I know it's been forever. I had to track down the PDF version of the story and convert it to Word. Then, the formatting was destroyed. I basically had to rewrite the last 5 chapters of this story. Anyway, I've finished. Now, we can proceed. I hope I haven't angered too many of you.

Chapter 27


"Here you go, bitch," Alice says placing an IHOP bag on my bed.

I wrapped shooting last night. So, I was free as a bird. First, Edward and I celebrated…three times. Then, he had to leave this morning. So, I'm drowning my sorrows in pancake syrup.

"Thank you, Alice," I open the bag and smell all of the breakfast deliciousness. "I love you."

"You better," she warns, grabbing a muffin from the refrigerator and taking a bite out of it. "You cock blocked me when you called."

I smile. How many times has Alice barged in my house or bedroom unannounced when Edward and I were about to have sexy time? Too many to count.

Sometimes, I love karma.

"It doesn't feel good, does it?" I smile evilly, taking a bite of my bacon. "Mmmm."

"Edward left," she smiles getting my back as my smile fades.

"Hmph. Stupid movie," I pout crossing my arms. "Now, I'm sad."

Edward left this morning to go back to wherever the hell they were shooting this week. I feel like I've asked him at least 5 times where he was shooting. I kept forgetting, so I stopped asking. He's been everywhere though. I miss him.

"It doesn't feel good, does it?" she throws my earlier taunt in my face.

"Leave me alone," I roll my eyes, pouring syrup over my pancakes.

How I've missed you.

"Hey, bitches!" we hear Rose shout from downstairs. "Come downstairs. I'm fat and winded from walking here from the cab. I don't feel like walking up stairs."

We follow her orders quickly. She's been super hormonal for the past couple of weeks. Neither of us want to provoke her. I thought Rose was bitchy before. A pregnant and bitchy Rose is not pretty.

Not at all.

"What's up?" I ask, sitting down.

"Leah Clearwater called me today," Rose states calmly.

"What for?" I ask, finishing my meal.

"She faxed over a script that she wants you to look at," she says, taking said script from her bag along with a book and placing it on the table. "She said something about you being too interested in food to pay attention," she laughs.

"Did you know how many people asked if I was pregnant?" I ask. I still couldn't believe the nerve of some people.

"Seriously?" Alice holds her stomach from laughing so hard. "Damn, that's priceless." I roll my eyes and flip her off.

"Anyway," Rose gets back on track. "It's for Making a Man. I read part of it. It's pretty good. They finally finished the script for it and Leah's set to direct. You should read them," she advises throwing the book and script on the table.

I remember being told about that movie last year. It's based on a real story about how a young boy gets sent to live with various relatives after his mother gets life in prison for killing his father. The script wasn't finished so I passed on it. I'd never gotten a chance to read the actual memoir either. It was supposed to be some heavy stuff. If I'm cast at all, I'll most likely get a supporting role.

"Sure," I say picking up the book. I'd rather read it first so I can get a better understanding of the script. The first thing I notice is how thick it is. "Damn, this is thick!" I laugh.

The boy must have had one fucked up life to write a book this big.

"What do you have to eat?" Rose huffs, opening my refrigerator. "When was the last time you went shopping? This is dreadful," she chastises looking inside my bare cabinet.

"I can't remember," I confess. "I had Alice bring me something."

"Why didn't you bring me anything?" she asks, holding her belly and tapping her swollen foot.

"I didn't know you'd be barging in here…unannounced," I reason. "I'm not giving either of you the key to my new house," I say turning on the television.

"You're moving?" they question me at the same time.

"Mhmm," I answer flicking the channel. "Look, Alice. I'm the Style Star of the Week. Good job, Pix," I congratulate before turning the channel.

"You bought a house and didn't tell me…us?" Rose questions, stepping her pregnant ass in front of the screen.

"We didn't buy it yet. Edward wants to buy another house. He wants something that's ours. I understand and agree. We'll start looking once he gets back from shooting," I tell them, trying to see past Rose. "You aren't made of glass, Rose" I tell her, rolling my eyes.

"Eeeeee," Alice jumps up and down. "I can't wait to help decorate. Where are you thinking? Bel Air? Beverly Hills?" she questions with her eyes bouncing in excitement.

