A.N: So, this one had originally started out as Timmy and Tecna arguing over whether they were going to have a boy or a girl, but seeing as all I could find were myths and old wives tales about how to discern the gender, I abandoned that idea. I wanted them to have a more concrete backing for their arguments, since their both so scientific and what not. But, the different symptoms seem to be all encompassing whether you're having a boy or a girl. Basically, it was a dead end.

And then, it struck me- seeing as Tecna is usually so detached from her emotions, what if during pregnancy she was nothing but a cluster of emotions?

Summary: The most insufferable symptom of pregnancy for Tecna is her unpredictable hormones.

Tecna hated being pregnant, she hated every single freaking' second of it. She was six months along now, steadily leading into her third trimester, and she absolutely dreaded the three more months to come. She sincerely didn't want any more kids after this one.

She was the last of Winx Club to get pregnant, and at her baby shower, as wizened mothers they'd all given her advice and tips, while gushing about how great pregnancy was. Sure you had your bad days, but overall, it was a wonderful experience.

Tecna had to agree that it was absolutely amazing to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time at the doctor's, when they'd discovered they were having a boy. Or when he kicked and shifted around inside her belly, she couldn't deny how her growing love for him was firmly cemented every time she felt one of those movements.

But that was the only wonderful part about it. Besides enjoying the former, she loathed the rest of it. She was always sick, her back never ceased aching and she'd swollen up like a balloon in more places than just her stomach, places she didn't even know existed before she'd gotten pregnant.

But, worst of all, were her emotions.

Tecna could never get a handle on them; they were constantly changing faster than she could even blink. And whether she was happy, sad or angry, she felt each one so potently than before.

She'd spent her entire life suppressing emotion, as was the norm on her planet. Disregarding your feelings helped to better focus all of your attention on a task or project, to let logic take over so one can think clearly, without the haze of emotion clogging your judgment.

So, for her to suddenly be flying off the handle in a fit of random rage or dissolved into a puddle of joyful tears when looking at the picture of their baby's sonogram, it was alarming for Tecna.

The worst mood swing was one afternoon after she'd gotten home from work; she'd been feeling really emotional all day, and once she'd reached the refuge of home, couldn't suppress a loud wail that started the onslaught of tears.

When Timmy got home two hours later, she was still crying, sitting on the living room couch. All the lights were turned off and he'd had to fumble around, trying to find a light switch. Alerted by his wife's sniffles and wet hiccups, he called out, "Tecna! Are you okay?"

Finally, he turned on the living room light, revealing a tearful Tecna. Her eyes were red and puffy; she blinked at the sudden flood of light.

Timmy was immediately at her side, "Tecna, sweetheart, what's wrong?"

"I'm so ugly!" she wailed, pitching forward and crying on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her as she continued crying.

"It's just- I'm so fat and I know that the girls at work were talking about how ugly I am."

"Tecna-" Timmy tried to speak, but was swiftly cut off.

"I hate this so much! I'm just so sad and fat, and- and . . ." Tecna hiccupped.

Her tearful laments went on for another twenty minutes, she pouring out her emotionally stressed heart to her husband. She shared her insecurities about her body, the worry she had for the baby in general and the ill confidence she had in being able to fulfill her role as a mother.

Timmy tried time and again to say something to comfort her and offer his support, but was cut off by another bucket of tears every time. Eventually, he stopped trying to talk and just sat there and rubbed her back, holding her throughout the entire episode.

When she'd finally gone quiet and her tears had lessened, she sat back up, seeming to be more in control of herself. "I'm sorry, Timmy, that was uncalled for," she mumbled, embarrassed.

"No worries, Tec, I want to be here for you. I know this pregnancy has been difficult for you, but, just remember, it'll be worth it when he's finally here," he reached forward to place a hand on her belly.

Tecna smiled and put her hand over his, "You're right." She gave off a heavy sigh, seeming to collect herself.

Timmy leaned forward and gave her a small peck on the cheek. "It'll be alright, I promise."

Tecna awoke the next morning, still reeling from her emotional breakdown last night. Even with a full night's sleep, she still felt exhausted. She wasn't looking forward to what this new day had to offer, having a feeling it was going to be a lot like yesterday.

Needing to pee, she quickly made her way to the bathroom. She took a shower, dressed for work and then made her way to the kitchen for breakfast.

Timmy was already at work, he leaving an hour before her. Because he was always the first to get up, he made breakfast for her, as well. She was pleasantly surprised to find the table already set; her plate was normally put in the fridge to be heated up later. There was also a single flower in a vase beside her plate; it was a light blue chrysanthemum, her favorite flower and her favorite color.

Her eyes widened in shock as she saw a hand written note on the table. It was a rare thing for Timmy and Tecna to write with pen and paper, their tablets were usually their preferred notepads. They could simply, text, call or send emails. The fact that he didn't use the technology advanced route and took the time to sit down and write a note by hand was something endearing indeed.

Tecna picked it up to read it.

My dear, beautiful, Tecna,

You are an amazing woman, whom I love with all of my heart. You're strong, brave, courageous, smart, beautiful and funny, and I've never met anyone who can solve advanced quantum mathematic equations as quickly as you can.

This little boy is going to love you, too. He's your son, Tecna; he's going to love you no matter what.

You and I are in this together, we'll be the best darn parents we can be. We are starting a family with this little guy, and I'm sure they'll be harder days to come with him, but we'll face those days just like we tackled yesterday- together.

So, don't let the little things bum you out so much, remember everything that you are. Just look above for the reminder. I love you, sweetheart, and I hope you have a great day today.

With all my love, Timmy.

Tecna couldn't help the smile and joyful tears she had on her face as she finished reading. There was such an overflowing of happiness; she felt her heart might burst with confetti. She sat down and leaned over to smell the flower, and then began to eat her meal.

The love and support she'd received from Timmy buoyed her and completely changed her outlook on the day. She left for work with a wide smile and not a single regret about marrying Timmy.

A.N: I have an incurable weakness for fluff. X P Sue me for the toothache. This had started out as a humorous argument and then an angsty sort of humor scene, and finally this, a fluffy little thing. Of course fluff wins out!

-Well, they only had one kid; Tecna was serious about never getting pregnant again. She got her tubes tied when they had their baby, his name is, Andrew Bartholomew Hughes- Andy for short.

There is one more chapter after this, featuring both Stella and Bloom. Hope you guys will stick around for that, and thank you for reading!