they get boyfriends from Red Fountain. C'mon, have some originality! No one likes seeing the same story over and over again. If it's already been done and done to death, what is the point in trying to resurrect it?

Sorry, for the above rant, there's just some irks I have with the Winx Club fandom and it's very serious lack of originality and horrid use of characterization, along with a blatant ignorance/disregard for anything canon. There are some stories and authors that just give me headaches.

-Anyway, their son is named, Ophier Titus Pharos. Then, four years later they had a girl, Jasmine Naomi Pharos- Jazz for short.