"No and hell no," I gag. "I want a nice modest house. We can only use one bedroom and bathroom plus rooms for the kids and guests. I'm thinking like 6 bedrooms," I tell them.

"Come on, Bella," Rose rolls her eyes. "This is Hollywood. You and Edward have money. Live a little."

"Go big or go home", Alice says, thinking off in space. "It's going to be so much fun…picking out paint swatches…"

"Slow down, Alice," I laugh.

"You never let me have any fun," she crosses her arms and huffs. "First, you won't let me plan you a fabulous wedding…"

There she goes again. Ever since Edward and I got back from Cabo, Alice has been pestering me about the wedding. She's starting to get on my nerves.

Who are on the invite list?

What flowers will you use?

What will your colors be?

If Barack and Michelle were sent an invitation, do you think they'd come? That would be awesome.

"You keep shooting down my ideas," I remind her. "I don't want a fucking…Midsummer Night's Dream themed wedding," I laugh at her earlier suggestion.

"That was one idea," she huffs. "At least I didn't suggest a moon bounce," she replies.

"Moon bounce?" Rose laughs. "Bella? Seriously?"

"It would be fun and original," I defend my choice. "I stand by that request one-hundred percent," I cross my arms.

Alice has to let that one go.

"But you're Bellward," Alice reasons, throwing her hands in the air. "You're the golden couple. People love you two together. People are going to expect you and Edward's wedding to be the event of the season…perhaps the entire year!" she finishes. "Think of all the guests…"

"I don't care," I laugh. "I don't care about any of that shit. I'd marry Edward in an alley wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I don't care about venues, flowers or centerpieces. All I care about is that the end of the day I get to be Mrs. Cullen. That and the food of course…and the cake…plus I don't want my dress to look like a cupcake. Besides that, it's impossible for me to give less of a shit, really," I tell her.

"Bella," Alice starts sitting down to shake her head in her hands. "You're one of my best friends. But, I will never understand you."

"I'll never expect you to," I smile at her. "Move, Rose!" I tell my friend who is still in front of the TV."

"Are you two finished?" Rose asked with her bitch face on. "Because, I'm still hungry."

"Sheesh," I raise my hands in surrender. "We'll have some lunch."

I end up having to drive us to lunch. Rose is too big to fit behind the wheel. Alice's Porsche is too small to fit the three of us comfortably.

"Stop, bitch!" Rose yells at me from the passenger seat. "Stop now!" she says banging on my window. "Let's eat here!" she yells. I didn't stop my car all the way before she jumped out the door and ran inside of a restaurant called Noodle.

Hmm…I've never been here before.

"Do I act like that when I'm hungry?" I ask Alice.

"Worse," she answers following our friend inside.

"Hello," I introduce myself to the woman at the front desk. "We're here with Hale."

"Oh my God!" she whispers, taking out her camera phone. "I love you," she smiles taking my picture. I thank her and sign an autograph. She leads us to where Rose is sitting. Apparently, Rose just walked past the front desk and sat down at the best table simply stating "the pregnant bitch is hungry."

She has two bread rolls in her hands. Yet, she is flipping through the menu with ease.

She is learning the way of the fatass.

I look through the menu and become quite impressed. The restaurant specializes in every type of noodle and sauce. You can tell the waitress what kind of ingredients you want in your sauce as well as what kind of meat. Plus, they have specialty meat like bison and deer. Is that even legal?

I decide on linguini with Cajun sauce and Cajun crawfish and chicken with vegetables. It sounds delicious. *Cue stomach growl*

"I have to pee," Alice states, leaving to head to the ladies room.

I grab the last roll earning a bitch face from Rose before she starts to look paranoid.

"Bella?" Rose asks, rubbing her stomach.

"What, sweetie?" I smile, biting the roll. Fuck, it's good.

"I'm scared," she admits rubbing her stomach.

"You shouldn't be," I tell her. "I imagine it will be hard. But, you have us and Emmett. You're going to be a great Mommy," I pat her hand and smile at her.

"I'm not talking about that," she rolls her eyes. "I'm scared of Alice," she says, looking over her shoulder at the bathroom. "She's going to kill us. You saw what happened last time. You had to put her in a headlock to calm her down."

I laugh at her fear. It must be Bean talking. I'm not scared at all of Alice. I don't think she'll take it bad although, I'm not sure if our friendship could survive another headlock incident.

