Okay i know that Castiel is different than the game but this side of him he shows only to Shelby and Lysander. (in case you haven't figured this out Shelby is me and my real name :p)

Shelby's POV

I was crying my eyes out by the time I made it to my apartment. I sat in my corner for a few moments then I heard a knock on my door so I went to the hallway walking to my window after grabbing my money and things I needed with my bag of clothes and guitar and threw my bag out the window and jumped out of my window holding on to my guitar and walked to FOUR NINE thrift store and donated my things to them and ran home with tears in my eyes. I got on my motorcycle and drove away to the only place that calms me down. Addie's Ice cream parlor. Where Castiel, Lysander, and I became friends. Where I fell in love with Castiel. I got a mango frozen yogurt and walked into the woods that leads to a creek that I love sitting by.

I made it to the creek and sat on a fallen tree that was sitting a few feet away from the water. "How did I know you would be here?" A sweet deep voice said. I turned around and saw Castiel behind me with red puffy eyes. "Hey. I'm sorry but I have to go. If he called you it means he knows where I am. We have to break up. I can't have a husband, fiance, or a boyfriend right now. SHIT! I SHOULDN'T HAVE LEFT!" I said crying and putting my hands on my forehead. "Fine. Goodbye Shel. I'm going to miss you. But before you go can I kiss you?" Castiel asked crying for the first time since I've known him. "Are you stupid? You HAVE to!" I said jumping off the branch and walking towards him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his and melting into him. "Don't go. Please." Castiel said in between our kisses. "You know I have to. I can't have my dad find me you know that!" I said breaking away from him. "Come on. If I'm never going to see you again then your going to stay with me for one more night. I won't take no for an answer."Castiel said. "Sorry but I have to go! You know that!" I said crying again. "SHIT! I'm never this emotional!" I said crying in Castiel's arms. "Stop crying. Okay listen just come over to my house and have dinner. That's all I want. I promise only dinner then you can go anywhere you want. Please?" Castiel asked with pleading gray eyes. "Alright. I will. But you do know I love you right? I might not seem like it but I do." I said releasing our hug and locking my hand around his while heading over to my bike.

We went to Castiel's house and went to the kitchen to go cook pizza. My favorite food. "So, I'm really sorry about your dad finding you. If he didn't call then you wouldn't be in this mess. And I found this at the thrift store along with your clothes. Why the guitar? I bought that for you. For our engagement."Castiel said grabbing the guitar from the stairway near the kitchen. "Okay look. I'm sorry but I cant take anything big with my motorcycle. I'ts the only vehicle I have because I thought I would stay here forever. And its always warm here. It never snows. So when I leave I can only take my money and small things I need and I didn't want any memory of the best time here. I have to go now. I'm sorry. Bye Cas." I said kissing him goodbye.

I rode all the way to Erie and I prayed my parents weren't home so I went in the house and headed up to the attic with tears in my eyes. 'Well, the ungrateful brat came back! Where have you been this whole time?"Brian said. "Where I've been is none of your god damn business! Why would you care anyway you and mom never cared about me anyway! I mean you locked me in the attic for years! YOU NEVER FUCKING CARED SO WHY WORRY NOW?!"I screamed at him and punching another wall and leaving a bigger hole. "Well you are ungrateful! I could of just kicked you out and left you out in the streets to die but I still let you live here! It's time to give you a punishment for once in your life." Brian said punching me in the face and throwing me against the wall. "GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER YOU BASTARD!YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE I'LL MESS UP YOUR FACE!" I heard the same voice I keep falling in love with. Castiel's. I saw him beating my father and showing no mercy. "Cas, What are you doing here?" I said trying not to cough up blood or hurt myself even more. "Shel! God damn that bastard. Are you okay?" Castiel said running over to me once my dad was knocked out. "I'm fine. Help me up." I said holding out my hands for him to grab. He grabbed my hands and once I got up I hugged him crying no sign of me stopping. "Shh. It's going to be okay. Lets get out of here. We can go anywhere you want. I just want you to be happy and out of this place. I don't want you in this town or anywhere near here." Castiel said kissing my head and hugging comforting me. "Okay. But we do have to get married. I don't think I can be safe without you here with me." I said looking into his tear filled eyes. "Lets get out of here. Come on." Castiel said carrying me bridal style to make sure I don't pass out. I was bruised pretty badly thanks to my ass hole father.

We rode on his Harley to Sweet Amoris to get married and get out of here. We figured we should get married now than wait. Were only 19 but if your in love than why wait? So we got married, got the band back together, became a popular rock band, moved to California, and never heard of my parents again.

It was going to be 5 chapters but I was getting writers block so I ended here. Sorry if you had to reread or it was too fast. It's only my 2nd fanfic. I'm still a beginner.