Hey guys! I rediscovered my love for the movie Jumanji when I saw it come on this weekend on abc family. This idea came to mind during the movie and commercials because I really love to create fanfics from my favorite films so I hope you boys and girls enjoy this one.


Cassie (Alan and Sarah's daughter): 18 y/o, Born 12/26/1993

Peter: 26 y/o

Judy: 29 y/o

This story takes place in November of 2012.

"Get a move on young ladies. Your flight leaves in two hours!" Sarah Parrish echoed from the bottom of the stairs.

On the second floor in Cassie Parrish's room her parent's co-workers daughter Judy helps Cassie pack some things she'll need for their three weeks in France with Peter, Judy's brother. Cassie, from the moment she was four she could remember being quite smitten with Peter and still is in a way. She hadn't seen him in almost a year, last time she saw him was last Christmas in 2011. He was in France because he majored in art when he went to university over there. Now he wants to begin it professionally.

Cassie had thought about going to college that fall semester, but she wanted to pay for her own tuition. After the summer she had gotten a job as a waitress so Cassie hopes to have enough saved by then. In the meantime she is also interested in art like Peter and had begged her parents' permission for weeks to go with Judy to France so she could see all the architectures and paintings she's always heard about.

"We'll be right down in a minute," Cassie calls back to her mother trying to close her suitcase zipper, Judy sits down on the case and Cassie finally zips it up. Judy and Peter really felt like family or just close friends to her, her entire life. Cassie was just a few days to being born when her parents welcomed them to stay until their parents found a place to move into, but for some reason we kept acting and seeing each other like family.

"So are you excited Cassie?" Judy said hopping off of the suitcase as Cassie grabbed her bag.

Cassie slings her bag across her shoulder with a somewhat ecstatic look on her face. "Yes, I'm a bit nervous though being away from here for my first time."

"That's okay, it's normal to feel that way at first." Judy fixes her scarf and bringing her wavy blonde strands out where they stopped a couple of inches below her shoulder. Cassie wished she had hair like Judy's, her hair was mostly flat, long and she has bangs that needed trimming badly. Her hair color is a pale sandy brown with no natural highlights. Cassie took her case and they walk out of the room.

Cassie's mother Sarah still stood at the banister. Cassie rolls her eyes unnoticeably as her mother dabs a finger beneath her bottom eyelid to wipe away a tear forming. Oh why did I have to be their only child? Cassie thought.

Cassie walks down the steps of the circular stairs and wraps her arms around her mother. "I'll see you in three weeks mom." Sarah hugs her daughter back tightly.

"You stay close to Judy and Peter alright."

"I promise mom, don't worry please. Nothing strange or bad is going to happen." Cassie gives her mother a reassuring smile after letting go of her embrace.

"We'll take good care of her Mrs. Parrish," Judy smiles.

"Is she leaving already?" Alan Parrish calls from the kitchen and walks into the foyer with everyone else.

"Dad," Cassie lingers and turns to face him. "And mom, are you still going to do this to me when I move out and start college next semester?"

Alan laughs. "Of course," He kisses Cassie's forehead. "Have a safe trip sweetheart."

Cassie smiles at both of her parents as she and Judy walk to the door. "Bye I love you both."

"Cassie do you have your cell?" Sarah calls out the door before Cassie threw her things in the back of Judy's car.

Cassie dug through her pocket and took out her iPhone waving it. "Check mom. Good bye you guys."

Cassie closes the door as fast as she could and Judy waves. "Bye Mr. and Mrs. Parrish." Everyone said goodbye and Judy starts the car and they drive off.

"They can be so embarrassing some times." Cassie said shaking her head.

"I love your parents Cass," Judy replies turning on some music. The song 'Somebody That I Used To Know' by Gotye came on.

"I love them too don't get me wrong," Cassie continues. "I've done everything at home and out here independently yet they sometimes treat me like a little girl."

Judy laughs at Cassie. "That's what parents do. You should've been there when Peter said he was going to France. Our parents flipped. They just care a lot about you and they do trust you Cassie."

"What did they do when Peter left?" Cassie asks curiously.

"It was emotional at first and now that I'm also out of the house and in my own our parents know how to let us go. Your parents will too." Judy lightly taps Cassie's shoulder and places her hand back on the steering wheel.

It didn't take too long reaching the New Hampshire International Airlines, they did however have one more hour to reach their plane on time. Cassie didn't put her suitcase in the cargo because she knew it would burst in there. Security was backed up a bit before they got to the terminal which took thirty minutes to accomplish.

They reached their plane just in time when they began to board the passengers. "Judy?" Cassie asks and Judy acknowledges her question as soon as they had handed in their tickets and crosses into the tunnel to the plane.

"Has Peter ever asked about me since he's been living in France?"

Judy nods her head. "Here and there a couple of times he has."

Cassie grew interested. "What about, or can you remember?"

"He usually asks if you were still into art and how you were doing in school. I gave him your number a few months ago. Has he ever called you?"

"No I never received a call from him in about two years."

"Yeah," Judy winces. "Well you know he is getting very busy lately with his two jobs, painting and working at the museum."

"Oh well, at least I get to see him now and we can catch up then."

Judy notices a change of attitude in Cassie as they talked about Peter. Cassie looked as if she were glowing as she used to do when she was a little girl and an early teenager when Peter was usually around or spoken about. "Cassie? Do you still have a crush on my brother?" Judy asks as they board and took their seats.

Cassie throws her suitcase up in the cabinets above the seats and she took her seat. She felt very embarrassed by Judy's question. "I guess I just can't wait to see him again. And no I don't think so."

Yes as a kid she'll admit her crush on Peter was very obvious that even Peter must've known because every time he was around she would want his attention. But that was a long time ago and she wasn't a little girl anymore, she was eighteen going on nineteen. She can be able to hide it better.

Judy and Cassie changed the subject and discussed what places they'll visit first and so forth as the plane took off in the high noon sky.

So what did you think about the prologue? Chapters will be longer, I promise.