"You're worrying over nothing," I wave her off. "She's going to shit herself with happiness. If she attacks you again, I'll put her in another headlock. That's why we're telling her together," I laugh. "Bean is making you soft."

"Stop calling my son Bean," she orders me.

"Think of it this way," I start. "She'll be so busy, she won't have time to interfere with your wedding plans."

"Speaking of that," Rose narrows her eyes at me. "Don't mention a moon bounce to Emmett. That sounds right up his alley."

"Deal," we shake hands before Alice comes back to the table.

Our food comes and my plate is delicious. The plate was so huge. I didn't even care that other customers took pictures of me with their cell phone. It was that delicious.

I must come back here.

"Let's go shopping!" Alice asks, getting into the car. "I saw a dress that would look fabulous on Bella," she rubs her hands together.

"No," I refuse her calmly. "I have enough clothes."

"But…" Alice starts.

"Let's go shopping," Rose agrees looking behind at Alice. "It won't hurt anything."

"You're pregnant," I point out to Rose. "You need to stay off of your feet."

"I'm not due for two weeks," she rolls her eyes. "We won't stay that long," she smiles at Alice.

"Yay!" Alice smiles, directing me where to drive.

Once we arrive by the stores, I check my texts.

Rose: If we keep her happy, she won't try to kill us

I roll my eyes and pretend to strangle her. I'm not in the mood to go shopping with Alice. I'm still pissed at her for Cabo.

Then, the paps show up.

Bella! Let's see that ring!

Show us the ring, Bella!

Shopping for any baby clothes, Bella?

How many carats is it?

When are you and Edward making it official?

When is the baby due?

I subconsciously rub my stomach to see if I'm bloated because of the food I ate. That's the fourth time someone has asked me if I was pregnant this month.

"Guys, am I getting fat?" I consciously rub my stomach.

"No!" Alice says, running her hands over my stomach. "As a matter of fact, you might be losing weight. I don't get how you eat so much and stay so thin," she says shaking her head.

"I'm starting to get self conscious," I admit looking at myself in the mirror. "People keep asking me if I'm pregnant," I roll my eyes. "Do you think I should go on a …Ouch! Rose!" I stop my question to rub the boob that Rose just punched.

"How dare you ask me if you look fat?" she asks me slowly walking forward.

"You're a size two, you ungrateful bitch," she hisses.

"I was just…"

"This…" she pokes out her pregnant belly. "is fat. My tits hurt. My back hurts. I don't remember that last time I saw my feet. I have two chins. Two, Bella. Two." she complains looking me straight in the eye. "Don't ask me that stupid question again," she orders.

"Sorry," I concede finding a pair of jean shorts interesting.

It's just Bean talking.

"It's probably because you eat like an escaped mental patient," she hisses flipping through clothes on the rack before getting flustered. "Damn it!" she shouts. "Why did you bring me to this skinny-bitch store anyway? I can't fit anything in here!" her voice cracks before she leaves the store.

"We're sorry," Alice apologizes as we engulf her in a group hug causing the photographers to go crazy.

"I was being insensitive. I'm sorry," I apologize. Asking a pregnant woman if you look fat is a dumb question.

"No. I'm sorry," Rose apologizes. "You just asked me a question," she wipes her eyes with a tissue. "I just…want him out already," she sniffles.

"You want to go shopping for some more baby clothes?" I ask. "My… treat" I choke out.

I must really feel guilty.

"I guess," she shrugs her shoulders. Damn it.

Unluckily for me, there is a joint store across the street where one side is for regular clothes and another side is for mommy and baby clothes.

"Hello, I am such a fan" the owner comes from the back to greet me. "We just got a new shipment today. It's perfect for…"

"I'm here with my friend Rose" I tell her. "She's going on a little baby spree. It's my treat. Money is no problem," I say as Rose steps in front of me.

The store was really nice. It smelled like baby powder and peppermint. The manager and another employee helped us and served complimentary snacks, milk, lemonade, and iced tea while we shopped for clothes.

I like this store. They give you snacks.

"Look, Rose!" Alice runs over. "It's a little lederhosen," she giggles showing Rose the little outfit.

"I'm looking for a navy outfit," I laugh and sift through the racks.

"No way in hell," Rose warns putting baby bibs made of Egyptian cotton in her pile.

"Come on," I laugh still looking. "Every kid has a picture of themselves in a sailor outfit.

It's a rite of passage."

"Not my kid," Rose shakes her head, while adding some pacifiers to her growing pile.

"I'm buying it," I joke, holding up the infamous blue and white outfit. It's the kind that has a humongous silk blue bow on the front. "I can't wait for him to take pictures in this," I smile, putting it in the pile. "It comes with a sailor hat!"

"Buy that and I'll buy that vintage ten-thousand dollar stroller they have in the back," Rose smiles making her way to go get the stroller.

"Fine," I put the outfit back. "You can't take a joke."

"Aww…" Rose coos holding up a green shirt. "A baby Lacoste shirt…and they have little baby Vans to go with it," she smiles putting it in the pile.

"Look!" I gaze at my latest find. "Rose, you must get it," I shake the baby smoking jacket-complete with ascot. She laughs and puts it in the pile along with some blue velvet baby slippers to go with it.

"He's taking pictures in that," Rose laughs nodding her head.

"I've never had this much fun shopping," I smile looking at the gigantic pile of shit we've gathered.

I have to pay for this. Shit!

"Ms. Swan," the owner whose name is Helen tapped me on my shoulder. "How is your visit going?"

"It's going really well. We're all having a great time. I haven't had this much fun shopping in ages," I laugh, pointing to the huge pile.

"I'm glad to hear that," she smiles. "We have a line of maternity wear also. It looks like regular clothes," she steps closer smiling at me and glancing at my stomach. "It'll be great for hiding baby bumps when the time comes," she finishes as her smile grows.

"Oh!" I gasp shaking my head when I realize what she's implying. "I'm not preg…"

"Oh, of course you're not," she shakes her head smiling. Except it was one of those, 'I'll play along' smile and nods.

"Oh…I'm really not pregnant. Edward and I aren't even engaged," I laugh waving my hands.

"Of course you're not," she repeats again shaking her head. "I'm…just saying…" she leads off smiling.

"O…kay" I smile awkwardly going back to Rose and Alice. The pile has grown.

"I want to leave," I announce.

"Why?" they ask.

"Helen just assumed I was pregnant," I admitted waiting for them to burst out laughing.

They didn't disappoint.


"Yes" I deadpan looking out the window to see paps snapping pictures like crazy. "Can we leave now?"

We finish shopping and I pay the tab. Who knew we could spend six thousand dollars in forty five minutes?

Now, on to the next hurdle.

"This is fun," Alice claps. "I love shopping for other people. Bean is going to be so cute," she says pinching Rose's cheek from the back seat of the car. Rose slaps her hand away.

"So… Alice," I smile. "How is everything going with your designs?" I ask, parking the car.

"It's good," she shrugs her shoulders. "People seem to like it. It's fun even though it kind of pisses me off when the bitches gain weight and expect me to fix the problem hours before the show like I don't have a life," she rolls her eyes.

"So overall it's good?" Rose asks nodding her head and looking at me while cradling her stomach in fear.

I mouth 'you're getting soft,' while rolling my eyes.

"Have you seen my phone?" I ask looking around the car for it. "I haven't seen it since we left the store."

Take the bait.

"I'll call it. Maybe it's under the seat," Alice tells me calling my phone. It rings in the trunk of the car.

"Damn," I hiss getting out of the car. "Can you help me look for it? There are a lot of bags back here," I ask Alice.

She follows me to the trunk and helps me 'look' for my phone. I volunteered to actually break the news to Alice. Rose doesn't act like it but she's been a little scared of Alice since the headlock incident. However, I don't think she's going to be mad.

She better not be at least. Or, I'll put her in a headlock for a different reason.

"You seem a little stressed," I tell Alice. "How have you been handling it?" I ask, grabbing my phone and putting it in my pocket.

"It's a little stressing," she admits. "I'm doing all the designing, measuring, and sewing myself. Plus, I'm your assistant," she shrugs her shoulder. "Don't worry. You're first," she smiles and pets my shoulder like she's placating me.

"No, you're not," I say, stepping on the curb.

"I'm not what?" she asks.

"You're not my assistant," I tell her coming to a stop. "Alice, you're fired," I deadpan.

"W-what?" she asks with her lip starting to quiver. "Why?" she follows as her eyes fill with water.

"You seem really unfocused. You don't have time for me anymore," I tell her nonchalantly stepping away from her.

"It was your idea," she whimpers. "I thought I was your friend," she cries covering her face.

"Of course, we're your friends," Rose says from behind her.

"Which is why we're deciding to invest in you…and Pix," I smile.

"Don't hit me!" Rose says, running behind me to use me as a shield.

"What?" Alice asks, wiping her eyes.

"Here is two hundred thousand dollars," I say taking a check from my purse. "It's for you," I tell her showing the check.

My hands are literally shaking. All this money…

After the Golden Globes, Alice's dress and other designs got so many great reviews. It's obvious that she's meant to be in fashion. Rose was right. She just needs a little push. So, I talked to Rose about investing in her business. She was on board as long as she wasn't physically hurt. I asked Edward what he thought about it. I mean, this shit is not cheap. He thought it was a wonderful idea. He rewarded me for my good deed…very handsomely.

By handsomely I mean he fucked me brains out.

"Plus, this is your own design studio," Rose says turning Alice to face a modest two story building. "You can go here to design that without being too cramped," she says handing the speechless girl a set of gold keys.

"H-huh?" Alice stutters and starts to blink profusely.

"Sweetie, you're too talented to just be an assistant," I tell her. "Although I heard your boss is pretty fucking awesome," I laugh. "You need to follow your bliss, Pixie," I smile nudging her shoulder.

"I-I-I don't…" she starts.

"Come on," Rose urges. "Open it," she smiles clapping her hands.

With shaking hands, Alice unlocks the door to the empty studio. It has a warehouse feel with a winding staircase that leads to the second floor. It's bare right now but it has very good bones.

"It's beautiful," she whispers looking around.

"The first six months on the lease are paid for," I tell her as she walks around the space.

"After that, you're on your own," Rose adds. "Sink or swim."

"Oh my God. It's just like my dream," Alice cries. "Thank you so much," she cries engulfing Rose and I into a hug. "I never thought in a million years…and then…I just…" she cries into our ears.

"It's okay," Rose starts to cry. "We just want you to be happy," she adds drying her tears on my shirt. "Damn hormones!"

"It's your destiny," I smile rubbing their backs.

Before I knew it, my eyes were a little misty too.

Now, I know how Oprah feels.

"I'll put my sewing machines here," Alice starts walking to different spots of the building.

"You might have to get some electrical outlets put in," I tell her. She waves me off.


"My mannequins can go there. I always wanted to do a piece with mirrors." Alice starts again running her hands over the walls.

"That could be cool," I say trying to visualize what she's talking about.


"There can be a little runway thing over here or maybe even upstairs. We'll definitely have fitting rooms upstairs," she rushes out.


"I was thinking gold and silver for colors…and diamonds," she smiles. "Oh my God. I need an assistant now. I was an assistant like 5 minutes ago. Now, I need an assistant. Life is so crazy," she giggles running around the space like a five year old.

"I think I…"

"How big is upstairs?" Alice asks, running over to the staircase. "This staircase is so cool. This is…"

"LISTEN TO ME, DAMN IT!" Rose screams gathering our attention.

"Wha…Oh Shit!" Alice and I yell as we take in the sight of Rose standing in a puddle of water.

"Your water…"

"No shit, Sherlock," Rose snaps at me. "I need to get to…Ouch!" she hisses grabbing her back.

"Okay," I say leading her to the car. It wasn't until she sat down that I realized there was baby water residue on my seats.

"Drive, bitch!" Rose screams at me. "I'll buy you a new fucking seat," she adds.

The 15 minutes to the hospital was kind of a blur to be honest. I zoned out after Rose called me a bitch for the sixth time. I let it slide. She is in labor. Plus, she calls everyone a bitch. It just got annoying.

"Hello, Ms. Hale," Rose's doctor greets her once we arrive. "We're going to get you squared away," he starts as he notices me. "Hello, Ms. Swan. I'm a huge fa…"

"Who gives a shit?" she yells as a contraction rips through her body. "I don't. I don't care. Bella's tits are wonderful. We all know. Stop staring and just help me!" she orders.

We're told to wait in the waiting room until Rose is changed and hooked up to the necessary monitors. Some fans in the waiting room recognize me and ask for autographs and pictures. I smile and grant their requests.

"How is she?" Jasper asks, walking through the door.

"She's alive," Alice says, curling up next to Jasper.

"And very…vocal," I add with a slight laugh.

"Understatement," Alice gripes. "I know she's in labor. She didn't have call me a Pixie from Hell," she deadpans.

We wait another fifteen or so minutes before a nurse comes to let us know we can see her.

"Ms. Swan?" the nurse steps me aside from the door. "I'm a huge fan. My boyfriend is too. Would you mind…"

"Are you asking for an…ouch…autograph?" Rose huffs from inside her suite. "At a time like this? Be star struck later," she orders. "Help me, now," she whimpers.

"How far is she?" I ask the doctor as he gets done checking her.

"Two…maybe three centimeters," he says with a sympathetic look on his face.

"What?" Rose asks with tears in her eyes. "No!"

I run and get some ice chips thinking it will help. After another two hours, Alice, Jasper and I realize we're going to have to work together to sooth her. I feed her ice chips, Alice wipes her face and neck with a cold towel and Jasper switches the channels on the TV to the shows she wants to watch.

Jasper is one cool mofo. If you talk to the guy for longer than five minutes, you'd think you just smoked an entire joint. He's awesome.

Why don't we hang out more?

I hear my phone buzzing from my pocket.

"It's Edward," I smile feeding Rose an ice chip.

"Go," Rose orders. "It might be important."

I head to the waiting room thankful that it is now empty. I call Edward back eager to hear his voice.

"Hey Bambi," he laughs in the phone.

"Hey, baby," I sigh into the voice feeling instantly at ease.

"How are you doing?" he asks. "You sound stressed. Are you okay?" he asks worried.

"I'm good," I laugh. "The day has been interesting," I smile.

"What happened?"

"We gave Alice her shop today," I start with a smile.

"How did she take it?" he asks.

"She took it well," I say remembering when the day was less complicated. "Then, Rose went into labor."

"What?" Edward asked shocked. "How is she?'

"Bitchy as ever," I tell him. "But that's our Rose. We're working as a team to keep her happy," I laugh.

"How is Emmett doing?" she asks.


"He's…not here actually," I tell him trying to think of where he is.

"How long has she been at the hospital?" he asks.

"Five or six hours," I say looking at the clock. "What's taking him so long?" I ask.

"Bella…" Edward draws out laughing. "Did you call Emmett?"

Damn it.

"Shit," I face palm myself shaking my head to Edward's laughter over the phone.

"This is why I love you," he laughs. "Only Bella…" he leads.

"I need to go," I say still shaking my head. "I'll call you back."

"It's okay," he says calming down. "I'll be shooting the rest of the day. I just wanted to hear your voice," he says.

"I miss you," I tell him picking at my shirt. "I can't wait until you're finished."

"I can't wait either," he says. "I really can't wait to marry you," he adds making me blush. "I hear your blush."

"Shut up," I pout. "I'm looking forward to that too," I tell him as I look out the window. "I need to call Emmett."

"Yeah," he laughs. "You do. I'll talk to you later. I love you."

"I love you too," I smile hanging up.

I dial Emmett's number next.

"Hey, Bells," Emmett answers. "Are you here to switch agents? You traitor!" he jokes.

"Never," I deadpan before laughing. "Your baby mama is in labor," I tell him.


"Emmett?" I ask.

More silence.


Even more silence.

"Eeeeeeeemmmmmeeeeet?" I draw out.

"Sorry," he says out of breath. "I forgot my phone. I'll be there in 10 minutes," he finishes before hanging up.

I walk back into the room just as Jasper puts on a rerun of Friends.

"Fuck," Rose winces in pain. "I swear to God. This kid better clean his fucking room when I ask him to," she hisses through a contraction.

"Get back on your post!" Jasper huffs, handing me the bucket of ice.

"Emmett is on the way," I smile at Rose.

"Where is he?" she asks shaking her head against the pillow. "What do you mean he's 'on the way?'" she asks. "You just now called him?"

"Bella," Alice says me name like she's appalled.

"Wow," Jasper deadpans. "Really?"

"I was in shock," I defend myself. "Shut up," I direct at Alice. "You didn't call him either," I point out.

"Damn it, this hurts," she arches her back as the monitor shows a contraction. "Bella, Alice, it hurts so bad," she says shaking her head. "See if Emmett is here," she asks me.

I step out of the door just as I see Emmett's large frame running from the elevator. I walk over to go greet him.

"Excuse me. What room is Rosa…"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I hear Rose shout from her room piercing my eardrums.

"I found her," Emmett smiles. "Thank you," he says running past me to Rose's room.

I walk back to find Alice outside the door looking a mixture of scared and pissed.

"She bit me," she complains. "She doesn't need a doctor. She needs an exorcism," she pouts and Jasper kisses her injured finger.

"Emmett!" Rose cries reaching for him.

"I'm here, Rosie," he smiles kissing her and giving her his hand. "I'm sorry I'm late."

"It's okay," she smiles at him before narrowing her eyes at me.

"Okay, Ms. Hale," Dr. Fowler gets our attention. "You're about 8 centimeters," he smiles.

"Thank God," Rose smiles

"In another couple of hours, we'll be able to start…"

"Ouch!" she winces. "We won't do anything," she hisses. "You'll talk shit while I push something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a plum."

"It's a little crowded in here," Fowler says ushering us out. "Mommy and Daddy get to stay. You three can sit in the waiting room."

"Okay!" Jasper, Alice, and I say eagerly trying to make our escape.

It's later in the day so I sit down and relax. Then, I get bored. So, I take out Making a Man and start to read the first chapter. Soon I find myself caught up in the drama and emotional turmoil that this young man went through. How he survived it with some variance of his sanity is beyond me. His entire family is insane…in a bad way. I get to the middle of the book when Emmett barges in the room.

"I have a son!" he yells in his scrubs. "I'm a dad," he adds, fist pumping the air as those in the waiting room start to clap.

Is his hand in an ace bandage?

"Aww…" I smile hugging him. "How are they?"

"She's asleep," he laughs. "As soon as she popped him out she held him, kissed him, then collapsed on the bed," he chokes through his laughs. "It was pretty fucking funny."

"Can we see?" Alice asks vibrating with excitement.

"Sure," he waves us over.

We end up in front of the window looking at all the newborn babies.

"There he is," Emmett grins pointing to his son. We can't see his hair color because of his cap. From what I can see he has Emmett's dark blue eyes as opposed to Rose's ice blue orbs. He squints his eyes showing his chubby little baby cheeks.

"Awww…" Alice coos pushing closer to the window.

"He's so adorable," I whisper gazing at this tiny person.

"He's perfect," Emmett replies. "All seven pounds 5 ounces of him. He wasn't due for another week or so. But, the doctor says he's okay," he smiles putting his hand on the glass.

"That's good," I say softly. "That he's healthy," I finish with my voice fading as I think about my little boy.

I never got to see him.

We stare and look at the babies before Emmett goes to check on Rose.

I shake my head to free myself from those thoughts. Today was Rose's day. I need to be happy for her.

"Bella," Em calls me. "Rose wants to see you."

I go back to check on her. She's wet with sweat. Her hair is a mess and she has on absolutely no makeup. But she looks beautiful.

"Hey, Milf," I laugh going over to hug her. "How are your lady bits?"

"Torn to pieces," she deadpans. "I'll never be the same again," she laughs a little. "How you holding up?" she asks. "I know it had to be hard on you," she says pulling me in for a hug.

"I'm okay," I wave her off as a tear falls out of my eye. "He's just…amazing," I say not really sure how to express my awe. "He's beautiful."

"My son isn't beautiful," Emmett interrupts rolling the baby in the room. "He's handsome," he corrects picking him up and placing him in Rose's arms.

"Auntie Bella, meet Emmett Quinton McCarthy Jr.," Rose smiles kissing her son on the forehead.

"Hey, Bean," I smile poking his little stomach.

"AKA EmJ," Emmett smiles. "I fought for Bean. I lost."

"You're so precious," Rose coos to the newborn. "Yes, you are," she says in baby talk nuzzling her nose against his cheek as he touches her face.

It's weird to see Rose this maternal.

"I should go," I say getting up. I don't want to ruin their family moment. It's making me a little sad. "I'll drop by tomorrow and…"

"No," she shakes her head.

"We want to ask you a question," Emmett says sitting next to Rose.

"We've been meaning to bring this up for ages," Rose starts.

"It's just that in this town everything happens all the time and we never got around to it," Emmett finishes looking at me.

"Would you and Edward mind being EmJ's godparents?" Rose asks shyly.

"I asked Edward earlier today," Em tells me. "He's okay with it if you are."

"You're my best friend. I wouldn't trust him with anyone else," Rose smiles at me. "I don't want him to have to live with my mother if anything happens to me and Emmett," she looks at me desperately.

"Wow," I gasp in shock just as the little guy smiles at me. He has Rose's blonde locks and his father's dimples.

"Go, EmJ," Emmett cheers. "Show her the McCarthy charm," he encourages his son making the baby's fist do a tiny fist pump.

"How can I say no to this guy? Of course," I laugh sticking my pinky in his dimple. "He's going to be a hit with the ladies, Rose. Get ready," I warn her playfully.

"Thank you," Rose tears up. "I know he'll be in good hands," she says hugging me.

"Awww…" we hear Alice cry from behind the door.

"Come on, Alice," Rose rolls her eyes as our friend comes in blushing.

"I was eavesdropping," Alice admits.

"Good job you two," Jasper congratulates looking at the kid as Rose yawns.

"We should get out of here," I say noticing the clock. It was past visiting hours. They let us slide because I'm well…me.

"You guys don't have to come tomorrow," Rose tells us. "My parents will be here. I don't want to subject that to anyone to that who isn't required," she shakes her head. "Sorry, sweetie," she says.

"It's okay," Emmett kisses her hair.

"I wasn't talking to you," she laughs kissing him back.

I grab my things and head to my car after taking a few hundred photos of Bean on my phone. Instead of taking the elevator I take the stairs. I figure that I'll be around less people. I slowly walk to the lobby and images and memories flood through my mind. I can't help but think about what I had, what I lost, and what I could have. I imagine what my son would have looked like had he lived. I think of EmJ and I'm reminded of Cameron all over again. As the thought races through my head, I immediately feel guilty. Today was Rose's day. She shouldn't feel worried about me.

I stop at the last step to pull myself together. I will not cry. I cannot cry. The last thing I need is for me to be seen crying coming from a maternity ward. I could only imagine what magazines would come up with.

I run my fingers through my hair and find some sunglasses to hide my face before I make a run for my car. As usual, an army of paps are waiting for me. This time, I don't hear their questions or comments. I wave and drive home where I find the security to cry without being judged or coddled. I dive into bed with Captain curled at my side with the rattle Edward got me. I will for sleep to overtake me as I soak my pillow with tears of sadness and anger.

Then, my phone rings.

"Hello?" I answer, not bothering to ask who it is.

"Bella?" I hear Edward's voice. By the sound of it, I'd guess he was choosing his words carefully. "Are you okay, sweetie?"

"Everyone is asking me that," I tell him.

"Answer the question," Edward replies unfazed by my attempt to distract him.

"Yeah," I answer quickly. "I'm okay," I lie. The last thing I want is him worrying about me.

"Liar," he calls me out. "Bella," he says after a short silence. "It's okay," he tells me.


"It's okay to feel sad," he says. "It doesn't make you a bad person. Everyone knows you love Rose."

"It's just…" I start to whimper. "I'm so happy for Rose. I just look at him and I think of Cameron and get sad…and angry. It's not fair!" I cry looking at the baby rattle. "I wanted him, Edward. I wanted him so bad," I shake with sobs. "I feel guilty because I should be happy for Rose instead of feeling sorry for myself."

"It's natural that you're sad," he tells me. "It's something you get past but never get over. I know you miss him. I miss him too because he was a part of you. Missing him doesn't make you a horrible person or a bad friend," he adds listening to me cry. "I miss you so much. I wish I was there with you so I could hold you," he tells me, sadness apparent in his voice.

"He's gorgeous isn't he?" I ask.

"He sure is," he laughs. "Emmett sent me 20 pictures of him."

"I bought him a smoking jacket…with an ascot…and velvet slippers," I smile.

"Only you," he laughs.

"I miss you," I tell him sniffling. "I hate that you aren't here."

"I do too," he says. "Two more weeks, then we'll have some time together,"

"I can't wait," I yawn weakly shaking the rattle in my hand.

"I'll stay on the line with you until you fall asleep okay," he says.

"Okay," I agree as my vision begins to blur. I fell asleep to the sound of his breathing.